I’ve noticed that the more esoteric these Sabian Symbols are, the more I enjoy them. Yesteday we saw a Capricorn-ruled image that was all about getting back to Nature and living in a way that preserved the past. Today’s image, ruled by Aquarius in the twelve-fold sequence of the Zodiac, points to moving forward, evolving and melding with collective consciousness. The oracle at Cancer 29° is A Greek Muse Weight New-Born Twins in Golden Scales and it’s keynote is “the intuitive weighing of alternatives.” The Muse represents the highly intuitive part of ourself, our psychic resonance, which sees an alternative to yesterday’s instinct to return to primal nature or sociologically going fetal. Like Dane Rudhyar points out, the opposite can happen: The Indian girl could enter the world of the White Man like Pocahontas—the nature based self could move toward civilization. Muses are all about driving the development of man, forward, via the Arts & Sciences. And that really is one of the major dichotomies between Capricorn and Aquarius, that of Spirituality vs. Science, Nature (inherited) vs. Nurture (evolution), Faith vs. Knowledge and so forth.


The weighing points to there being any two possibilities. We can retreat or we can move forward. Or, most importantly, there may be a third way. Indeed, there only ever is. We can at once perhaps, “retreat” into the simplest and most primordial part of ourselves, our Soul, “getting back” to our own true Nature, that of our spiritual self as we consider moving forward, evolving both literally as an organism—each generation of the species tending in that direction—and via our acceptance of the inevitability of new orders. It seems to me that for all it’s moving forward Science only seems to discover factually and logically under the bright lights of collective conscious minds that which the ancients knew to be true through retreating into solo meditation or through the receiving of spiritual transmission. Either way we encounter revelation. Physics and Philosophy can make cozy bedfellows. The new, highly conscious Aquarian way might hurl us into outer space whilst the ages-old Capricornian retreat into the primal may provide a vision quest through inner space. Ultimately we might arrive at the same place. We have choices.

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