In a twelve-fold sequence, Sagittarius would rule today’s oracle. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, named for the unpredictable power god of thunder and lightening. A Violent Storm In A Canyon Filled With Expensive Homes is the symbol, here at Cancer 27°. Yesterday we glimpsed a Plutocratic enclave, a private library, filled with guests who have the luxury of knowing just enough, set apart, protected, by their supposed wealth and influence. Today we see how even the socio-cultural elite are subject to larger forces. Even those who lead a charmed, sheltered, rich life are subject to natural and cosmic occurance—nothing in our education or careful cultivation can keep certain powers at bay. All must rise to the occasion and, perhaps those who feel most impervious, go through the greaest metamorphosis, because they must change the most when faced with any great equalizer.

The forces may or may not be karmic. That’s something we possibly can’t side-swipe. It’s how we weather that storm that makes all the difference. Do we resist or do we let the experience trigger some kind of catharsis. You have heard of people who have become ill or hit the skids living to say it was the best time of their lives, because it galvanized them and they dropped all the unnecessary externals (pretty much everything) and focused on themselves and their relationships to their own life. We don’t invite crisis to bring this about, but it is important to keep such things in mind. Just as there is benefit, in life, to meditating on death. It is inevitable and, sure, we shouldn’t make it a preoccupation. But it could inspire prolific creativity, just as it might, on the shadow side, inspire rampant self-servingness. These extremes can, indeed, be traits of that outsized sign of Sagittarius. Hello, Woody Allen.

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