Leo 0° (July 20)

Zodiacs libertarian Free Wheeling extremist nobody lives larger

forever shaking up codes and moreys colors outside the lines succeeds by taking risks

naturally expensive , embodies sense of abandon, emancipating situations from restraint of small mindedness , resetting standards and ushering in new orders

can be excessive in attitude and behavior living adage think big and be big

a born citizen of the world his oyster and approaches experience with easy exuberance

if not outright exultation. May appear reckless out of control which to him is a natural state where he feels securely composed.

Static circumstances however send him off the rails.

In love wildly romantic and effusive emotions manifest in heightened manner

displays of affection over the top

physically drawn 2 perfect 10s never shrinks from making a play for glamazons

exudes untamed energy renegade charm strapping physique a sought after heartthrob

wants playmate in female partner who will share optimistic vision Of life’s great adventure

with men He’s a big player settling down Only with someone who possesses extraordinary looks personality an open mind


378 principle DionysianPrinciple of expansion ecstasy exultation optimism combines the Apple linnean with the catonian Paints civilization with a wildly natural brush . Romanticism in a nutshell allowing an unfettered stream of consciousness to take form. Motto is I see or I understand a nod to psychedelic vision of life another is we think signaling forays into collective consciousness

Sign and mind Saage ruled by Jupiter King of the gods representing the principle of expansion Sagg male experience hinged on Need for growth optimism in the literal sense excess’s might give rise to X ecstasy and thus discernment and knowing when enough is enough 3rd sign 3rd quadrant synthesis of the energy of the two signs preceding it Libra apollonian World of conscious civilized place of light reason order BD Scorpio catonian subterranean view of existence dark mysterious environments emphasizing unseen workings nature unconscious mutable Sagittarius asserts these are not mutually exclusive the world is all good just in light ignore is it shadow pessimism but extending beyond this duality human civilization nature form of chimera shapeshifting mythical creature symbolic of cyclical nature of existence incorporates opposites into an endless wheel of alternating experience fittingly chimera is defined as a reverie or a Daydream just as it is scientifically describes an Organism of both sexes all these meanings are embodied in the Sagittarius male

such personifies Dionysus in principle chimeric amalgam of apollonian cantonian Think of a tree meant to symbolize classical columns order consonants then consider the roots representative of the unseen catonian subterranean jumble the dionisis die nation is a Malcolm God of the Vine the rootsy hodgepodge but now above ground in the scene world taking its tendrils into trees and columns for support apt metaphor for the way such area now lives his life takes what this heretofore hidden repressed wild taboo and expose it holding it up to a new model civilization As a new model reflects the Savage interior of the natural world. Nietzsche associates romanticism with the Dionysus a movement that evoked subconscious wilderness praised forms in nature because it sought to establish itself in the formal world without art philosophy music architecture romanticism wrapped itself around the domains that were already clearly established as apollonian

379 Planet symbol the 1st letter of the name of Zeus like the glyph of Sagittarius itself topyx human evolution by the mind the Crescent as an extension of the cross symbol of the material plain mirrors the 9th house rule of lessons learned through physical experience of living such terrian man embodies jupiterian sense of adventure… also … quadron 3rd clochette Sagittarius importance is placed the superconscious mind and the imagination seeks to expand beyond dualism neither the cockeyed optimism nor the dour pessimism sad rises above the fray and joyfully participates in the sorrows of life

the the internal function of sagittarian energies to manifest a new Grapevine of communication by winding wild fresh natural expression around existing mainstays of society in a nutshell sash man is a maverick the consummate freethinker shakes up and reshapes the pillars of civilization from the inside as opposed to some subversive outsider seeking to topple them . Just as wild Dionysus is earmarked to inherit Zeus is thrown Such is no way seditious tored mainstream society rather he feels himself air to it such entitled astrologically too worldly influence once he has it in his great grips he hopes to expand the collective mind something that falls under sagittarian rule of the ninth astrological house by bringing nature back into the mix this is the very spirit that gave rise to romanticism transcendentalism the beat movement rock and roll genres that tap and then channel seemingly random energies of nature and subconscious into single stream of consciousness there’s still formal expression . Mythology mirrors this Dionysus in effect the reincarnated Zeus born from his father’s thigh is an anomaly a half mortal male nature God winning a coveted seat on Olympus. As the 13th he is the last God to enter the pantheon Where there is only room for 12 thus signaling a new beginning some variations on the story have it that hestia gave up her throne to him the orgiastic rustic God of wine and so called disorder he is indeed nature as male a new twist certainly signifying among other things a patriarchal usurpation over even this most divinely feminine of realms . Zeus has already taken on the function of mother living breathing personification Of the Dionysus spirit Sagittarius male personifies the heretofore freeform catonian female made manifest in the directive apollonian male the wild beast come human Archer embodied as the Centaur like a leafy Vine he runs rampant upon the ramparts of civilization It’s restraint at once signaling its ruin and veneration all the while marrying what man made to natural landscape art science ideology indeed all that is deemed societal progress back to nature himself

Just as there is inherent method to his madness Dionysus that is sad is likewise not a sign of disorder but rather of a new order when abstract expressionism jazz equally improvisational musings of the beat writers and poets first came onto the scene they seemed erratic frenzied crazed yet once taken hold these movements revealed themselves as valid forms meant to express life’s underlying realities Sagittarius male personifies seemingly wild random energy only the luxury of time tells us isn’t as seamless as it seems from the outset as the only immutable fire sign of the Zodiac saage blazes his way through life untamed by existing rules or limits

380 sign glyph arrow of inspiration fired from the material cross sigil of the centaurs Wizards shamans also great magnets or great ones sacred brothers of Zeus Jupiter they were magical shape shifters half horse half man Figure being a preferred form after all if guy could choose what to be below the waist horselike isn’t so bad an option… also… element quality massage best described as lightning the power of Supreme gods like Zeus Jupiter his force represents both sad chasity and aggrandizement ecstatic states of consciousness as might appeal to the shamanistic sache

his birthright to break on through to the other side imposed restrictions the confines of overly conditioned mind. In astrology fire symbolizes life spirit mutability versatility and adaptability such as the diagnosing Vine adapting its life force that which it climbs and covers likewise sagg exhibits the qualities of lightning variable atmospheric substance of fire that fittingly wraps itself Vine like around trees and columns in a flash is very simple of omnipotence there’s a special weapon the spectacle of which caused the death of Dionysus is mother Mrs citated him being born twice ultimately delivered from the thy womb of his father such man embodies such ravished exaltation That chimeric flight of fancy related to the world is an all powerful being for whom there are no impediments attaining his wild dreams the 9th astrological house is among a slew of things one of aspiration the higher or super conscious mind as well as inspiration dreams visions and the need to experience life beyond commonplace limits House of exultation a state of which sauges the continual throws he is out there both in thought and inaction life on a grand scale weather in business travel sports higher minded philosophical or religious or shamanistic pursuits

perhaps most poignant expression of centaurs mutable fire mix one that combines all isolated musings on his psyche is the interpretation of him as a shapeshifter as anyone acquainted with him will admit this guy is a self styled zelig continually lost in as many glamorous identity’s. Fame soge impostor astronauta Waldo tomorrow did in real life the Archer man can in a flash re imagined himself making enormous changes to his lifestyle embarking on incredible journeys real or imagined stunning supposed intimates who are often left in the UN settling dust one never knows when where sagg might reappear or as whom he is that freely expressive also contains the collective conscious plus all brands of big business and global Commerce. Sweeping level that such men live little wonder his son is associated with the age group 56 to 63 good old boy years when a man is at peak of power and influence nothing to either prove or lose. Sagen bodies aplomb all his life you can only relate to the world as an omnipotent spirit might on a grand scale struggling with his intimate Association like a farsighted tailor unable to focus on fabric of life at hand Sagittarius symbolized the Sagittarius Archer symbol represents man’s proclivity for projecting yourself out there in a distant temporarily temporally and spatially he lives life armed with a metaphoric bow and arrow necessitates that he hold on tightly to far reaching dreams and visions also let go lightly of close relationships needing to be sacrificed to avoid such a aims sorry to achieve such aims connections are made on the broadest of levels whether it’s his knack for looking into powerful global networks or talent for tapping into collective conscious his creative pursuits either way he is endowed with a sense of omniscience apley signs tomatoes are I understand and we think

381 polarity the personification of the male fire spirits the Ginny the genie genius meaning inherited paternal spirit fits the archetypal pattern of Zeus giving birth to Dionysus who thus inherit Supreme masculine power … also… #9 the term stems from the magi like the CR seers OK it’s the magic number magi Sears who predicted Christ birth naturally had gestation of nine months also related to the realm of imagination 9 always reduces to itself whatever the number it is multiplied by say 2 that number 18 always adds back to 9

Of all mails he is the most readily accepted by other guys assumed to be a real man’s man perennial first boy picked for basketball he easily infiltrates inner sweat lodge circles of all male societies through such male associations he feels comforted validated most importantly glorified. Signature sagittarian dynamic sees him being recognized for whatever his particular talent elite group of males finally group of mouse in general top dogs in such as chosen field or create arena who acknowledges transcendent genius indeed the term genius is never applied lightly here originally the word was meant to mean a spirit of paternal ancestry a genie or gin Thus shapeshifting fire spirit of patriarchal inheritance indeed the Archer entrees in life always seen To stem from the top sad shoots by any and all interim steps on his way to success

twisty turny life of such Mail like Zeus onto Dionysus Savage man’s dad is a warm and fuzzy nurturing near maternal figure while his mother is Nick spent expectant authoritative fatherly disciplinarian. First and foremost satch is his father’s son A miniature version of him showers with an abundance of affection. Sauges rather more measured with his mother who feels compelled to please . Dad is an old softy fun and games nonetheless busy often absent character caught up in whirlwind of travel and heavy scheduling associated generally with a creative glamorous or even frivolous karere. Downtimes however sad goes for his father goes and does for his father does as he matures finds himself happily folded as an honor honorary member into whatever network of comrades his father fosters happily plays the sports his dad plays absorbs the hobbies his father espouses and will often wish to emulate his dad by embarking on the same or similar karere or one that his father failed to pursue. So just dad and stills and in him the importance of following one’s dreams. Mom however has strict vision of sons agenda typically until serious academic or business endeavors she uses her husband’s shortcomings as a guidebook of what not to do. As the result wanting to line with father and please his mother simultaneously he arrives strives to do it all

382 age Association 56 to 63 magneet age of the magneta word derived from magnete which means great one synonym for a Centaur such bonds acceptance in big boy networks personifying the qualities of that age he exudes sense of related entitlement relaxed entitlement acquisition perceiving the world as AM master of all he surveys… psychology… sad can be reckless feeling overoptimistic jupiters expensive energy difficulty with commitment Fidelity lust for experience calls the shots maybe wildly experimental with drugs and sexual activity perhaps inviting danger he has difficulty recognizing the limits of mortality considering himself more than mere flesh and blood

Not a dabbler like renaissance Libra hands in many pots sache outshine others in all undertakings president of student body captain with sports team play lead roles in plays valedictorian of graduating class. Saage learns to rap what he perceives as the needs of both his parents into a single notice a skill he will eventually hone without having to hit somebody based his reaches maturity one particular way he might kill two parental birds is success of his father in the same or similar field to such an extent that his mother cannot find fault . He begins to divide a tertiary path where he can tread all encompassing chimeric visions of his future whereby continual have his cake eat it too. He does both what comes naturally satisfying catonian desires and makes so huge a mark on the world as to fill fill any civilized apollonian agenda the center character in fact is perfect symbol of sauges combined wild nature with human ingenuity on a mundane level sad assumed to have it all as well Braun an brains. Still it’s that now he has for coming up with 3rd way solutions resolutions that win some points with other people particularly in professional life he gains reputation as an answer man or Wizard of sorts one who invents solutions that require no compromise by either side it is a special talent to contrive expanded visions with a third eye on incorporating divergent needs with us the zodiacs shapeshifter becomes all things to all people further fostering in himself as well as others a sense of being omniscient seeing beyond black-and-white duality’s surpassing Gray area of concession such experiences life in living color 9000 dreams and visions his whole life is a wild reverie reality unfolding before him as he is imagining it into being

383archetype in myths adds draws on Supreme God Zeus Jupiter favorite son Dionysus who gave birth to having sound him into thy rescuing him from dying mother the meaning of this Dionysus is cherished by the patriarchy only Olympian Male nature God half mortal Olympic Mail mirroring Sachs own wild nature his disciple to receive this was a shapeshifter who took both male and female form enter Sachs sensual experience experimentation He was blinded by Hera for siding with Zeus in a debate over who male or female has more pleasure in sex he said women In recompense he was given the gift of second sight his sage Ness stems from having looked at life from both sides maybe add that sagg male looks at his own mother as a mere mortal and his father as a God

body and soul the word can’t is not in his vocabulary loses himself in the phantasm of life most adventurous soul risk taker predisposition that results in great personal pay offs or the advent of true peril 9th House of growing through experience Which man of fate which manifests poignantly. He is bound to fling himself into the world gaining insight that thrills and exultation provide mostly adventures are real learns about the reaches of his own human capacity through skydiving mountain climbing in the number of extreme sports . Other sauges embark upon journeys consciousness the whizzkid third eye troubleshooting abilities graduates to position of full fledged shaman seeking to sustain enlightened glimpses into a lifelong visionquest sauges archetypal Zeus is endowed with the power of lightning and passes that baton onto his reign crane coronated self son diagnosis so too do we have sad just personal power stones from a lightening of his own condition freedom to embark upon life as a fantastical journey

literature characters heathcliff Tom Jones huckleberry Finn who’s pen name Mark Twain the point between perfectly illustrates science tertiary third eye perspective. Expression of wildside sense of adventure indulgence characters paradox we end up socially redeemed the quality is evident in such real life sauges as William Blake Jonathan swift CS Lewis Walt Disney Steven Spielberg as well as those who turned to drugs for their ecstatic shamanistic visions Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrix Keith Richards Richard Pryor Billy Idol Greg Allman Dennis Wilson all who arguably tuned in by turning on one way or other satch cwierz release new line Fortunately most seek in the chemical flood of extreme exertion or thrilling adventure rather than in substances. Dreams provide the same alchemical shift to the sides remember life is a dream being on a natural high even which endorphins offer contributes indeed corresponds to sauges males expansive signature sense of immortality . Often remark how scarce Sagittarius men make themselves while we’re scratching our heads and subjects Ashes out there getting lost in audacious reveries when he does make the requisite social appearance he wears a wild faraway expression. As a result often accused of being either shy or Snooty but he’s neither of those just some in Explicable combination of both he hopes to remain unfettered even in the Press of the crowd typically avoiding eye contact mumbling disclaimers otherwise displaying total lack of enthusiasm if approached by small talking stranger. He isn’t a word apprehensive rarely one to mix and mingle such funds arumi corner in which to comfortably flop otherwise keeping his back to the wall as to remain as far from the fray as possible and yet able to take in What’s happening all at once

384 Bible and literature Christ is modeled on Dionysus Christian community is a tamecka way of the wine gods orgiastic rites that’s all worship worship is feast on his torn body both were born of mortal virgins attracted a cult of disenfranchised followers agony and ecstasy a figure into romanticism and beat literature which uses the beatific and the beaten down into one tertiary sagittarian view Mark Twain Gnome to plume the point between Gave us huckleberry Finn a wild romantic like the wine God Tom Jones embodies dynacin excess brontes heathcliff is a male personification of nature the weathering Heights symbolizing superconscious ecstasy achieved by expression of mind and spirit

he exudes a whiff of superiority whether intended or not often literally head and shoulders above the rest even when not tall Hill manifest certain largest any number of areas massive head bulging arms and legs commanding barrel chest out size portions of his anatomy . Regardless of size his body language is best described as sprawling forever standing spread equal a lurching back and forth tennis player awaiting a serve stretching his arms up arching his back sitting with his legs splayed lounging like Dionysus eternally Crouch tapon Couched appan commodius Deus broadsoft expression not too expensive energy planet Jupiter cares presumptuous edge anyone everyone assembled before him present for the sole purpose of providing amusement such indeed a man’s man only with the twisties will see typically attracts a circle of other males to him forever engaging in what appears to be locker room banter delivering asides that result in large bursts of hearty laughter dissolving around him while he is left wearing signature self satisfied smile . Forever sizing up every female within view often based on looks and sex appeal unapologetic Lee dismissive of those that don’t fit his strict albiate closeted chauvinistic criteria women no matter how confident may find themselves reduced to shy schoolgirls in his presence. He seems entitled quality that even his famous brand of self deprecating humor cannot belie

List of sagg includes Billy Connolly Ben Stiller Jon Stewart harpo Marx Rodney Dangerfield Gary shandling James thurber Flip Wilson redfox Buck Henry **** vandyke Tim comedy no coward Richard Pryor Woody Allen Sign of comics humorous satirist’s. Even a nebbishy self put down artist like Woody Allen exudes a definite swagger having coneys to continually cast himself as a romantic lead linked with beautiful and suspiciously younger women. Sagg males embody a similar braggadocio believing themselves worthy of most glamorous loving attractive list of superlatives goes on and on women in the world a native of 9th House of aspiration satch doesn’t simply strive to be sublime he expects it indeed magnificence is assumed in every aspect of life although he tends to be ruggedly handsome even the more looks challenge sauges can be notorious model izers inspiring wonderment issue really going out with him line of inquiry. Meanwhile keeping with his outre planet ruler such is attractive he will be extremely so and he knows it putting this heavy self awareness to Pacific use.

385 More than others such is a woman’s rough and tumble take charge fantasy possesses overt masculinity predatory power natural abandoned make him the consummate stud not he actually boasts such sizable equipment as privets his horsey symbol that it seems is rather hit or miss in one extreme or another . Everything else about this big persona speaks to rousing sexual ride genital apparatus aside he tends to be a big old boy lanky if not gawky large boned and limped. Shoulders are often enviably broad not perfectly squat arms roped with thick muscle manly hands rough and callused regardless of profession adding hail lusty appeal. Topping massive noggin dense shock of thick hair course unruly like a dogs making a flip or feathering action originate Ng from natural middle part separating his eyebrows is a wide flat space his third eye spot made all the more marked by contrast of small doleful puppy eyes slanted beefy almonds. Forehead Bony protruding shape of his face narrowing at the temples sinking deeply chin cheekbones filled out again jaw medisch in nose is often flat but flared about the nostrils lips are full sensuous naturally curled upward corners creating a Joker smile. Generally more gummy than toothy marked by small square spaced out choppers where is slack mouth expression lending him loose peaceful if not panting appearance. Particular penchant for whimsical shows of facial hair soul patches goatees muttonchops a preference for the odd piercing tongue nipple navel elsewhere. Has similarly fencible style of dress overdoing it the color Department being too on the nose but it comes to sporting trends. No matter how gaudy or glitzy his garb he will typically tugged at his clothes as if terribly uncomfortable visible evidence of burning need to be.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 586-590. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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