Gemini 2° (May 22)

I am still in a blackout, that is to say that the original entries, here, got lost or I never wrote anything to begin with. And will be if not many moons than a couple before I start writing in real time what actually happened on this day besides what I ate: Linguine Bolognese

In eastern form, the divine archetype for Virgo man is Ganesh, another blessed abomination. He is referred to by scholars as “the god of the Everyman,” who plays a special interceding role to humanity. His festival day falling in Virgo season, late August to early September, he is “remover of obstacles,” which, again, points to alchemical transmutation, “getting the lead out, so to rid the current state of affairs of baser elements and thus achieve a more purified state. (It’s not so much that the sign of the Virgin signifies purity, but that she is holding what is called the spica (spike), which, whether a seeded phallic symbol or an alimentary one, is going to be transmuted, whether through gestation or digestion.) The divine monstrous, Ganesh has an elephant head and typically four arms, in one of which he holds one of his broken tusks—disability, on theme. Beyond literal digestion, the symbolism here points to the human conscience the development of which is synonymous with spiritual elevation. Just as the digestive system, metes out nutrient from detritus, the human conscience likewise functions. Uncoincidentally the abdomen and digestive system is ruled by Virgo, along with the spleen which fights germs in the blood. The debilitated, humbled image of that all these deities share is the source of their godhead, which is contingent upon “giving back,” to humanity. (The demigod Prometheus is thus in this mix.) Indeed, the divine mutable-earth (read: making substantial change) energy of the sign is hinged on the dynamic of give-and-take synonymous with the conscience. Mercury is god of the crossroads which, in its rule of Gemini, is literally about the exchange of ideas, social intersection, and the marketplace. Here we are speaking about the moral crossroads of said conscience. As a god of intercession, Ganesh heeds humanity through chants. The Om and the Hum are derivative of what scholars identify as the Hu, arguably the most ancient name for god; the vibration of Hu is meant to elevate spirituality, removing baser human elements and courting the more divine. I don’t know if Dr. Seuss had this consciously in mind, but I don’t think Horton Hears an Om quite rolls off the tongue. Virgo man is cosmically designed to heed what ails the world and its people and, at his best, he will divine ways and means of diagnosing and curing ills in his purview. He is also prone to a certain savior complex, especially when targeted at specific individuals, especially would-be love objects, playing Svengali. He is the elephant in the room in that his sharp analysis of people, places and things leads him to make accurate assumptions that escape the notice of others. 

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