Leo 3° (July 23)

408 Bible literature book of Ruth name means friend partner the text outlines ancient marriage laws and customs like those concerning Hera Juno the ride of godiva female Centaur blinding peeping Tom ballad of Thomas the rhymer a retelling of Hera blinding Therese IAS . Tom given same shamanistic vision. Charlots Charlotte brontes Jane Eyre air here here are a woman struggling against societal prejudice ends up with a blinded man The over theme of sad Jane Austen Is courtship and marriage Virginia Woolf some Ginny from the waves is Juno potty diva

sex and sexuality

In business or bedroom for Mo to make others feel empowered simple flattery turn People to putty. Easy on the ego he fixes others with superlatives you are the most fill in the blank. One sign model we think and not to global communication Association of 9th house also translates into quintessential such behavior specially with the man She’s here marked as potential mate: not only agrees with everything he says but makes him feel like a genius genius in the process that she shares his prodigious thought on it every subject that they are cerebral E and spiritually connected . Miss heightened experience acknowledges that she and first day have a lot in common Shared sentiment tantamount to predestine soul mates persona laboratory company one feels compelled to toast at steady intervals class raised eyes glazed over loaded appreciation attracts fair share of Bon vivante if not loafers. Those who don’t see beyond appearance enthusia stick party girl doesn’t help sloucher’s that in her admiring eyes they’ve become so much more . Once she is convinced the guy has obvious problems she will label him a loser steer clear of him in future she may be least likely to give guy slack in the face of faults performable’s 1 area where she’s not forgiving

409 saage life is lived in winners circle assumes the best in everyone no sympathy when proven wrong native of the sign of the Netherlands rings true in most cases abundance consciousness nonetheless precludes her from altruistic understanding of those less fortunate. This insensitivity shows up in small ways dismissive of people in service positions waiters janitors maids shop part whom she regards as beneath her unable to get regal sagg brain around fact these are just jobs not evidence of any quality . More obviously shies away from involvement in charitable causes except to write a check maybe. Can be guilty of let them eat cake take two programs tord optimism to be consistently aware of others pain and suffering doesn’t fit her exalted vision of life. When it comes to choosing mate Jupiter rule comes into play higher bene tific planet brings luck on astral Ed material planes Venus lower Bennett tific charms Libra life search not willing to sacrifice bucks for beautiful mind why should she have to settle she might be able to have it all she believes giving it her all.

She can be unsubtle in approach to man she fancies wearing a sandwich board announcing her interest. Mutable fire puts full spirit itself into action with ion making herself radiant so to blind command. Rearing determines she adopt and ultimately imposing Mo. Having missed much in the way of mother daughter bonding she overcompensates where feminine issues are concerned. Less can be more she fails to realize this. Notoriously overextended in professional service scenarios relying heavily on underlings leaving a mess in her wake so too does she take inflated view of romantic feelings or relationships. Such needs to celebrate even trumpet the most minute milestone in the progression of love bond putting the onus on her lover to commemorate each and every anniversary they share a toast my darling to the first time we saw each other P word that all of us had such gusto for life she teaches by example how to truly commemorate existence

410 camera rolling third eye perspective over intellectualizing emotions telegraphing feelings instead of expressing them . Precious little of life is left unspoken An inherent sense of feeling under some lens developing compulsion to be seen. Rely relay to friends details of a romantic interlude behavior would be annoying if it didn’t come for so guileless a place one can hardly help getting caught up in her honest exuberance . However she needs to get real and connect highfalutin ideas of herself with what she truly feels inside.. She is meant to justify the world of appearances with her visceral experience libra’s apollonian view with Scorpio subterranean perspective. Most sagittarians do mind the gap filling in emotional holes and playing emotional catch up she will trip stumble and fall through a fairly set pattern of experience specifically in love relationships so that’s the good news

being beyond her peers in youth seeking ticket out of childhood experience by college age fairly itching to find guys lifestyle matches what she wishes hers had been like eager to project self into such Amelia one more leg in far flung journey she can’t help it. As shallow as it sounds she latches onto guys who have had more privileged upbringings she convinced us herself that certain guy like a certain careeer is the one to target. She leaves no stone unturned in achieving said love connection. Or jumbo sense of self cannot abide a one sided dynamic where she is the pursuer however. In typical fashion she is objective and subjective both in her approach to a guy she bags or big game boyfriend on the premise that she is just as much a prize as she thinks he is if not more so. Like her male counterpart looks for vulnerability an inmate that might allow her to infiltrate innocence and take the upper hand. Often does Sagittarius connection He made with the money or otherwise entitled character who nonetheless feels disenfranchised from his upbringing so the dynamic of remedy in the relationship becomes a two way St she heals him of emotional lack he might have experience she gaining the sense of advantage she feels due to her period naturally splendid looking she appeals to a guy’s vanity ready to take on the role of trophy wife or girlfriend and run with it. In keeping with her future is now philosophy she tends to marry young eager to assume position of young society maven So that even the lofty career goals approach from place of ease rather than hunger or desperation She there’s nothing else she is the consummate wife Queen who marries well happily accepting all such distinction as it might afford her only to use it as a stepping stone to begin wielding her own mighty powers

411 body rulership files hips buttocks sciatic nerve Jupiter liver coping with her rich lifestyle but imma Tori plant growth common ills include sciatica rheumatism the rule of the limbs ensures that she has some of the best gammes going

With aforementioned mate she finds all the indulgence she missed growing up she will let herself be spoiled by additional luxury her love match offers. If she and partner are true equals power coupledom stands the test of time period however more often the case the element of compromise and taking on a weak but wealthy character might come back to bite her in the butt. Eventually problems shortcomings she may have over lip looked in favor of putting career on fast track begin to wear on true self. Once independent student of life in expecting more from existence fully embodied the opening versatyle spirit that is the mutual mutable fire sign of such at its core. What she must reconnect with in life here’s what was aptly referred to in antiquity as herjuno a woman’s personal spirit God the male equivalent being a genius still used to mean one inspire. It may take the lifetime of soul searching but for her to recognize herself as realities answered to televisions genie again Juno a female who chooses to cast herself as a belly button bearing bimbo though possessing enough personal power to blow any guy out of the water.

Search female paradox in nutshell: despite inherent might cerebral or otherwise she still wants in her heart to be seen as physically desirable beguiling and passive yes master it could be added to her mottos still like Jeannie one thing she cannot abide is being ignored if even slightly. A lack of attention makes sort of highly suspicious or overactive imagination left to assume that the overage of attentiveness she’s not eliciting must be directed to another woman. She is famous for such projections. Often symptom of her own dissatisfaction as envy a Juno trait can be a distraction from her sense of lack . As brutal as she is in assessment of other women With whom she feels rivalry she is typically that much more unhappy in her own personal life reluctant to admit it. In brass tacks those would be power marriages that she often makes prematurely tend to be learning curves on her way to fully understanding what she wants from love . Many sauges will marry at least twice in a lifetime

If anyone to outgrow early relationship into she especially if she sacrificed lust for income. Especially approaching her prime she insists on finding a mate who would access her feminine genius on more primal levels because what young satch initially looks for in a mate is representative of a lifestyle she wants to lead she and first love or husband might become preoccupied with professional issues or other trappings rather than Conjugal exchange. Typically lack of sexual connection Is what leads her to pursue pursue new opportunities she is often less libidinous in her early bonds but all things she ignores in favor of casting her eyes on the future her own sexuality is most vengeful in the manner in which it catches up to her. Being half a working partnership begins to pale in light of wanting nothing less than worship. It is her nature too long for something better complacent mate might one day be shocked to discover she is run off with someone more solvent successful handsome talented. The trick about genies is that they mustn’t be neglected if there to work their mutual fire magic in a man’s life. Inspiring the belief that nothing is impossible to achieve. In fact the only way to steal a fable genie away is to appreciate her more than her existing master and that’s how it works for Sagittarius leaving relationship she rarely does to be on her own she goes to be with another man With more.

Predisposed wanting most in life while young she easily makes connection with an older man never blushing bride she was born to be the Madame the most glaring evidence of her science Association with age group 5663. Most men capable to fulfill her requirement as accomplished are older distinguished gentleman area even in early bond with partners same age the couple acts older while their peers are seeing bands and going to St vendors Sheehan made are going to opera and building a wine cellar. shows of splendor are an aphrodisiac too often materialism becomes the main focus sex and love slowly slip away. Disproportionate focus on goods makes her one of the more spiritually challenged characters. When it comes to soul enrichment she plays catch up on that score 2 . She continues to shoot from the moon rarely blaming luxury for her bonds undoing she is going to want even more than what she had an older man of foreign fellow or both she goes for Nora the nurse unlikely if it goes for southerners whose inherent stoicism she finds intriguing . Hopes to feel that much more desire for being younger comparatively an exotic. One way her far flung sensibility manifests is relocating to distant lands some extravagant cortege like a bejeweled Queen shipped off to bed a King.

413 having landed a Mr. Big who showers for with attention and gifts miss petiver eager to show for gratitude Carrie Bradshaw character his Sagittarius and She is generous and highly enthusia stick lover uses parents disk contentid marriage as God what not to do. Lacking essential grounding in this area sauges relationships Mac of fantasy. Her love life needing to be glittering in glamorous the home she shares with mate ludic personally well appointed her body and her man’s exercised and sun kissed to perfection. Regardless of looks tend to imagine herself as a long lean leggy babe this state of mind is clear example of signs focus on mind over matter. If such is even reasonably attractive or home might be strewn with mirrors photographs of herself highly stylized portraits her lover so endorser that he must be reminded of godiva at every turn


Subtlety is certainly not a strength 4 her often outlandish energy makes fierce public displays of affection. Most such women’s love connections are made in the workplace for others feel it’s taboo the wild Centaur sees no need to stick to decorum should the right suit and tie stroll along. Rarely though will she mingle with an underlay priming the rumor mill with father of her playing Footsie with a superior sexy exec imparts secret thrill. Once in relationship flaunts or feeling stroking and hanging all over her man in mixed company inspiring silent wishes as get a room. She needs visible shows of devotion from lover who she can rap around like Apache shima pashmina shawl as proof that he is likewise wrapped. She loves to sleep with her man all entangled and entwined showering with him way to perform that ever rolling camera toting tendency to demonstrate into the bedroom one has never heard such moaning squealing if outright winning at the top of her lungs from that third party lens she has a fantastic vision in her head of what lovemaking should look like building sex up to cinematic proportions makes liver feel incapable of providing fulfillment indeed it takes a man with a mighty ego an impressive staying power to live up to her loaded sexual longing and not feel deflated despite her enthusia stick eggings on

She is a size Queen Particularly regarding girth her lover better be as thick as his bankroll if he plans to hang around result oriented stickler for having orgasm during each and every interlude if he is reasonably well fengxi is happy to take the Reigns from there. She is self serving in the sack a big believer that one should take responsibility for one’s own pleasure . Nothing turns her on more than herself. Those mirrors. Just as real horses are vain they love to look at themselves in mirrors trotting along so too does she look to see herself in the throes of passion Better man is growling at her feet not that she likes passive man persay but she needs to feel elevated by the experience never put upon or made sickness of herself . Her favorite position is on top riding guy to orgasm enjoys being orally stimulated although it’s not a fixation and she doesn’t much relish reciprocation. Just as in business consummate delegator in the bedroom constantly giving her man gentle heads if not outright directives how to drive her pleasure home. Action is centered below the belt her breasts generally offer little in the way of erogenous excitement.

Control is important with her typically athletic body strong thighs and legs she can sustain Positions longer than most. Whatever laxson limberness she makes up for in stamina enthusiasm only seems to take her so far men remark on how different she is in bed compared with one would have imagined her based on the big buildup of courtship and for that matter of foreplay where she rise and moans and groans. She will experiment in all areas some women wouldn’t think of visiting but when it comes to specifics she’s basically a good girl merely fancies herself someone with exotic tastes. The kinkiest she gets is exploration of exhibition Nezam most such enjoys masturbating for her boyfriend more than she likes to do so alone just as such male elevates his own onanism to new Heights so too does this female make art out of popping her own core creveling inability to blind her lover with graphically elaborate displays of self appreciation being naughty becomes something of a fetish for someone so naturally nice and wholesome .

415 such shows R her duty to perform if she wants to be considered spectacular As for her foibles she doesn’t believe in false advertising she has endowed herself with greatness projecting Majesty onto her bond with an Imperial mate and she isn’t about to let relationship down with anything less than a bang up job in the bedroom. So once Showtime arrives our zealous centaura lives up to image of herself projected in pre production Enter more reasons for repressed anxiety and her over achiever sneaking suspicion Of questionable self worth. Deep down She has inherently low key attitude toward sex but feels compelled to add a bit of pomp to each kernel circumstance it all looks so much better in her head then When in the midst of a sweaty mess let alone having to strip the sheets reason enough to hire A maid for the most part she is in love with seduction and romance. Even her most intimate acts smack of exhibitionism one specific arena in which she overindulges

Something very 9 1/2 weeks about her Eroticism sanitized version What appeals is temptation of bringing sex life with a man into public view there forever groping and snogging anyway even fine restaurants and prestigious events. Life should be all build up for a long state of over the top four play and of course Our Lady godiva enjoys healthy dose of shock value. The thing is the more she projects sexy vixen persona the more she comes to see herself as such and now to that audit ongoing autoerotic mind trip she’s on. She must see herself as wildly sexy heaven help inmate who gives her indication of the contrary. His slightest peripheral vision is enough to send her into a jealous rage suspecting another woman has caught his eye she is capable of erupting into days of outbursts and re crima nation. Envy is her fatal flaw hypocritically she finds herself in tepid relationship if she does she will flirt wildly and openly with other men often husbands boyfriends of myriad couple friends who make up the bulk of their circle. After all people come in pairs as a married woman especially she has little contact with single females among other attributes Hera is the goddess of marriage and such shares Jane austen’s obsession with that sacred bond couple scenes though generally not swapping persay are often among the fantasies that she entertains. However these imaginings usually begin and end as they should the other man feeling desperate to have her as always she must be the most sought after woman in the story

416 Not known for having number of strictly lesbian natives regardless how she identifies she is naturally powerfully attracted to other strong women. Like other fire signs surrounds herself with a bevy of females in the workplace delegates who will do her bidding. Asbos often Benign leader never plays mind games or abuses her biches the way Leo can. When comes to same sex and she isn’t looking to overpower a woman Like Catching Fire assign cousin In her relationships with men She is drawn to successful self realized leaders who personify elevated social educational financial intellectual status than her own. She falls in love with ladies who are all she would like to be Boston envy entwined in a searing crush that has more there are faint narcissistic overtime period imperious sagg spirit she consumes those traits and taste she most covets in other women openly folding them into her own ever expanding personality in artless ways at times in the manner of a young schoolgirl forming crushes modeling herself on popular Queen bees. Straight or gay she makes a terrific girlfriend caring and generous to a fault physically demonstrative and at ease holding a lover’s hand or armored strolling down the street . Even a card carrying heterosexual lady looks on lesbianism as absolutely natural and normal. As his her nature straight satch may enjoy several friendships that ride a fine line between close and downright intimate. Sexual bonding between she and a buddy maybe another symptom of repressed need for closeness and gender identification stemming perhaps in no small part back to her self absorbed mother . In any case she is erotically charged around other ladies over the top girly girl in her indulgences which lie of course along luxurious lines. She frequents spas and resorts gets massages ghost grooming shopping sprees sense of empowerment as one of two gal pals out on a lark. She needs validation regardless of sexual orientation Of men’s affection she is generally secure but she worries about breeding resentment and jealousy in other women You see there’s always that hint of vanity even in her most modest emotions. She is eager to prove herself capable of female to female affinity if a sudden kiss after an intimate conversation or excess wine happens between she and a close friend happened once it’s happened 1000 times.When she does outright identify as gay appreciation for women becomes that much more apparent starting and youth latches on to teachers bosses other mentors who inspire signature superconscious level such figures may form intense sexual psychological bonds oftentimes lasting longer than a few months months. But here is the rub: strong independent types to whom she is most attractive prefer to remain that way she is a worship full lover ritually preferring up as much pleasure to her partner as possible with equal zeal and reverence in obedience to lovers when she may be experimental in the sack more so than straight counter power remember there’s more there is always a hint of narcissism per foot as part and parcel of being drawn to Pulitzer Prize winners and seeking those etc she sees herself as usually younger version of a lover on whom she seeks to imprint not find the proper tutelage for lofty goals which will be along the same or similar line as her lovers the expensive Archer lady typically wants into whatever world of sophistication A lover inhabits as much if not more than wanting into her pants the most exciting thing for saj is to have both of them are she desires and one who also represents call important element of entrée.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 601-605. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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