Cancer 28° (July 18)

Nobody has Higher opinion of herself. Indomitable spirit can’t be penetrated by detractors.

Too self-possessed to struggle, achieves by amassing supporters who pave way roll red carpet

Oozes feminine allure /foreboding egoism equal measure, bids others come hither at own peril

Femme fatale appears unmoved by men’s advances, using insouciance to bait him Make him work for her attention

Invented hard to get expert at insinuating herself into the psyche of those she desires without lifting the pinky

All mystery assuming superiority with people . She can’t help let’s see a man In terms of what he could do for her

She sizes up candidates for affection weighing potential as partner c0-progenitor professional success

Wants full package wary of men And their ambitions which she mostly considers half baked

With women generally admires more than men bonds are or spiritual and sexual

sapphic by nature she is highly romantic in gay relationships smacking of schoolgirl crushes


356Catonian principle that of unseen nature inner workings of the planet cosmos human consciousness derived from katonia meaning underground another name for Persephone late to the map show nations of the internal feminine experience Earth personified as female . Regenerative forces of the planet the reproductive process of women both called into question During the cold storage associated with the onset of autumn And menopause respectively signs motto I just I desire signals femme fatales hidden agenda

sign in mind what lies beneath Mars and Pluto fire and ice progression And sexual urgency encased in frosty elliptical energy of the latter. Tiny Pluto rules unseen regenerative forces in the body cellular level and psychologically the reformational workings of the subconscious from our earthly perspective small remote planet soars to great Heights at certain times then dips far below in the Sky at others representing Heights and depths of human experience similarly scorpios coterie of mysterious sign symbols Phoenix perpet it to dive great altitude crashing burning rise again anew from Ashes. Pluto Roman God of underworld astrological precept of transformation by elimination. Originally an ancient female dating Pluto it was one time synonymous with Persephone who devolved into his wife Pluto Persephone etched likewise into mythos being plunged into the depths of the underworld heralding autumn Only to return to sunny surface. This is metaphor for Scorpio woman No keeping her down . The harder she falls the bigger should becomes brushing herself off. There is no end to her ability to reinvent. Survivor of the 1st order indoors life’s natural disasters big and small parlaying the most paralyzing setbacks in two subsequent successes perfect expression of her transformation Planetary principle growing by letting go

in Libra the Uber feminine planet rules masculine side pretty apollonian vision of the surface world in Scorpio masculine Mars is submerged into the depths of this feminine sign giving rise to catonian view of existence subterranean denotes underside of life in every aspect from wormy womb tomb of nature to dark recesses of human subconscious to bubbling chemistry or buzzy physics in life at the microcosmic level . Katonia title given to the black demiter or Pluto Persephone death goddess aspect 3rd quadrant of the mind focus is on perception of existence Scorpio delves subjective catonian realities those of the subconscious with the objective purpose of isolating and cataloging if not rooting out what she discovers there.

357 Planet symbol Pluto power transformation growth through elimination regeneration renewal earthly perspective planet rises great Heights then dives depths echoing Phoenix seasonal descent of return Persephone self imposed exile eliminating distractions of surface experience Scorpio gains insights which in turn fuel her ambitions and provide grounding … also … Sign Quadrant Scorpio about deep dark recesses of subconscious and the objective exploration of subjective realm dormant Persephone entranced on throne of the underworld and image of subliminal Scorpio woman focused on self economic self examination and elimination of deep seated blocks that might interfere with psychological growth

Libra woman fairest of the mall holds a mirror Scorpio woman like Alice goes through the looking glass to investigate the Wonderland of her own psyche any actor will tell you this is what the dramatic craft is all about having so firm a grasp on one’s own her life is to draw upon it no wonder so many top actresses are Scorpio. Nobody has better handle on her feelings than she. Fixed water element symbolizing emotion Control sensation as to never have a control her fixed water can often make her seem frozen . Pluto’s remote energy keeps Mars is impulsive expression in check allowing Scorpio comfortable distance from feelings meaning she rarely acts rashly upon them. Carrying on in any manner whether with angry outbursts or crying Jags or sentimentalism all blatant waste of energy that should be put into other uses . The ability to contain and control the rest of us what the rest of us experience as spontaneous sensation Makes her almost cool headed character uncannily composed under pressure. Never flustered by unexpected circumstance not easily swayed by flattery or hurt by insults she doesn’t feel victimized daunted or challenge despite others intentions to affect her. Christian Crystallisation of scorpios emotional life dictates experiencing her own feelings as facts. Others have humble opinions she has all the answers in relationships especially her way or highway. Her beliefs are non negotiable or dislikes and likes are definite definitive inscrutable self-evident whole of her mental framework of consolidation of subjective views into hard and fast system of personal truths as air tight as Einstein’s theory.

8th astrological House of perceptions beyond the five senses indeed she is all sixth sense while Libra projects her thoughtforms onto the astral plane waving her wand of idealization Scorpio operates in reverse psychically drawing experience to her like a crystal attuned to what life might have in store she picks and chooses opportunities enviable Lee avoiding obstacles

358 sign glyph of all the symbols dragon serpent spider scorpion Phoenix is probably the latter mythological bird most inappropriate for the Scorpio female character rising stronger ever after even the most startling crashing and burning 2nd dictionary meaning of Phoenix is one of peerless beauty or excellence … Also… element and quality fixed water particular to Scorpio likened to ice or other such crystals or salt precious semi precious stones . Scorpio is a gem perfected by the internal machinations of her pressurized psyche perfect 10 she maybe she sees herself as salt of the earth a precious self preservation TLE commodity

spider-woman operates as a magnet what she teaches the rest of us by example: less is more there are those who fight for finagle or hunt down or meticulously plan their ambitions are too narrowly focused blind to the big picture unable to recognize what life right naturally afford them. Spider doesn’t need to stalk its prey she isn’t compelled to make life happen or build a future as the personification of unseen intelligence of nature one that knows the appropriate seasonal time for every purpose Scorpio waits her turn turn turn trusting in the cyclical character of existence jumping on the carousel of time when the right opening comes around patients for the Zodiac spider is the ultimate virtue Meanwhile she spends her own time leaving a perfect web for trapping the bounty she feels entitled to amass to her preparing for her good is paramount and it entails removing an any and all impediments two it’s a accesion.

Another 8th house quality points to her psychology is self sacrificed an important element of elimination Giving rise to personal growth this is the crux of her being . It’s a dynamic with roots in early childhood. She is typically born in that time and her family’s life is disordered though often a happy chaos characterized by geographic change or jumble of many children. Her parents tend to be remote individually and as a couple allowing for a loose undisciplined atmosphere. Her father may be especially absent . Rather than adding to the confusion or becoming lost in the shuffle she becomes instead the voice of authority regardless of her birth order taking on a parental role sorting out the domestic model pointedly telling everybody else what to do and when to do it. Her blatant bossiness is welcomed by both parents while her siblings see her as an anchor granting her superior status in return for constant support and definitions she brings to their world. Working in tandem with her more lenient mother they form a complete maternal presence. She tends to make close respectful relationships with their mothers. Scorpios rootedness is considered invaluable winning her role of family treasure. Taking a vital position she generally sacrifices a carefree childhood digging down tapping into latent maturity well before might otherwise have emerged. Strives for stillness weaving that spider web around her emotional issues to chew on later so that she might also recreate a more stable environment in which she and siblings can meet their myriad challenges school family obligations formation of friendships and the negotiation of sexual issues from the perspective of,

359 polarity fixed water status of Scorpio mean she is often as I see as can be firmly fixed beliefs perfectly crystallized in her understanding of self completely convinced of her motivations unwavering in emotional attachment… also… sign number the number of regeneration tradition Equates 8 with transcendence higher plane of consciousness signals eternity spiral shape folding onto itself associated with money making and worldly possessions lemniscate

a family with Scorpio female is marked by solidarity amongst siblings all for one spirit of survival with she as leader . Digging in and choreographing so-called turmoil chaotic pressure of family life honed into charismatic power to the catonian Scorpio life is supposed to be random an unruly it only becomes other pandaemonium through panicky reactions to it . If one gives into chaos it will in turn give way to natural order. The trick she learns is to clear a path for Providence by obliterating obstacles in its path

little wonder Scorpio is the zodiac’s personification Of the destroyer got us . Steeped in associations with underworld afterlife figures like Persephone 8th astrological house governs concept of death as well as regeneration. The symbols of Virgo and Scorpio suggest two sons are related dimeter archetype mother earth in mythology earth goddess Virgin aspect core abducted 80s Pluto autumnal equinox and a Virgo transforms into Persephone the death Crone mother earth in deep freeze haunting the autumnal sign of Scorpio. Persephone isn’t the happiest camper like Scorpio her happy go lucky childhood aspect has been Sacrificed all be it in order that she might will to power so great as to scared the Jesus out of anyone got her man. She is death giving a person Either the thumbs up or down Where they might spend eternity she is the last word the bottom line is is the same role Scorpio woman plays in life the one who ultimately calls the shots in relationships like Persephone sitting motionless on her cold jeweled throne Scorpio releases her opinions like edicts deciding the fate of everyone she encounters always in terms of what they might offer her period others barely exist for Scorpio except insofar as they relate to her families exist friends exist and enemies do not exist all people are palms she prizes some more than others. Scarlett O’Hara gone with the wind Ashes if not Ashley taking matters into own hands Margaret Mitchell Vivien Leigh both scorpios

360 age menopausal. Cessation of maidenhood Crone aspect Persephone hormonal change occurring in this time of life unseen chemical workings of body something of which scorpius forever aware tree drops leaves growth shifts to the inner root level age signifies the shedding of the last bloom of fertility in favor of psychic fecundity of womanly wisdom … also… Scorpio psychology imperious her superiority complex rivals Leo man Like Persephone rigid icy expectant of others to do her bidding her sting manifests when faced with strangers of whom she’s almost pathologically leery

scarlet Persephone Incarnate plunged into ruin beloved Terra The Greek the Gaelic dimitre pillaged her mother like her own youthful aspect destroyed scarlet must rise Phoenix like from cinders not just for own survival but for entire brood embraces troubles on earth the root vegetable snack puts on some drapes as fiddle Dee Dee I’ll think about it tomorrow starts manipulating the hell out of people to get back on top . Mitchell even gives us Pluto in the black lab Rhett Butler Pluto means riches and it is mainly rets money scarlet is after imbat doing embodying her 8th house attribute of sex and other peoples money. Scorpio isn’t above trading one for the other doesn’t subscribe to any pristine puritanical vision of sexuality seeing no reason not to use it to best advantage . Nothing she does could diminish high esteem she has for herself. Life struggles and pressures only make her harder edged and more valuable to others. Weather Persephone paralyzed in her Palace for scarlet vowing never to go hungry again Soaring from the Ashes of calamity to new wealth fixed water ladies determination expression of her signs motto I desire only becomes that more crystallized amid chaos like a diamond vernacular ice hardest purest perfect crystal worth and beauty particular the inner kind only increase the longer she remains rooted in the pressure cooker of her catonian nature

Scorpio periodically embarks on psychological descents not more than twice or three times in her life while an individual bout might last a year or more . These are not baby Blues but something darker indigo turbulent . The catonian realm is that of the internal mysterious feminine the purest personification of archetypal energy. She has subliminal tempests raging inside regardless of cool lid she might keep on them . Crucial times in life they surface as cruxes she feels fairly forced into self reflection. Nobody else possesses the power of concentration that she does evidente if one is ever to glimpse the Scorpio at work particularly on a creative project ultimately too becoming more insular while working she appears in a trance ability to shut out externals dive into the depths of her own subconscious is also a bit of a curse that she can’t on command put a cap on the fathomless connection she feels thus when others might be able to repress underlying excitation In their psyches or not be able to make contact with its workings even if they tried scorpy has no choice but to be swallowed up into the pit Persephone and face every last secret skeleton demon craving which for her are bonfires and waging holocausts Rimado I desire points to more than mere whim a distillation distillation of wants and needs into a diamond hard determination When she does resurface she does so with an air of dead calm

360 one archetype myth Persephone the dying time of year autumn Death isador to transformation The illus inion mysteries associated with the goddess _illumination Persephone is about renewal turn mortals into gods the pattern repeated by the Scorpio woman In love relationships where she is often In the business of killing off imats impairments such that ** *** might emerge as a more divine being she’s associated with the sphinx holds lifes riddles kills men If they don’t answer correctly

Body and soul Scorpio wears expectant expression Perpetually watching waiting for something to occur arrive in conversation she anticipates ones every word hurrying conversation along with quick nods hissed yeses annoyed by slight aggressions often seems to only half listen as if engaged by other thoughts providing time until she might interject her own opinions. Preoccupation stems from her perceptive antenna feeling the atmosphere surrounding what’s being said compelled to read between the lines . Never satisfied with face value discourse scans for signs of subtext disingenuousness deceit noting ease or lack of in a person’s voice mannerisms . Be fitting fixed water Scorpio like a crystal radio zeroing in on unspoken signals may account for her blank trancelike stare she seems to listen more than look for clues about a person opening up all available frequencies to her notoriously fine tuned intuition. She often appears to be looking through a person Keeping silent tabs on other interactions stuffily minding mine are coming and going. As you enter a crowded room her eyes will meet you with the threshold if she finds you interesting sexually or otherwise she won’t let you out of your sight . With the prying look do I know you she bears down on an individual squinted eyes and sphinx smile silently signaling peaked curiosity. She is the zodiacs original spider woman Seductive creature bids those she considers fly to enter her parlor . Few women are more comfortably in’s constine their surroundings then she unlike her male counterpart who is paternally slithering about she digs into her environment not one to party hop or even make more than a single plan in a given day shall leave the cozy confines of her domestic digs only if she knows once she gets there she can comfortably park her cleanly but and be waited upon

362 Bible literature she devil death as female the bosom of mother earth femme fatale character Delilah the wikner his name also means opening both azione and Gray sex and death both attributes of 8th astrological house metaphorically interchangeable femme fatale character in literature uses sex as device for her own gain Scarlett O’Hara most infamous recalling deep red associated with the sign Rhett Butler plutonic character clad In black coincides with desolation Of the earth Terra . Alices adventures in Wonderland also depicts the Scorpio female undaunted in delving into her own psyche also Mars rulership.

Like a fine portrait whose eyes follow you She emits the glacial composure downright frosty when she wants to be her countenance holds one in suspended animation If not suspense . She wants answers and induces a person to reveal himself even the most close mouthed man finds himself spilling guts. the sphinx putting a guy in the hot seat demanding we do some fast talking while she remained silent as The grave cryptic as befits Persephone forever entranced and throned in her crypt when she does speak succinct to say the least keeping much of what she is thinking to herself. She can say more with fewer words than anyone anyway Often making a person feel he has received a subliminal transmission. This capacity used to her best advantage works with words as a writer poet songstress even a CEO would employ dripping metaphor and description of events surrounding a recent board meeting . The catonian in dweller fairly proves that poetry is indeed the language of the soul at least how that’s that’s how it surfaces in translation

She appears cold and calculating to other women Who sense she’s concealing a secret sting operation With combined Mars and Pluto rule whatever hot’s she has she keeps behind chilly demeanor. Ignorant of this men especially find themselves babbling all the more she simply cracks her Mona Lisa smile art historians thought that meant pregnant with anticipation expecting. Meanwhile that model probably is Scorpio anticipo Tori female forever fixed metaphorical state of hatching some plan or other actual pregnancy Scorpio tends to be the broodiest on the block . Despite her path depiction of sex crazed harpy she is rarely on a search for sex for sex sake instead she stakes out a permanent mate with whom to propagate . She doesn’t like to be single in lieu of dating she’ll generally enter heavy relationship after another even convinced a man isn’t the one she’d still rather take him on As a hobby of not a hobby occupying her mind making him over in her image chewing him up spitting him out better than she found him . Scorpio is convinced she’s doing a man a favor being with him weather for a fortnight or forever . Then prior ristic she takes up with someone Makes indelible mark on others

brand of beauty gothic beatific Mona Lisa internal beloved Persephone ghostly Raven haired icy blonde drained of color dusted with Frost alabaster even darker extractions will be fairer than others in our family enigmatic eyes revealing nothing set wide gaze seems impassable hairline low widowspeak fringed with Peach fuzz neck two giving her a hooded cowl appearance hair straight springy difficult to manage cowlicks great pains to taste tainment her nose is typically long straight sharp suspicious countenance notoriously sly smile perfect halfmoon character of the mouth neck not over long seemed stiff her whole body round to face in any given direction a symptom of fixed ground in stands her movements are quite staccato typically not one of the best dancers her shoulders are strong without being square pale luminous arms throat bosom revealed in de Cola taste styles no matter the season richly Rd in clean line clothing penchant for minimalist or mint vintage designs shows a lot of skin But not an exhibitionist she is oblivious to being on display.

Screen actor ability to feel completely private with a camera shoved in her face studio packed with technicians Julia Roberts Louise Brooks Dorothy Dandridge Maggie Gyllenhaal Parker Posey Winona Ryder Vivian Lee heading lamarr Veronica Lake Jodie Foster Sally Field Grace Kelly Goldie Hawn Demi Moore most successful and prolific sphinxlike ladies not only her extraordinary beauty but her ability to be intimate visceral on camera smoldering . She sleeps sexappeal perfect screen siren Wrong word if not box office treasure. Doesn’t hurt she tends to have a Primo bod lean and sinewy round and medium she obviously benefits from mars’s masculine athletic influence otherwise feminine water ruled physique long cool drink of water appreciation of Serpentine influence on her sign Firm weighty breasts feature vividly indignant snake eyes an effect combining Mars outward protruding energy and plutos nippy effects . Typically tiny waisted slim hipped without being Bony or bowl right boyish Scorpio can slip on a pair of Mens jeans no problem but on her they won’t look boyish they will claim in all the right places like her breasts very feminine swell of stomach and pubic mound which can be perceptible through her clothes slinky fabrics it’s her nature to let it all hang out notoriously not hung up on cosmetic perfection She might even look terribly UN meticulous in her regime slapping on makeup without washing her face going out without deodorant shaving plucking completely comfortable in her body as a lover will soon learn lounge around naked Mary thought to crossing her legs advertising her Scorpio ruled rubyfruit that works like a guidance system for this sex driven female just just persephone’s pomegranate decided the direction of her fate

S + S

Knows what she’s made of sexually the female body and sexuality is the human representation of the cantonian principle mysterious inner workings intricate hidden laboratory from where lifesprings women’s libido and hormonally dictated moods and moon phases circumventing rational thought Sex is irrational it’s inner workings not easily fitting pretty picture of idealized thought and higher love. With life mysteries Scorpio has far better grip on it than the rest of us it is the sign of sex Mars and Pluto active regeneration combo platter of energies determining impetus to love which for the zodiacs subterranean Lady is not a lofty cerebral courtly urge but rather a blatantly chemical one . She doesn’t need any man to make her feel like a natural woman she was born that way she exudes sexuality cheering each pheromone on as it makes its journey out into the ether

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 576-580. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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