Leo 2° (July 22)


In life’s rich pageant she is the contestant most likely to walk away with Crown

Radiant regal she presides over experience exhibiting exuding air deservedness directed tord all she desires

The world isn’t abundant place where she can reach out and grab all she envisions

struggle is anathema she keeps her eye on one prize at a time sensing the right opportunity

Then lets her archer’s arrows fly with swift precision Hitting far reaching marks

while remaining removed from the fray of and battling human interaction

Appears perfect leader who has it all brains body beauty ability to amass devotion from others

just as she does coins for her coffers wealth being her personal birthright

vividly glamorous character she does not slip into situations she explodes onto scenes

Despite signature respondents tends to be skittish harboring emotional anxieties low self-esteem

more more more is her motto both in professional and private lives

not one to live on love alone makes a successful match with men As power couple

Drawn to dashing father figures who indulge trademark fairy tale expectations

in same sex bond seeks a serious minded mentor to expose her to world of knowledge and cultural influences

400 principle of expansion exaltation optimism quantitative experience . More is more materially and culturally, exposure is what it’s all about for mutable satch. She imposes feminine nature onto the world objectively expressing diva like supremacy nonetheless stems from her subjective desires along the two way theme of awe and adoration or signed secondary motto we think carries this collective understanding while expressing a fittingly Royal Air

Sign in mind

She lives a life of exultation Being born 2 sign ruled by Jupiter planet astrological principle of expansion optimism growth wealth can’t help but view existence as a state in which the stakes are perpetually high. Even aspects of ordinary life are heightened. She is like a thoroughbred ananthu her foresee sign outstrip all others in a shock take her rightful place in the winners circle basking in glory and adoration. Female under solar system planet largest sad draws on archetype of Juno Supreme Queen goddess capable of reducing her hubby to a henpecked character. Such is quintessential haughty matriarch vehemently proud supercilious who holds herself up as Paragon of perfect womanhood. Pomposity overcompensating for a lack of confidence in her natural femininity the fact remains she exhibits an elevated sense of self that demands to be treated like gold by a man. Believes wholeheartedly in the sanctity of relationships particularly marriage not one to be slighted on that score June’s patronage of women and marriage rings true in Jane Austen Joan didion George Eliot Louisa may alcott actual lives living breathing female Centaur . Personal independence and permanent bonds not mutually exclusive Sagittarius viewpoint to her most sanctified of marriages offer means for expression In terms of material and spiritual wealth .

Mythical bickering Jupiter and Juno represents clash of combining patriarchal system with matriarchal one the sex signs of Sagittarius represent these highest orders in gender power in the universe he is zodiacs Dionysus prefer astrology is high and mighty Hera a sense of omnipotence is not something she needs to be granted just her right however she often ends up in struggles with mate whose ego won’t allow for outsize status she maintains she requires a partner who is at least as powerful as she in modern terms wealthy successful socially elevated celebrated mind body moral conviction So as not to breed slings and arrows of jealousy or resentment object her.

401 planet symbol like sache symbol Cliff illustrates superconsciousness half circle stemming from worldly experience the cross of matter Jupiter is lucky planet such tends to encounter serendipity and fortune and all her loves travels like her Archers arrow radiance proceeds her … also Juno symbol prophetic nature

Don Powell said luxury is living within your means might sound Noble on the surface the off missed point is that luxury to satch can and should be had at any income level it is her one essential. Among other things 9th astrological house life experience beyond the everyday taken together these influences instill again for exhilaration glamour glory in her. Unlike male counterpart she needs external augmentation manifests in a number of ways including desire to be seen as important if not magnificent just as the shamanistic tracias is a perfect symbol for male sex the mythological seer was blinded by hero for deciding against her in a dispute with Zeus parizon blinding force represents the brand of power sad wheels the infamous right of lady godiva goddess diva medieval reenactment of ancient ritual display of the Supreme female goddess at peak of power the time in her Virgin mother Crone cycle when she is at her most majestic her blinding of the peeping time peeping Tom is a brash echoing both the myth. Dazzling radiance prime symptom of goddess power her Juno symbol* on a stick a beacon of lavish female condition The naked dive astride a steed is the picture of a female Centaur . Such is the only mutable fire sign in the Zodiac any number of interpretations the image of lightning changeable fire in the Sky Associated with flashes of sagacity inspiration dreams visions additional attributes of the 9th house like godiva sagg hopes to demonstrate her thoughts and feelings in a dazzling lightning like manner and delible mark on people’s minds expanding their minds with notions means ever growing global influence 9th House of worldview something she seeks to infiltrate

402 sign quadrant importants lies in the ability to reject image of whom she imagines herself to be lives a life of optimism this magnanimous as she is materially acquisitive in contrast to inwardly expensive Mail of the sign

Influence with ideals that are characteristically geared toward empowerment especially women Society is so long dictated that her sex must take a backseat. Immutable sign Meant to fuse ideological influences of Libra and Scorpio object of consciousness subjective subconscious placement of wise sagg superconscious on the wheel it tells us that evolution tord spirituality lies in adopting a third eye perspective that combines these two modes . In cosmic design satch is focused on Communication with universal forces development of higher mind that would connect us on psychological and philosophical level overriding limitations of our waking thoughts. Heavy way of saying the Archeress naturally rises above directs mind beyond limiting external conditions emotional wounds regardless of how traumatic they might be. If anything the more Savage has to overcome the further she pushes away from any damaging influences and toward whatever she envisions as consummate exalted life experience most often her superconscious mind leads the way to personal milja professions where she might tap into global networks of thinkers amass her own worshippers in the world of academics publishing Commerce big business science law religion All pursuits falling under the 9th house

regardless of her chosen field she feels deep need to make an impact and body’s knowledge is power from early on she is model student dedicated to making top grades Juno is goddess of power from early on she is the model student dedicated to top grades serve as ticket out of childhood surroundings . In contrast to Gemini whose domain is the film milyar and familial so just born citizen of the world the whole of her upbringing feels like being waylaid in customs for parents fall into a certain mold. Her mother is domineering character vain pampered her father the Premier Mr nice guy who nonetheless has difficulty meeting wifes constant tremendous demands. Outwardly overbearing mother is a weak character a bandan eater who resents having to pitch in and pull her own weight. Father is devil may care tord responsibilities nothing ever enough for sad just Mama material list of the 1st order blame for her frustration falls on deaf shoulders he is an adventure of sorts often overgrown kid preferring to spend cash he earns on Extreme sports cultural interests hobbying farflung travel big ticket items. Such is often product of broken home when her parents remained married her mother may break out in search of elusive all she’s missed filling her wallet and footing the bill for extravagances herself with earnings from a solo career typically started later in life but exclusively from monetary gain .

403 sign glyph Archer ability to project desires effect change far into the distance human Will stems from mastery of physical plain. Earthly goals are organic offshoots for perception of existence as expansive abundant experience. She hungers for temporal goodies worldly knowledge signs main motto is I understand pointing to her need to approach the world with me then Expertise

mother may hope to have luxe lifestyle rub off on her in hobnobbing with people who inhabit the right side of the tracks. Dad often goes further afield in TM excursions emotionally retreating from life and sacrificing close ties with children Saage being hardest hit by this dynamic in her formative years . She feels torn 2 directions . Like mom she ultimately wants more from life than might be considered enough by comfortable standards still longing for fatherly love glorifies her dad as more exciting adventurer than he is. By same token buys into mothers labeling him underachiever just as she might see his side of the story that her mother was a money grubber. As a means of coping saage focuses her attention beyond overwhelming domestic duality forward toward future. Takes aim at specific targets for her lifelong ambitions alighting on career directions beginning to pursue as early as teenage fulfills two requirements one that it all guarantees big financial reward and will impress her mother and two that it offers the kind of cultural or daring X enterprise as would excite her father and these two things combine two requirements she wants and a mate.

Such does much self parenting her upbringing teaches her ability to see both sides of sweeping argument equality that saves her from feelings of resentment. She is remarkably forgiving doesn’t quite recognize when she’s being done wrong a byproduct of not admitting she may have been emotionally left holding the back as a child. You can often criticize this ad and they will reply with the thank you turning everything into a comment compliment glowing all the more of the notion you’ve been giving thought to her. She will not see the bad and would that we all think this way she could never quite imagine herself having done any harm. This is a result of childhood two. She copes with emotional unrest by being the consummate over achiever rarely ever sees herself as anything else oblivious to shortcomings . Such type a personality that teachers worry about her working too hard heading for a fall. She is notoriously mature responsible all business from early youth quite in keeping with science Association with the established age group of 56 to 63


For a four element quality best described as radiance or glory sort of glamour that she displays something silently says she’s forced to be reckoned with … also… polarity sign Of sad projects mutable fire radiant outward parading herself and expectations others will want to bask in her presence she breathes fiery spirit of optimism into others instilling confidence and causing them to blossom into more vibrant versions of themselves

often Nerdy if not cocky clumsy keen eyed adults paturis potentially spectacular beauty she has a sense she always needs to catch up to herself when most girls are concerned with frivolous trappings and appearances she’s occupied with internships SAT scores early acceptance

most future orientated that might be debatable but maybe most future orientated woman . Difficult to live in the moment prone to anxiety disorders grass always seems to be greener experience continuous dissatisfaction with present circumstances . Infamously plagued by thoughts of roads not taken Often rocketed to top spots in life granted leadership positions which though she targeted them she may feel undeserving of. Contributes more to feelings of panic and fraudulent. A sense of having skipped steps and struggles most would have endured. She is one that makes highly self conscious. She takes 3rd party perspective further . Our godiva feels it is she who is continually being watched from a third eye perspective cameras rolling experiences of his height and strangely celebratory . Like some Queen under constant public scrutiny in her career typically rises to figurehead positions called upon to lead others as expert but often feels not up to snuff. She puts on a great show though somewhat faking it which only fuels feelings of being a fake. Eventually she catches up to herself learning by doing lofty work . She’s one long on the job training life is for her. She meets every challenge with a reflex smile brilliant gift for delegating empowering others is key to our success fails to make up for in trust and confidence in those supporter do her bidding and they better make her look good

For a 5 magic #9 magic number of initiation or blessing let’s say let’s say word 9 is derived from the Hebrew root meaning to gaze upon The blinding elimination of hero of godiva is inherent in the number there are nine planets in the solar system nine months pregnancy 9 choruses of the Angels according to Jewish mysticism doctor thought also 56 to 60 three age of maven hood time of life glorified station whereby woman can play expert role of Madame fustis rim bassador honorary age 1 feels deserving of creamy figurehead status sort of position of power regarding influence to which she feels entitled all her life

Body and soul

loves lives to be seen make a bold statement entering a room not hoping but assuring eyes will be on her Born understanding the power of first impressions determined to make a glorious one . Slowly exaggeratedly sauntering into social settings her arrival announced by her voice laughing built-in fanfare as would Herald here’s entrance into the Hall of Olympus. High and mighty Queen Search will not be overlooked underestimated or outshone. For her life is pomp and circumstance lives every day as in celebration she herself expects to be celebrated. She meets with attention and appreciation She will be beaming upbeat figure who glows from within the whites of her narrow eyes flash or skin gleams health and vitality shining from every pore statuesque being larger than life tawny Texan of the Zodiac it was quick perusal of list ladies shows giving life all she’s got no shrinking creature is she Austin didion alcott Powell Elliott willa cather Emily Dickinson Rita Mae Brown Margaret Mead those who managed to outshine man-made social barriers often literally get their stories her global fame against all odds inalienable birthright. Personifying her as haughty aplomb embodies greatness of women proving so club segment X possesses as much if not more superhuman prowess most high and mighty man. Centaur girl cannot help appear potent towering figure junoesque she is very apt picture of coltish if not for see beauty looks like sagittarians Kim Basinger Daryl Hannah Jane Fonda Jamie Lee Curtis Susan day Tina Turner Maria Callas cecily Tyson Dionne Warwick mariel Hemingway live home and leave remick Felicity Huffman Posts gorgeous glamazons line up of living breathing descriptions Hooper femininity veritable goddess is seem beyond the grasp of mortal men. She likes it this way especially with a mate she’s not interested in attracting anyone less then a similarly exalted icon of masculinity head and shoulders above the rest. Would be Queen adorned in respondent glory parades before admiring eyes taking pains with her appearance no creature of subtlety diva like image we doubt anyone who lacks confidence and charisma she naturally possesses the necessary ingredients with which to properly pull off dazzling demonstration

406 psychology like a third bred high strung and skittish prone to panic attacks projecting herself far ahead lead to feeling unworthy or fraudulent overcompensate puts on Imperial errors convince herself she’s deserving of success pathological need to be liked people pleasing become two faced overly materialistic succumb to and let him eat cake attitude

Wholesome porn bed beauty healthy body mindful ambition Born with athletic build solid bones cinerea much potential tomboy fellow fire signs unlike them embraces her she neither embraces her boyishness nor blends into a tough girl brand of womanhood . She seeks to subdue strapping qualities extra mile to feminize herself a manner is only farsighted arctura’s can do . Typically grow some hair and cascading tresses lightning her looks plucking tweezing bleaching . Protrusive forehead made all the more pronounced biconcave third eye space dramatic cheekbones small nose flaring nostrils khrist nasal foulds thin lips strong jet in the jaw extreme features . Chiseled countenance even a masculine or handsome heir takes pains to compensate thinning or brow plumping her lips cosmetically feminizing appearance . Large squared shoulders powerfully muscular arms wears draped rather fitted than fitted styles things that hang from her frame further contributing to goddess like look long column dresses. Also styles offset short waist enhancing greatest feature or endlessly long legs showing them off to maximum effect exposing fair amount of skin Natural brand of beauty fresh and wildly foreboding signs horses symbol bodies streamlined typically small breasts mere afterthought barely masking pronounced pectorals sleek torso tapered slim shimmering Savage ruled flanks flat behind Elvis why pusse appear small in shy in comparison under Harry if only due to wax. Appearance all important who knows that her body is the best advertisement she does the long range Centaur leaves no stone unturned in making herself over in likeness of a pampered Queen Fit for a King

having foresight being born under jupiter’s limitless power sachse’s beyond obstacles successfully targets Ames sexual or otherwise. The rub is that she goes too far in putting herself out there and is not always up for the emotional challenge fulfilling the role of iconic maven. Result in a disconnect of sorts styling herself as a towering luminary simultaneously retreats into a little girl personality tempt us like the logical self protection against lofty expectation She instills in others

407 archetype myth junoesque draws on Queen archetype glamorous goddess prima diva demanding of her mate like her a goddess of wives and matrilineal tradition she demands respect dignity for her womanhood Hera is no warrior or huntress her power is blinding glory causes to resist to lose his sight when he sides with her against her similarly doesn’t like to be challenged or told she’s wrong especially despises Zeus this is air dionisis just as she is protective of the power she wields in male dominated society

Such dichotomy often interpreted by men as girl can’t help it sort of thing other women think her guilelessness is phony Self motivated manipulation . When it comes to appearances she can overshoot her mark styling as a big-time gal seeking to leave behind humble underdog origins never quite escapes horsey signs hayseed roots. She can be too obvious pranking herself that is dressing for show them at manner that telegraphs desired goals. Determined to become chairwoman of the board shield on the most conservative garb and get the most teased and sprayed hairdo. Wants to be seen as fashionable shell support and on the nose replica of what Vogue laid out in its pages. In youth she inherently seeks praise might be consummate junior beauty pageant contestant bags or parents rather than pushed by them to compete. Yearns to dazzle notoriously drawn sparkling sequence exaggerated styles ultra bright colors. Not assign representative of the best in life but the most. If it’s new and expensive shall take two period seems not to have and understated bone in her body nor a sedate item clothing in her closet gaudy goddess

often catapulted into top professional positions pole vault over competition Because she looks the part she is actually push herself there the giggly girl act isn’t really an act at all but a reaction to her realization she’s the most power hungry and ruthless woman Of any sign. She doesn’t want to be seen as a ***** because she feels bad that she often is one so she pours on the sugar on them or. With a man especially she strikes a harmless passive pose subconsciously seeking to counteract imperialist purposes. She tilts her head when she talks going and I in agreement while she listens her infamously whinnying voice war bling and catching with apparent enthusiasm and excitement . She makes a point of touching a guy on chatting with him running her hand reassuringly outright flirtatiously up and down his arm stroking a person whilst she metaphorically does likewise in this way she suggests availability utter presence in the moment which of course she hardly is. She is spinning further and further into the future gauging her current actions and behavior how they might impact her ambitions knowing that listening attentively or seeming to while looking attractive is how to win friends and influence people obvious two in her body language which amounts Two squirming crossing and uncrossing legs projecting excitable persona . I’m not optimistic Jupiter most convincing yes moment in business we call life . Never shoots an idea down always makes others feel they can do anything they set their mind to a kind of appreciative person one once as a friend society fundraiser chief financial officer or steady sex partner. One look in her eyes and all is right with the world smiling beguiling radiance blinds a man not only to any fears he might have but any flaws she might possess

408 Bible literature book of Ruth name means friend partner the text outlines ancient marriage laws and customs like those concerning Hera Juno the ride of godiva female Centaur blinding peeping Tom ballad of Thomas the rhymer a retelling of Hera blinding Therese IAS . Tom given same shamanistic vision. Charlots Charlotte brontes Jane Eyre air here here are a woman struggling against societal prejudice ends up with a blinded man The over theme of sad Jane Austen Is courtship and marriage Virginia Woolf some Ginny from the waves is Juno potty diva


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 595-600. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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