Leo 1° (July 21)

au naturale.

Has sturdy stiff torso forever pulling muscles injuring himself evidenced by fashion accessories as splints crutches slings may explain why he always seemed to be long lending limbering up formal of settings in the most formal of settings and natural hardbody bulbous knotted muscles rounded well defined pecs stomach easily shape into neat 6 pack . Despite overall mighty musculature to steal files that stand out extending two fierce undented flanks rock solid rear visibly ripped beneath trousers becoming the seat of much of the desire he insights in a woman indeed most cerebral E transcendent female thinking herself immune to such appearances may find her loins surging with one glance of his hindquarters . Those this stallion hasn’t cornered the market on magnitude in the penus Department is overall athleticism suggested tireless roll in the hay. Any supposition would be absolutely right. Unparalleled stamina and staying power bucking Bronco can kick it all night long hardly needing to slow down or beg off considering his peerless perpetual thrust ability one might actually be thankful his not hung like a horse of course there are plenty of downsides to being labeled womankind’s mindless lay but for the whole of his youth much into adulthood he doesn’t see any downside instead prime occupation is finding a female who will approach sex the same way he does as an electrifying journey with no possible path to pleasure going unexplored

386 sex and sexuality Incredible luck with the ladies from the moment he has a libido he has ample opportunity to act on it . As an adolescent athleticism makes him a hero and a heartthrob to oram only raging girls to whom he appeals on that visceral level all through teens and 20s also more than his fair share of wild oats. Sex is another activity that offers him signature sought after thrills and he can become addictive in this behavior particularly in his desire to experience the ecstasy of climax . If Serge isn’t having sex he’s thinking of it or frequently the case enjoying it all by himself of all males he is the most masturbatory well not as a quick means to an end but almost elaborate processional of pleasure . When involved in sexual relationships or dating he will still enjoy his own and nastic practice period to his mind this Dionysus can be as significant as quality when it comes to the erotic experience quantity can be as significant as quality any sex is good sex but he wants to experience it with women sometimes men to have every size shape dissent disposition for him his own brand of looks blatant virility and meet with widespread appreciation more than most his personality type of men about women About whom women fantasize a charismatic yet carefree character naturally at the athletic but a bit messy and rough around the edges in the Savage world of sexual conquests he is considered big game and though he often fulfills a woman’s wild imaginings females my choose to relegate such a man to the realm of fantasy or a one off escapade opting for more docile down to earth guy as a long term partner

387 body rulership thighs hips buttocks sciatic nerve Jupiter rules pituitary gland control and growth and the liver cleans the blood of toxins some common sagit fiction include sciatica and rheumatism

Despite desire for variety of sexual partners he looks for an alchemist permanent relationship once all such oats are sown. Six major merger with woman who must be willing to utterly join him with him . Typically shops for ideal mate amongst population of model worthy why not he figures and yet it is a sense of humor an insouciant jovial nature that he’ll prize more than beauty still savages turned on by glamour proud to be carting around an awe inspiring beauty that other men uncle. The Archer rarely at a loss for dates starts shooting higher and higher in his attempt to score a relationship thriving on the challenge and thrill that such romantically lofty pursuits provide . Often a flamboyance or even fame that he finds most attractive in a mate not because he is a status seeker per se but because such an Association suggests excitement. Notoriety particularly global variety is an attribute of his ruling big daddy planet Jupiter just another expression of his expansive nature more is more bigger is better . By the same token he doesn’t deal in trifling casual relationships he either sleeps with someone and moves right along sending the occasional maintenance postcard Judy later decide to talk again at that port or he seeks to fold a woman completely into his life like some large conglomerate swallowing up a smaller vital enterprise

to be with him long term a woman must realize that resistance to being absorbed in his imaginative vision is futile this rare willing woman stumbles upon Might already embrace her own soaring view of existence though he is typically drawn to someone for whom he can unlock that sort of thing the doors of perception exposing a more insular partner to his particular brand of wide eyed optimism . Irony is that Sachs mate must be so confident as to never feel threatened by his need to perform such a spiritual makeover. He rarely tries to change her external qualities or superficial aspects nonetheless one might notice to rather market alteration in The Archers mate appearance as he begins to rub off on her for like Dionysus the Liberator Savage wants to feel wants to free a woman subliminal self of all psychological and emotional limitations after all someone as expensive as he is requires an equally brilliant penalty if not outright elastic partner in his zeal he ends up turning his woman into a female version of himself Woody Allen’s Louise leseur Diane Keaton Mia Farrow Sinatra era garden Joe DiMaggio Marilyn Monroe Kenneth brannagh Emma Thompson Ben Stiller Christine Taylor Benjamin bratt Talia Soto Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt what he wants is to rescue a woman from the mire of mediocrity especially resulting in other fear or societal convention . He hopes to expand her outward horizons while wildly widening her internal scope self revelation belanda live experience Savage male vantage point. Ironically he imagines the simplest way first level to achieve this is to model himself herself on him

James thurber my world and welcome to it sums up his attitude toward love relationships let alone in general. Plus a significant other enters into his experience never vice versa yet his perception of existence is so expensive and imaginative that a partner need never feel constrained or restricted playing by his freeform rules where a Scorpio man native 8 how sleep 6 two North kotyza mate saage dreams and visions wants to be on the same trip with her meld with her completely as possible on a super conscious level. The signs Association with collective mind is ironically nowhere more vividly illustrated than in his most intimate relationships one of the zodiacs for immutable science Sachs particular brand of synthesizing life’s inherent opposing forces is Fusion to him one and one makes 1 yet at the same time Savage and his true love together create something greater than the sum of their two individual parts

the love relationship takes on a life of its own and embodiment of trademark tertiary perspective almost can’t help but look at himself in a lover from the outside third party viewpoint a tendency that manifests as over romanticizing little wonder romantic poets are described as tapping into the Dionysus and sagittarian men in bodies of heightened sense of reality experience itself relationships included become inspirited magical child to be both nurtured and celebrated . No man is more the type to commemorate love bonds with over the top overtures showering with gifts whisking off to surprise excursions trademark displays scattering the blue blob with rose petals etc etc to solemnize the sexual experience. One detrimental dynamic of being the zodiacs son of Jupiter is inability to perceive experience from any other perspective than the Archer signature wide angle remove like some Mr. Big businessmen swinging a major merger such acquires a mate a move he can’t just subconsciously sees as contributing to his company’s growth . As well his outsize ego convinced any woman would benefit from Association. Focus aimed at burgeoning strength of their consolidation rather than intimate individual needs as experienced privately from the inside of the bond period to be fair sache similarly unconcerned with what he considers the minus show his own life he rarely stops to analyze little and heal any psychological or emotional rift who might harbor. Naturally harness is tremendous energy for use in targeting loftier aspirations. Expects me to do likewise. Never wallow keep riding the camero of life. For all the stops starts and stabs his opposite opposite access sign of Gemini makes and tapping power positive thinking Sagittarius men often can’t seem to turn it off. For that reason many would be partners feel he doesn’t deal with his internal issues enough. Hard to sustain healthy relationships. These doubters misunderstand that satch copes with even his intrinsic struggles by letting them run as rampant as wildfire until such time as they simply burn themselves out.

Unleashing his energy is a prime leitmotiv along with extreme sports and ventures in journeying RWT sex is one area where Centaur let’s go no Mail is more band and approached than he enviable enviably free of inhibitions and insecurities. Even those with physical shortcomings will possess that much more irresistible aplomb as compensation. He embodies the notion that in letting go sexually one rides out foibles and failings. Such as free from both the satisfying urges of the fires on areas as well as a compulsion to please which plagues many men because such is beyond Even so blatant duality as the vividly described beast with two backs inherently unconcerned with either his own pleasure per site or that of a partner he made more fully meld with the experience of the session sexual act than anyone male or female . Sex by nature is ecstatic yet especially for men sustaining this rapturous state presents a challenge . But not for sagg blessed with the ability to become one with the carnal act despite pressing tension of ensuing orgasm he can relax all the more into peeking pleasure and plateau for quite awhile without popping his cork period meanwhile his lover reaps the obvious benefits it is often said that sex with a sagittarian is in a word superlative sometimes though not always Without knowing it his signature surrender to the experience allows a woman To take the battle for giving the pun and running with it

389 as such wants to free a woman he loves from status quo so too does he seek to liberate her from sexual inhibitions Nothing arouses him more then woman giving herself over to Saks. From his third party perspective he sees the two of them his lover himself as one whole a chimeric being composed of ballot female parts the he man sexual libertine come Liberator provided proverbial key to opening a woman to the full extent of erotic experience. He is the one Manley identifies with the sublime principle pleasure within a woman something he feels uniquely qualified to access and drive to new unlimited Heights. He seems to surrender his own pleasure for the sake of increasing that of his partner. Myth of turisas comes into play this devotee of Dionysus a human kamerik priest priestess of archetypal new God is famed for his revelations on rational sexuality. Argument between Zeus and Hera he sides with her oh he sides with him that women have better time so she blinded him Athena gave him second sight indeed such personifies tracy’s perspective combining objective masculine thought with an unparalleled empathy for female feeling the sign portrays this paradoxical battle from a third party perspective like the second sided second sex teresa’s looks at life from both sides at once

if anybody is going to have a mirror honest ceiling it’s the Archer sign symbol would have it naturally removed from the effects of the swift shaft he shooting. This is the rub making love to a satch’s present and penetrating as his pounding maybe there is a sense that he is somewhere else undergoing an out of body experience. Like Dionysus he might represent the principles of disorder frenzy orgiastic ecstasy but like that male God he often himself will be blase as can be. Even when in the extreme throes of sexual rapture his partner might sense that Sacha somehow in the role of observer wearing an almost voyeuristic smile no matter how active apart he is obviously taking part in . Mirror mirror or no he sees himself from a sort of aerial view working his mind’s eye it becoming a screen worthy sex symbol of not providing one long continuous money shop. As not to his Dionysus an Association with the Vine his conduct is spontaneous twisted he is notorious for coming at a woman Every which way often to climactic results. So too does he embody that which women find most lacking in other men and need to cling an entire himself which he does with passion and persistence. He is random in his sexual manner everything goes everywhere with no predicting worse fingers tongue happiness mud next alight. Typically he’s a legs and ask man Hurt its sometimes generating little more excitement than his own. Weather for this year love of this area or because it represents that much more which is taboo like that of his neighbor Scorpio he tends to push the envelope on the endless X more than most . For many women It represents a major milestone a possibility that insights is expensive nature all the more. He relishes seeing lover reach set limits in hopes that she’ll beg him to do something he had originally considered she originally considered outrageous. If he is to be continually fulfilled she must in effect become more hedonistic if not outright raunchier and her approach to sex and indeed to life everyday sad man proves his theory that transcendence is achieved through a sense of abandoned. Little wonder he can be addicted to sex and activity in which there is always a new act to encounter a new opportunity to let down one’s guard.

Saage like sex to be 1 long cool longannet I’m cool on tone but always with A twist quite simply kinky by nature. Like ston rap physical body around a woman giving her sense that he is omnipresent as you see himself seeks to infiltrate every corner of her psychological being. Explorer of fantasies driven to uncover desires that may lie dormant in lovers mind. Employee erotic play lately entertaining partner in pointed directions on route to piquing curiosity and making carnal inroads. Being zodiacs chimera means mixing macci in temperament and behavior quality get that quality that may manifest as simple swapping of undies poor progress more elaborately to role reversal swinging full on group sets if any guy will welcome his wife or lover strapping on a ***** and giving him what for it will be sad man who enjoys that axe topsy turvey essence. His famous third party perspective means he’s very much into three sums whereas many signs might welcome an occasional third wheel rolling into bed he or she shares with a partner such tends to be that we’ll himself tired of just eating his own tail believe as he would if he could happily careening into the lives of couples looking to round out their sex lives. He loves to step In sizable reputation and staying power and to to please a woman With a proper pummeling not the notion Not only the notion of the sex starved sex starved woman begging for release but also the humiliation being directed at her lesser lacking husband or boyfriend erotic sadistic cord. If everyone involved is so inclined he may even take things to her infamous step further topping the other guy and thus satisfying and shaming this fellow in the face of his woman. Such is his seat of power to prove how much more superhuman he is than the next guy and then be gone. For better or worse in a purely sexual contact he is rarely inspired to revisit the same experience. For him once is usually enough. Satch fancies himself the quintessential gigolo. Hiring a paid escort one might hope he turns out to be a Sagittarius built to deliver that much more bang for the Buck. As a sexual persona he is at once breathtakingly masculine and radically open minded allowing for endless possibilities . As a rule such is not so much bisexual as use pansexual regardless of whether he self identifies as straight or gay the Archer is most at ease and intimate company about their men by nature he embodies a sense of homoerotic totally stepan Uber muscular masculine experience the straightest of centaurs is so confident in his masculinity’s hostility’s so never feel threatened by or phobic about the gay world in signature twist he is rather more like most women in regard to same sex relationships platonic or not bonds with other men are naturally strong and intimate. He’s not want to subscribe to the same sex double standard many men spouse that sex between women is natural erotic that shouldn’t necessarily to be fun to be defined as lesbian while even a subtext of attraction between men signifies weakness or revulsion . Such man Tends to apply the former vision of girl and girl sexuality sexuality to the world of men as well intimate relationships with other guy whether sexual or not seen as an expression of merit male empowerment just as lesbianism powers the feminist movement period from adolescents tadjik inhibits testosterone themed world being consummate rough and tumble boy thrusting himself into masculine experience he forms infamous crushes on older males gratefully playing batboy or other such subtly insinuating roles where his hero worship can be put to constructive use the Archer boy aims to please those Giants in his midst and will be witnessed too in an intimate or intimate or an initiate in such passing homosexual fancies that invariably arise among hormonally charged older adolescents he arrived he idolizes such erotic play is part and parcel of many a secret Society of this age when such acts are shrugged off as antidote to blue balls an interim release on the way to consistently scoring with females. Sharing with someone older males he admires sets him up for a feeling psychologically superior to boys is an inch later as a straight man this experience breeds in him a sense of absolute ease amongst meal male peers as if he alone has passed through some clandestine rite of passage he may maintain in anything goes attitude toward sex all his life one that includes bisexual activity is no big deal this explains why so many such guys enter long term relationships with bisexual women since as a couple they can swing any which way. As a gay men such as masculine sheep boyhood 10 some lends him an elevated sense of status amongst his peers typically fabled straight looking and acting stud many are hopeful homero is seeking to hook up with period he is almost pathologically now. Other fire signs he may be a consummate top and yet unlike those characters he is drawn to ethereal pretty voice if not outright Femi men for mates ironically of all the gay men is hodiak sagg hands down the most misogynistic . As if taking his science astrological alignment with patriarchal experience all too literally in his gay world women are anathema he finds femininity he may need in the core chistery serious he seeks to sexually befriend. Like straight counterpart gay center pushes a lover to limits attraction to docile demure if not obviously straight lead and straight laced lads where his grand fantasy begins. His combined romantic and sexual needs are complex like wild stallion For whom presence of gelding is a calming influence are pretty submissive fellow tends to soothe his soul. Other aggressive types like him pose a challenge firing up dynamic reserved for Sachs sporting or other physical endeavors. Indeed gay satchel typically enjoy a large group of like minded mostly straight but friends but these rugged lads are rarely the type he seeks to main besides being a calming influence the coys somewhat specified partner he goes for should be submissive enough to make him feel overpowering within their sexual exchange it’s a fine line sagg needs lover who will take whatever he dishes out though not so bottomless said there would be no stimulating struggle to cope with demands he might make.

Just as women praise straight Centaur gay men will spell swear that their best sexual experiences with him. In signature fashion trysts rarely proceed beyond one night standsmainly because it is so difficult for the Archer to pinpoint perfect partner who will be eternally hard pressed to enjoy this surpassing erotic experience he is known to deliver. Perfect sex to his mind should always involve being considered too much manifestation of his quantitative jupiterian rule taking a lover to the limit might include exposing him to more out their world of gay life bringing him on excursions through the feral landscape of group parties afterhours clubs inviting other dominant character to fully explore if not exploit lovers ever expanding submissive side still amid what might be considered spiraling chaos of depravity than nobly Savage center never seems to lose his full name something that cannot always be said about his partner and such will inevitably be there to catch . This is part of the thrill for saj to bring his lover to the edge even pushing over it and then fulfill his ultimate dionysian role not only as orji master but as savior as well relationships and indeed sex itself with the sagittarian men are in effect one big long trust exercise he is a trip and he knows it one night spent with this extraordinary being proves him capable of offering the kind of wild abandoned ride to which no other man can hold a candle

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 591-595. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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