It’s pretty cringey to come across one of these century old oracles when they’re called something like An Indian Girl Introduces Her White Lover To Her Assembled Tribe as it is at Cancer 28°. By Indian, of course, we mean Native American; and, what makes it slightly more uncomfortable is that the girl and her tribe symbolize primordial values manifest in the human experience and even in the human body, its natural functions. Truly it’s about trying to find a real and genuine experience, one of cultural innocence, leaving behind the artificiality and emptiness of the modern world.

This oracle is ruled by Capricorn in a twelve-fold sequence, a contempt for phoniness being very much in keeping with the psyche of that sign. In our book Sextrology the Capricorn Man chapter, for instance, is titled The Stickler which carries the meaning of someone who is tied to old ways, finding the newfangled fatuous. It also points to someone who is something of a dissident. Needless to say Kevin Costner, Mr. Dances With Wolves himself is a Capricorn. But I go back to my old standby, J.D. Salinger whose characters, like himself, retreated from the world of “phonies” in search of genuine experience, largely found outside modern society. Retreating, backsliding, being a dissident in the sense of dissenting with the present time, harkening back to those good-old days, are all part of the experience of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn the god of the mythic golden age. Saturn, for whom the randy Satyrs are named, doesn’t want the present to move forward—he swallows his children to keep the new generation from happening. Old Father Time tries to keep time from marching on. And those Satyrs? Well we know they had a penchant for wild, free, innocent young nymphs, just the way Salinger’s characters Seymour Glass and Holden Caulfield did in their respective ways.


What it all comes down to is a return to Nature, a sort of re-entering of the primordial womb and we see that here in the “white man’s” wanting to be part of a more primal collective. All we non-kardashians have likely felt that at some point in our lives. But especially the Capricorns and the Leos of the world for whom this is an especial draw. For all our intellect, says Capricorn energy, would good is it unless it can operate in tune with natural, cosmic simplicity. Capricorn is all about renunciation. I like to joke that Capricorn women put the nun in renunciation because ultimately, for all their worldly achievement, they, in particular tend to “leave it on the mountain” of their vast experience. We are speaking here of the soul and our suspicion that it is the enduring part of our own nature—Saturn is about Eternity more than actual Time. And in service to our souls we have to release that which doesn’t nurture it—which is most of what we experience in modern life and it’s emphasis on externals. From the external to the eternal, that is the transformative power of this particular image as it expresses this degree point of our own miraculous Zodiac, as it is ever being revealed to be a perfect mandala for existence.

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