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Archetype Myth Scorpio draws archetype underworld Pluto haiti’s Lord of death also God of riches underground realm contains gems human conscious priceless truth 80s centers on induction core Persephone Scorpio man likewise gets to the core of experience with others jedis wears a helmet of invisibility like Scorpio man is stealthy character who finds mainstream social activity supercilious he two falls hard in love and seeks to whiskey woman off her feet to live on some private underground existence

B+S Close mouth about his exploits which there are surprisingly few erotically charged an individual. His presence buses with sexuality perhaps a result of being objectified sexualized since you. Emotionally mistreated outcast’s kid desensitize to painful aspects of human interaction Pluto is the solar systems outermost planet he is a loner. He learns this works for him specially attracting women who suspect he’s hurt or deep. He’s not shy in the least actually powerfully present person when pinned down face to face retaining distance as politeness will allow. Makes quick pointed connections shake the necessary hand social appearances only when pressed or required to do so slithering in an out of gatherings undetected. Behavior stems from feeling socially forsaken His signature stealthy comportment serves to make him more mysterious and captivating. A nod to Serpentine archetype sinemas physique torso thin wide like a cobra oblique lateral muscles tapering to narrow waist post lowest percent body fat except for maybe Ares viewed from the side gentilesse curve long neck stretching slightly forward above square sloping shoulders plates jump out dramatically spine is strong supple tiny muscles rippling noticeably when it comes to sex he puts us back into it his torso rather elongated lower stomach stretching endlessly tord outward projecting pelvis being bendy need centering his weight in the balls with feet springy bearing like a snake coiled ready to strike taller than most never lumbering light and slinky and movement sneak up and scare you a nod to his shroud of invisibility seemed to appear out of thin air

340 Bible literature Satan shadowside Lucifer serpent God phallic God impregnates mother earth in whose womb he resides serpent seduction of Eve rape of Persephone beauty and the beast scorpion devil Jack in Lord of the flies draco malfoy in Harry Potter most subversive likened to the Grinch hairy lizard nihilistic view other people’s money

For the matching signature dark brooding demeanor some pale and bloodless often I see white hair vampiric startling look much more dramatic then dusky fellows. Definite Sheen to his skin waxing glow reflects white under light photographs of Scorpio develop with flash marks obscuring his face unable to be captured . Spookiness side Scorpio is often funortunate recipient of combination skin Signature shine dry flaky chalky Mars associated with outward expressions Scorpio profusely sweaty not hairy greasy planets glyphs Speaking of certain other outwardly mobile attributes.

Scorpion rules reproductive glands this becomes a burning area of interest sexually obsessive fascination from purely physical to rather fetishistic level rulership of sex organs demonstrates the Serpentine fellow there is no sense in a way to put this he looks like a ***** goes bald early referring to keep hair short locks generally GI Joe like horse wiring reminiscent of pubic hair Eddie Munster low hairline pink footed appearance some scorpios ultra thin wispy hair like snake his features are all flat and together I in front of his face bulging signature wide eyes half shut recalling 8th house Association with sleep top with unibrow requires plucking into submission Scorpio mouth richly tight lizard lips lit like trying to touch this chin to his Adams Apple only the prickly comparisons don’t end there given tormentor adult still gets secret thrill from winding people up probing astrological nature loves to delivery zingers to friends and colleagues casually insulting bimbo ask women In some asked manner to be undetectable they think it’s flirting he delights seeing his slings and arrows go over peoples heads . Playing mind games his favorite pastimes never quite up growing Eddie Haskell charms clueless mainstream cookie cutter cleavers forever in search of friends lovers Hill that none of his put downs get past them individuals who pass his test of intelligence and tolerance are allowed entry into his close Association When it comes to women he’ll fall for someone who can thus disarm him an honest beauty who refuses to dignify anything beastly in his nature display of salt of the earth character melts his cold heart far more factor in affecting loving interest is any excess of female pulchritude. salt it’s symbolic for crystallization of internal human values fixed water represented minerals  Gems ice places high price despite popular opinion he is a lecture or sex fiend he is actually one of the most serving of males covert quest to find perfect beauty to unleash the beast he remains consummate under government

Famous Scorpio Picasso bacon Helmut Newton Robert mapplethorpe Jonas Salk Carl Sagan Camus dose chaskey Robert Kennedy Spiro Agnew Nehru Rorschak Strasburg Cast of covert characters fascinated with chtonian Aspects of life physicists spy novelists war correspondents subterranean subversive revolutionary . These are not happy go lucky types but cryptic cats with hidden agendas requisite attire to match dresses like a spy in trenchcoat turtleneck dark glasses double O’s and seven’s bulging noticeably from pinched trousers infamously mighty high water booty filling out fabric in the back Scorpio doesn’t rule the sex organs for nothing tends to be one of the healthier then His serpent generally thick mighty long heavy veined as are his extremities Pythonesque forearms signature smooth talking sneakiness whispering hissable voice reptilian good looks designed for single purpose seduction

341 every situation he approaches like a Reporter or detective launching probe remark seems ever slightly cutting dig further into mind of the memories dressing gauging reactions in search for chicks in their armor not above making scatological comments or using body gross out humor to provoke or embarrass. Continually excavating for truth real story behind the endless sea of quietly desperate smiles searching people psyches is meant to serve a purpose to borrow from a scorpion songwriter he is a perpetual miner for heart of gold

sex and sexuality continually performing profound exploration of self embracing not ignoring deepest fears desires so two days he snap a Searchlight on his helmet and delve into the hearts minds souls of others subconscious attempt to inspire rooting out process. Cannot trust those he suspects hiding elements of self tends not to trust people in general indeed his sting only hurt those who have dark secrets they wish to protect. Liars cheaters cowards closet cases or such individuals tap dancing as fast as they can to avoid certain truths in themselves beware . In adolescence when other boys seeking to Sully their innocence Scorpio was already trying to heal the damage he had sustained on the home front and or from premature sexual experiences. He lives inside out not so much seeking to make his mark but to erase the marks he feels about impressed on him. Approach is art as does life antithetical to Libra who seeks to impose order if not an aesthetic veneer beautifying the surface of experience . Scorpio in contrast likes to wriggle in the dirt burrowing deep beneath the surface when it comes to art uncovering often dissecting nature or allowing its mysteries to work their magic

Ricky fitts in the film American beauty consummate Scorpio character social outcast stateful superficial society shenanigans coping with dearth of domestic love channeling attention into probing art of film documentation that borders on voyeuristic invasion of privacy of all he’s witnessed on film what strikes in most is a lengthy scene of a plastic bag being blown around by the wind nature itself captured as part

343 body rule reproductive glands genitals bladder urethra anus tendency to general genital afflictions venereal disease rectal polyps sinus and adenoid trouble Pluto rules regenerative cell growth and the gonads

scorpion view in a nutshell life and art should be about nature revealing its beauty secrets as well uglier aspects not the imposition of human ideas onto nature same goes in love one mustn’t seek it based on predetermined agenda of perfection but rather allowed to be revealed by silently waiting and watching. The dynamic of the Haiti Smith alone in his underworld gloomy God has eye out for perfect mate then one fell swoop Lux core from her hilltop dropping her on throne fairy tale of beauty and the beast picks up the theme captive bells love bringing redemption to the hairy beast by her affection turning in into a handsome Prince Scorpio man’s love life for better or worse follows these precise romantic lines

damn to shame and isolation Scorpio males act out in youth and destructive ways going through form of compulsion or addiction early on drug sex food rage marathon games of DND still regenerative tonian energy already sending him on that Rd to redemption barely emerging from his teens or 20s he may feel he is already experienced the depths of human despair. Like an individual in recovery Scorpio vehemently focuses on his own self perception becoming completely self absorbed to perpetuate it accustomed alienation from others. Being a bad seed he finds has its perks as it piques the curiosity of women who expect nothing more than sex from him providing no strings release while he continues to search for his own innocent unsuspecting core Persephone inner substance worth its salt. Indulging in this sort of neat anonymous sexual interaction wrongly winsome the reputation of being some sort of predator or unfeeling fiend in fact it’s the opposite he meets the one he feels he can’t afford to be distracted by imperfect relationships for fear of missing the real thing when it reveals itself. A man As the business as he is compelled to engage a purely sexual experience in and out before going back to lying and wait for love to rear its lovely head. So usually hands off is he with temporary sex partners he might do more than unzip and be serviced orally otherwise remaining utterly composed if not dressed this do for me position is very Scorpio indeed symptomatic of the infamous distance he insists on having from others. Dual dynamic to be totally dominant over those whom he cares little about while longing to lavish attention on a one true love still either side of the spectrum Scorpio always ends up asserting signature control.

344 Attraction to salt of the earth female seeks to capture double edged sword on one hand prizes such an untainted soul pure expression of femininity as nature intended as wool loves bouncy for luxurious or even bottom heavy pastoral creatures blissful ignorance urbane affection or jadedness on the other hand he’s a sexist as it sounds as sexist as it sounds he feels that such a guileless rustic over girl will be vulnerable to his compulsively controlling nature as his so called opposite Taurus I have is one of material possession Scorpio alternate we have is one of emotional if not spiritual possession Serpent son of haiti’s devilish nature nothing to be sneezed at the mythic board of underworld didn’t politely escort Persephone he pounced and pulled her down body and soul subconsciously Scorpio must trick that innocent woman into wanting it a symptom of being treated as a pariah in his past he does this by behaving opposite from the way he usually does he treats her like absolute gold synthetic ministering to her every need sometimes so much Mr sensitive man It’s sickening that guilty of this behavior to some point become so absorbed indeed attuned to a woman you’d think you turn into a girl himself example of how at ease with the catonian feminine nature can go too far before you say Menzies he sauteed tofu arranging crystals in crocheting tampon totes just as we were girl histologist gay men in a womans body Scorpio man is the zodiacs male lesbian Playing himself out of his lady’s feet seeking to fulfill every will swim and be everything to her lips scorpius emperor present ulterior motive doesn’t want the woman In his life to need anyone else but him 80s Roman Pluto means riches tried to compensate for cores abduction by showing her jewels and other UN worldly goods indeed she becomes like an embedded jam herself cold and isolated in his subterranean experience often referred to as the narcotic sized God like the animal scorpion induces this route suspended animation as being fits the science eight House of sleep and death

Page 345 Scorpio desires such a state of total absorption That doesn’t even entertain the possibility a partner wouldn’t be likewise inclined fixed water frozen Freezing lover in her tracks making her a permanent fixture if not paralyzing her rather limiting role as his everything Scorpio expects is made to be his link to the outside world often Take up the slack better known as the house to the kids the administration What will undoubtedly become increasingly rooted relationship so that he it might go even deeper into his own trademark so the career pursuits what she might wonder happened to the man who prepared homemade aromatherapy treatments for her cramps . Lest we forget that same Scorpio songwriter a man needs a maid which on some level become the serpent guidance guys natural anthem . As the sting of the scorpion paralyses prameela design can unnerve cherish victim of love Scorpio like fixed sign Leo controlling Archie bunker type his name seems a nod to the shelter sheltered life he leads expecting expecting Edith to anticipate his every desire but to otherwise stifle herself and yet since he only reveals his true self to her is CS in Archie but nobody else can see likewise Scorpio man that’s the one person he truly loves glimpse his own deep vulnerability I think that he is like Reggie in the archies and Archie it’s like the Leo and we should get into archwing more for Leo man Anyway um so Scorpio only let’s one person a truly loves glimpses deep vulnerability is scary monster the rest of us he’s actually needs to cuddle starved for affection requires a dash of mother in love mixed into his relationship conversely in the bosom of true love relationship begins to express love as well as painful process as he was discouraged from doing so in his youth in his defense he knows life with him isn’t easy and almost has to fight the urge to apologize to his partner upon waking each day in advance of the difficulty he may she may have to face with him. Sometimes hardship takes extreme form like Persephone scorpios partner is often removed from usual surroundings of her upbringing relocated parts unknown being naturally disposed to gloom he can only do so much to brighten her existence generally won’t see much of him die hard workaholic starts day early ends late rarely taking time for the ritual of regular meals bond with scorpion mainly on unspoken level based on trust typically devoid of constant discussion or over analysis

3:45 sex plays a big part reinforcing reinforcing the relationship what in spot what transpires in bed maybe 2 lewd to discuss in the light of day he prefers to make a distinction between the bouncy sunny figure he wakes up next to and the less anxious lady of his own creation he can cavorted with night before OK sex with Scorpio in love can be sappy flipside of draconian dalliances basically amounted to faceless orifices with his love he dives head first reveling in every inch of her body squeamish about nothing no possible approach to pleasure unexplored his challenge is to reconcile more obsessive fetishistic desires with need to maintain pristine vision of respect for partner. Not so easy if you have her wearing a leash and barking like at all . Luckily for his sake his turn ons aren’t so extreme a Gulf needs to be bridged between his fantasies and fear of expressing them to the only person he loved He only feels more beastly not went to prison Repress his desires for deal with them one way or another as it is he will have introduced his partner to later prurient pleasures such as anal sex the focus not limited to her posterior alone. Bondage makes its way into the bedroom off the cuff suggestion Pun intended something like being body snatched for a woman He may systematically isolate his partner from outside interaction unconsciously filling her dance card with his own needs reprogramming her sexually acclimating her to sharing his desires he hopes she’ll come to crave them of her own free will Persephone carbon copy of her controlling husband she becomes like Pluto with six months off for good behavior

echoing eccentric pluto’s orbit Scorpio takes partner on unconventional journey drawing out profound hidden yearnings means of reaching hyas ecstasy and self discovery period partner should set aside lots of time as sex with him is never rushed never just about getting off . Masters lessons early more experienced lovers taught. Scorpio takes total control ******* with her mind building her expectations setting mood of anticipation Saint cyr wriggling and excitement frustration loves for me to lie perfectly still while he’s so slowly caresses kisses her not allowing her to take his own pressing matters into her hands maybe even remained dressed


347 putting a partner at a disadvantage using large long fingers to probe pinch traced along length of her body to his mind restraints or blindfolds may only help to keep the focus on the sensation intensifying the atmosphere of his wielding all the power egging his partner on hopes to force a declaration of her urgent desire build up of sexual ardor ever increasing crescendo more important to him than The advent of release once he has freed the the beast he may make his woman back for it rubbing rubbing it around her face breast ***** teasing torturing with the tip . Approaching sex from this angle he exonerates himself from responsibility of being overpowering in bed as mentioned he is generally well endowed possesses a good deal staying power if anything it takes him too long to reach climax fitting his nature he likes to go deep only able to get off when he’s short to hit bottom . He puts his whole self into the act seeming to crawl over a woman Though he’s rarely rough in bed he moves smoothly as a serpent there is a strongly psychological edge 2 his relationships

most poignant symptom of his fixed water status focused feelings stuck or blocked ones infamous development of fixations in fact all the motion Cannot help it smacks of obsession for him . He expects a mate to match that intensity in the process or as the process he employs a bit of mind control even if Disney version of the story of O . Given more lascivious fixations he realizes his partner will never go there nor would he expect or even want her to bit of bondage role play few toys is one thing but his lurid needs don’t always end there and he’s right to keep them out of the usual mix . These fascinations may manifest in a secret porn stash or through cyber sex work he can explore hands off games of master and servant if drawn to more elaborate scenes that would require a leather wardrobe or whips and chains he’s better off remaining a Bachelor and he knows it. Never want to lead a double life he nearly incapable of hiding something so heavy as an S&M lifestyle from someone he loves in such cases he might consciously take pass on a shining happy woman he feels a love connection with and find himself a female Denison of the night who shares his fascination In the extreme circumstances need for control on the increases definitely plays the lead in this theater of psychological sex games one that might include enslaving willing females into a dungeon After hours clubs chambers of sexual Commerce acts of degradation and humiliation Directed tord self declared submissives radicals examples of his need for psychological worship and utter obedience to his powerful will

348 Scorpio man sexuality it’s pretty black and white straight or gay no Gray area . Doesn’t believe in BI sexuality for men Sexism he projects regardless of his sexual preference . Born into powerfully feminine sign strange Scorpio puts women on a pedestal could not binding and gagging them there despite domination fantasies or indeed as a twisted result of them he can thus entertain attraction shared between two women gay or straight however he can’t make that kind of leap when applied to his own sex in the same way gay Scorpio commits to his sexual identity completely often at an early age. Invites same sexual seduction into adolescence as does his heterosexual counterpart. Except accepting his homosexual feelings as facts not so much coming out as never stepping in in the first place period to him and big miss males are actually no such thing there simply fence sitting cowards who we like to see knocked off in keeping with catonian ideal people defined by their subterranean forces not capable of choosing whom they want to be but rather bound to commit to who they are Scorpio chunks homosexual up from a sexuality up to simple biology mostly manifests as it need to surround himself with fierce female friends rarely one to call around with another game now friend our group of such bodies need sooner have the odd straight battlefront indeed he often does.

Gay Scorpio more loner than straight brother haunt the world rather than participate in it likes to work alone not like the to be contented with remote corner office needs other solitude drawn to professions that require it scientist cartoonist designer architect superhero spy scorpius private workspace primal prime importance to his layer serves as a place of solace and regeneration Must be alone to function a fact often lost on acquaintances people engage him in small talk. Scorpio looks through people as if they weren’t there apparently doesn’t have even one moment to spare for anyone but himself this is one of the secrets to a success ambition in one young and climbing never seems to impress for eagerly make his mark On the contrary shuns such publicity or hobnobbing this might speed up success rather he is confident that he will succeed and sees no music feeling rushed or riled not sure that this is all exactly true given Someone like John darians gave mafia ties but we can come back to that if Scorpio seems to be giving you the brush it’s nothing personal and for gay Scorpio this is especially true

OK serpent doesn’t casually date he’s holding out for the real thing little interest In interim interaction seeks the company of sophisticated man with whom fuses on every level other males his pager bar hopping boy hopping he will be at the mentors home receiving instruction in the finer things typically with sexual overtones he plays the boy role to a daddy in the extreme trained as a slave fiercely dominant master 1 degree or other this dynamic is intrinsic materialization of submissive position He may have been seduced during adolescence most cases he’ll slip out from under the wing of friend or sexual guru and commit to serious so the pursuit of ambitions. Single Scorpio procures small cadre of funk buddies to share his non emotional for no strings attitude though deeply emotional person he can’t invest even a drop of feeling in the mechanical processes so purely sexual experience. Such instances he ritualistically takes the top position enjoying an oral servicing before bending his body quiver detach it Ness is key and if the system is placed on physical power many Scorpio or the requisite Cochrane reinforce the impression His Association with such individuals will rarely if ever see the light of day to those with whom he interacts with 95 his personal life remains How huge question mark.


So secure in own sexuality many gay Scorpio stay completely silent on subject to perpetuate an aura of mystery. Inquiring minds may find themselves frozen out so they ever have the gall to broach the subject others may write him off as a sexual asexual anomaly that one night learn The cryptic Scorpio his shacking up with a rich and famous man someone connected in his careerfield one may still be left wondering how such an insular guy ever ended up meaning a major mover shaker. Typical Scorpio logic question is answered biding his time beholden to other distracting entanglements he has left himself available to pounce on the perfect opportunity when it presents itself . Unseen he’s been laying the psychological groundwork the inevitability of such an occurrence and more nuts and bolts in terms: by his aloofness he creates a mystique of self importance through focus on career begins to receive sort of creamy social invites he’s Danes to accept . Needs introductions to mobile sexually appeals before you could say his in his hand towels there setting up house. Light contracting like Scorpio is at ease with someone rich and powerful Pluto means riches scorpion money is power to boot 8000 that of both sex and other people’s money both being linked in his lust for mine Mr aloof suddenly comes to life fixing such a man is suggestive icy hot gaze what he hopes to see in the eyes of this heavyweight is the same kind of self assured nahs staring back unlike straight counterpart gay Scorpio is no fan of vulnerability what he looks for in a man’s confidence conviction courage if not a pinch of czarish cruelty . Sex cash career interests ingredients for a kind of relationship he can get with sounds more shallow than it actually is because he is so obsessed about career leaving little time for serious bond just makes sense to share his life with someone he might also merged with professionally in some capacity truth is like straight counterpart wants to share everything with partner is the most exclusionary gay men on the block when it comes to his romantic commitments sexually he and lover will try to fulfill each others needs Scorpio consummate top in casual carnal circumstances love relationships often bring up his submissive side without eclipsing is more dominant needs what the menu consists of is anybody’s guess nothing from the sword into the supply his beyond possibility is subterranean nature doesn’t preclude from scatological experiments but he would have done onto him he only does unto others what he would have done unto him group sex is generally out of the question Given the odd third would be nothing but a glorified rentboy to be used by team of vampires share and share alike.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 571-575. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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