Leo 4° (July 24)

Consummate sophisticate anachronism anomaly existing in modern world eschews all things new or mainstream

Like deposed royal, grand and stately, perpetually jaded, wistful, dejected in outlook.

Nothing much impresses or excites him—protocol to remain unruffled and aloof

Embodies ultimate sense of relaxation is his ongoing raison d’etre

Ironic amalgam of highbrow and lowbrow, self-taught epicurean and prankish wag

An unadulterated sybarite who pursues pleasure and laughs foremost in life

Still true mensch who isn’t afraid of hard work

For him life is a banquet and he’s the first at buffet table

Never feels need to struggle or strive feels this only leads to strife

In love drawn to woman with old guard values, if not old-money investments

Wants traditional lifestyle he as front man supporting and providing stable life

He is a relic in relationships perfect mate lady-wife with conventional values who won’t question his autonomy

Gay bonds drwn to guileless pastoral farmboys and cowpokes introduces to dandy disenchanted ways.


Principle conservation Experience qualitative fines gluttonous gaudy parvenus odious he is leader of the astrological old guard determined to sustain but a sanctioned to its prior true cultural in Petri dish cap to block certain influences so that civilization soul might flourish considers a dose of self denial nourishment for his own spirit

Saturn soul ruler Capricorn Principle of restriction containment sharp contrast to Sagittarius Jupiter expansion growth. Saturn Mythical father of Zeus overthrow him elder Titan World the mythical Golden age two gods perfectly represent difference between Sajjan capman the former scion archetype arrive is Zeus on his way up the ladder fallen archetype superannuated ousted grandpa Thomas way out capman associated with retiring age 623 to 70 personifies lame duck energy all his life on the positive side he is saturnian Living the good life having done his time in the rat race and out with a sense of peaceful happiness and prosperity on the other he is a saturnine wistful melancholy gloomy overly cautious if not sluggish must be noted that his animal totem is not pure goat but see goat pointing to the contradiction of capriciously determined spirit that is nonetheless dragged down by fishy feelings emotional floundering. The eternal retiree cap is forever open to spontaneous plant or sudden whims focus less on ambition Then other men Weather career or personal life 10th astrological house associated with social and financial status age old misconception that are fish telling mountain goat his a climber this is rarely true like his archetype kronos cat looks upon status or something it was born with indeed he sees it as every person to inherit earth right but he’s over that Hill metaphorically speaking what he embodies is the other shoe dropping on power and status he is the personification of grace full decline notorious dissident and backslider be fitting see got slippery sluggish town Takes his own greatness and achievements with a grain of salt even the most famous capman seems to constantly fall into some form of declivity if not woeful degradation after scaling the Heights of whatever mountain sought to ascend falling from grace capman proves by example part and parcel of attaining such Heights as others might only dream of knowing that elusive glorious glimpse but never truly grasped of course the more notable caps of the world slipped back into their proverbial arm chair perspectives of existence or hush hush decadent behavior so quietly into merely about the rest of the planet hardly notices their periodic retreats into downtime whether it be joy and protection of family or the haze of hedonism or wallowing melancholy A all cap now possibilities

423 planet symbol the inverse of Jupiter Saturn sigil portrays material earthly concerns the cross of matter weighing on the evolving spirit divine curved or semi circle restriction is the order of the day struggle works as a pressurized means or path to perfection structure is paramount along with patience and discipline

no matter how famous he might be for whatever his profession He takes heavy hiatuses between more heady achievements like the female Scorpio Phoenix he is something of a comeback kid. This propensity perpetuates infamous picky choosy persona one who holds out for quality over quantity experience professionally socially romantically.

Another misconception Is that Saturn makes goat people closed and restrictive as compared with expensive and accepting Jupiter world people though this assumption may be true on the surface it must be remembered that the wheel of the Zodiac his ever evolving as it spirals ad infinitum through the signs Capricorn thus embraces expensive sagittarian energy containing it to keep it pure like a mountain Lake or reservoir . Saturn isn’t arbitrarily limiting in response to Jupiter simply to put a damper on existence instead Saturn ensures the recognition of knowing when enough is enough . Saturn sovereignty over the sign signals preservation not prohibition The word Capricorn means goat horn it is the mythical cornucopia which post this she coat amalthea’s ambrosia spouting horn that fed Zeus in infancy the horn of plenty perfectly symbolize this Capricorn experience as the containment and preservation of abundance not the restriction of it. Without such a Holder as the horn represents bounty becomes access to flood waste and thus pollution So link to the Capricorn motto being hi use that is to say I don’t waste pollution So how does all this symbolism relate to him in real life the answer is many ways


capricorns of both sexes the concern with self preservation Especially on the spiritual level ambrosia they seek to keep pure representing their own immortality mirror mortals were granted everlasting life with just one swallow of the food of the gods Capricorn is the first sign of the final fourth quadrant which is metaphorically concerned with the spiritual level of existence all the signs that kickoff quadrant Capricorn is a Cardinal sign distinguished as initiatory essential energy the only Cardinal earth sign in the Zodiac so it can be thus described as portraying the key essential substance of matter earth akin to saturnian structure which preserves the purity of the universe is inherent abundance

424 quadrant concerns soul relationship with divine or eternal religion may or not have had anything to do with it but Capricorn approaches life from perspective of atonement at one mint cautious not to add to the glut of the world his motto I used carries the subtext what I already have … also… sign glyphs ego symbol of ancient culture gods that brought eight age old knowledge to mankind enriching their lives the fishy bit signifies primordial instincts an understanding of natural law while the goat suggests methodical application of knowledge


implications of the signs Cardinal earth status are manifold for one sign rules the skin and bones of the body the essential structure minus the meat and fat of the physical self like the cornucopia holding the pure nectar of the gods cap views his body as a container not a temple capricorns particularly females seem to embody this understanding in their infamous love of meditative exercise and moderation in food and drink a theme in his life too but one that sees him going to extremes I use in the Capricorn mantra which in the best light refers to ability to utilized the self as an implement for spiritual growth for this reason many Capricorn Men Become yogis other such soulful disciplines on the other hand this motto be more colloquial implication applied to the reliance on substances often endemic to the Capricorn man. The quintessential image of Colonel earth is amount and symbol of importance preservation eternity fitting to kronos Saturn is also referred to his father time as his namesake planet signifies discipline patience and other such principles as preservation and present perseverance which indeed do require time of course the concept of eternity and immortality having time forever on one side a sense he experiences but cutely

Life for him would appear to be 1 long stint in the Country Club enjoys a distinct somewhat faded VIP status standing . But he is no entitled glory seeker or briskly member of the club oh contraire he is rarely rude or Snooty his truest buddies are often those and so called subservient position to make his life that much more picnic waiters bartenders doormen caddies mechanics heads of state he is a stickler for fairness attempts to be as gracious to his boss as he is to his bookie in truth as an employee he embodies his signs honorarium status inspiring awe fear and respect in a professional setting even from those who are his superiors. He simply defies pecking orders or chains of command he might be a purposeful underachiever taking our jobs he could do and asleep those that afford in time and all important ease for he is more concerned with being rich in spirit then with financially rolling in it that said his notoriously bad with money is the devil may care attitude toward such banalities as bills for rent . If he wants to fly to Rio he does if he wants to buy a Jaguar he will of course he will have found the most inexpensive flight and lodging and some ancient hotel in a delicious state of decay and the wheels he purchases might be 20 years old and questionably sound like some geezer he feels they don’t make him like this anymore the motto I use could easily carry the subtext it down to the bone the essential part of the body being under the science rule if when his tastes in winds do exceed credit limit he will apply for another credit card life is too short to worry or deprive oneself with pleasure besides there is always personal bankruptcy to wipe the slate clean


I think one of the gists of this book is going to be how to embrace all the ways that you are you but also how to keep it in check the downsides so as we surveyed these personalities will be making a list of good stuff in this bad stuff and having fun with the good stuff and urging them to be that much more that way well then working on their pitfalls OK


425 element quality Cardinal earth combo best described as a mountain symbol of preservation Running theme for the restrictive sometimes elitist a Capricorn The air is rarified up there


life metaphorically speaking is mountainous for him like the capricious but gloomy goat God pan Frolicking his native Arcadia a hilly region of Greece literally meaning place of arcs his life is a bumpy terrain defined by Upson downs just as pan name means all pointing to the abundance of life for better or worse is a whimsical character half the time suffering from depression And namesake panic attacks Capricorn finds existence of 5050 affair he is a brooding Bon vivante believing in his brand of dandyism if only by default. Since life can be looked at as half full or empty he does typically choose to air on the Sunnyside of only just human imperfection to him is something to embrace not ignore and certainly not root out. It’s often something to celebrate he knows and shows us that by falling the individual becomes enriched just as societies begin to thrive culturally when in a state of decline the word culture itself means a richening of social experience just as it denotes a fermentation moldering or decay like cultured growth in a Petri dish life for cap is that Petri dish he is like cronus the fallen Refugee from a distant Golden age sort of male County Maine having learned his life lessons of the proverbial school of Hard Knocks he is the ultimate survivor who remains throughout his life transcendentally insouciant character despite or indeed do too past struggles

as a boy doesn’t experience much of a childhood father often distant or more so debilitated figure leaving him to shoulder far more burdens around the house then His peers . In some cases he plays surrogate husband to mother siding with her emotionally much the way chronos conspired with his mother Gaia in the overthrow of his out their father Uranus . Even when caps father is in the picture he’s rather remote and he learns if only from fathers failing to show up for Little League games and so forth that supposed moments of glory can’t help but feel hollow. He gleans early what it takes many of us a lifetime to appreciate: that all worldly eminence is ephemeral subject to father time period indeed capricorns of both sexes they are exceedingly worldly wise if not jaded children for whom life is never black and white good or bad but one huge grey area that rarely provides with a reason to jump for joy in extreme cases the intense Capricorn child sees through the veil of rosy appearances all too clearly and finds himself stuck in the harsh realization of somesara that life circumstances all but illusion and suffering the nature of samsara is simply par for the course

426 polarity where cap woman is likened to a mountain of self preservation capman seeks to safeguard culture by instituting restrictions in upholding traditions this he feels enriches the soul of humanity

carrying more burden literally without size number of chores and figuratively in emotional weightiness saturn’s heavy influence the cap boy becomes the child on her most baggage is heat to axe biblical he is the proverbial scapegoat sort of savior especially for his siblings who or thus more able to live think dream freely . He is mature beyond years and urbane in character transcending small-town attitudes to which he is typically born Rural life leaves little impression on pressure printer naturally polished sentiant Capricorn boy JD salinger’s Holden Caulfield is the model even autobiographical portrayal of the goat boy why’s Gray haired beyond his years pathologically aware of samsara sickened by Moe janati finding phoniness fatuous taking on the burden of societal sin just as it becomes a sacrificial victim of everyone else is personal vices he is in effect left holding the bag just as he wants to catch indeed save other innocents as they too fall incidentally call CAUL is defined as protrusion or a cap a field of which would recall that same hilly Arcadia where hours sometimes blue be pan lives or fears to tread a metaphor a place where violes might easily fall and a savior scapegoat could do some catching of these unwitting souls

like Holden Along with salinger’s other male characters glass family Capricorn man lives like a refugee from indeed of the past it is so fitting that residing in a mountain region in New Hampshire the reclusive Salinger was found in Arcadia of his own Safe haven removed not only from the many modern conveniences but Coney misses of the world sanctuary meaning both a retreat as well as a shrine carries just the sort of double meaning that the goat guy seeks in life the mountain again perfect symbol of caps cardonal earth status while often literally being the kind of landscape where he’ll find refuge from the grand illusions of the world. Meeting place between heaven and earth cultures over been considered almost wholly environment the ultimate sanctum from mount olympus to mount sinai and beyond the pinnacle of material experience be the status associated with 10,000 it figuratively portrays a physical means to a spiritual end. As such Capricorn employees corporeal experience of life and any materialism as might come his way as a vehicle for elevating his elong . Easier said than done for he isn’t automatically some Moses who hurt his hair goes white in a flash meeting God still he might be on his way to such communion figuratively speaking like holdin prematurely Gray a symbol of his sophistication as it is would be spiritual enlightenment. The mountain Rd is tough an uphill battle at least half the time but one worth tackling transcending the material via material however the Capricorn steklar dissident backslider takes his sweet time on his bumpy journey called life call ternately reaching great Heights in experiencing personal falls seeking safe haven from his roller coaster existence arms metaphorically outstretched in aiding others to do likewise

427 sign number 10 the zenith number 10 is the culmination of all that comes before at the start of the new set of order mostly number schemes are built on system of 10 hundreds thousands etc this represents men’s relationship to natural perfection as humans have 10 fingers for counting there are 10 commandments or Saturn ruled prohibitions

body and soul

Capricorn man is by far most affected Mail. Shouldn’t sound like a slight. Capricorn puts on such delightful airs beginning so young that by the time he hits his 20s his infamous poses have become so utterly woven into a psyche that what would be perceived as pretensions in anybody else surfaces in him as organic second nature. Perhaps a manifestation of the age group 63 to 70 associated with the sign his old-fashioned eccentricity is often uncannily representative in his signature style address classic leisurely looks akin to what his grand father would have supported some 50 years ago. Indeed given The 10th House of tradition if anyone is going to show up anywhere wearing Plaid trousers apart again an old Ascot hits cat. Even in youth his entire suggest had just slipped into retirement feel close himself in Distinct identity of one who has earned the right to just kick back and relax. He oozes indifference as if from every pore of a strong yet willowy physique itself prone if not supine as he drapes himself across furniture Orleans his body along entire length of a wall both in physical demeanor an in discourse he communicates that he lives almost ridiculously at times in the moment and in every sense of the word one witnesses his inherent propensity to dwell particularly on the past

the world as he says it is in decay evidenced not only by his style addressed in manner but in his love for gilded relics of far gone arrows vintage cars ancient cities venerable social venues old world manners and charming people . Appan entering any social setting easily spotted as the longest coolest drink of debonair water you ever did see even when he’s not terrifically tall he would appear so having perfect proportions for being the victorious close horse that he is dressed to the nines but oh so coolly casually TM Gray slate charcoal silver capital nonetheless support some form or flourish Ahmad ish mop top haircut pastel tie notable absence of socks elegant antique watch signature signet pinky Rang or real dead giveaway that Ascot

428 sign age of retirement. Marked by pulling back an antidote to living large in earlier years the time of getting back to bare bones capman in bodies spirit of denoument, attending to his goals with unparalleled relax edness one of his most charming qualities .

With martini Manhattan Or old fashioned in hand this larger than life fellow is hard to miss the party speaking in a smarmy stage whispered voice often with perfect Shakespearean pronunciation might seem some sort of a put on But now: he is no victim of pretense sycophant herky sassy corporate yes man . He simply does not seek to impress particularly in professional dealings . He lives life as it were a long languid cruise to his namesake Isle of Capri. Never in his demeanor human slightly anxious or harried and weather his bankroll is bigger small he’s cavalier about spending feeling by virtue of his saturnian placement that he has nothing to lose

Suffice to say he is more than happy to social direct hold court on some cliquey scale even in the midst of a massive gathering . Sipping his lissome self into a lounging corner he stretches out luxuriating an infant infamously sardonic sermons and bottom line letni is on everything cultural under the sun Provided happened 20 years ago . It’s pretty safe bet that cap won’t be discussing current events the gist of his tales typically centering on some auntie mame me an event that occurred many years ago the moral of the story is always along some wistful theme with conversational coda akin to those were the days he will have you know he’s seen it all but he doesn’t know new stuff he’ll fade quickly gearing discourse toward more familiar old territory. Heaven forbid dialogue should lack to the zodiacs stickler that would amount to a loss of cultural obligation and pulley test . Cap is on hand to make the rest of us feel gorgeously woven into a single social fabric This is why the blatant parvenus of the planet really get his back up by example he teaches us that people shouldn’t have to work so hard climbing changing things or otherwise proving themselves in life. He personifies a feeling of falling comfortably in an accepting the way things are even In a downturn Somewhat of a fringe dweller particularly when left to his own devices he is also vividly gregarious when in the company of others of course he has his favorite Haunts well worn watering holes more farce restaurants where invite rotating cast of friends and acquaintances preferring to be on home turf catered to by familiar faces who make just enough but not too much fuss over him

429 psychology melancholia can be dark black cloud seems almost in love with suffering disinclined to make positive changes when opportunity knocks . He can be elitist closed to new people and ideas . He tends to dwell on the past and it’s almost pathologically behind the times period infamous know-it-all and fearful of competition

Perfect match to those places he frequents he embodies classic appeal looks recalling matinee idols of yore distinguished for being dashing swell again Jent one with offbeat screwball sensibility if not evidente in public persona manifests in less than pristine private life Cary Grant Danny Kaye Anthony Hopkins Mel Gibson tailed Ted Danson Elvis Presley Andy Kaufman Jim Carrey Jared Leto Jude Law Denzel Washington Ricky Martin David Bowie Rod Stewart some of the typically cleft chinned psychologically complex characters of the sign . Known for exhibiting flair and sophistication he seems a throwback his life physique suggests he’s never been anywhere near modern exercise machines. Naturally fit body kept trim by a sports and time tested means such as running swimming afternoons on the treadmill or tennis court. Taller and leaner typically than most men stature may be somewhat stooped spine curving nearest square but fine shoulders in a perpetual shrug of resignation. He does let out goodly number of audible sighs in the course of conversation Like someone resigned Italy giving up on the hurry scurry world choosing to let this chips fall where they may though he’s an acquiescent character who is also quite an imposing one nonchalance lending him a confidence and strong comfortable presence . Physical reflection of such a sanguine spirit this sardonic sophisticate as a weighty immovable stature framed by sturdy bones not to mention fairly hefty bohners as well in fact all capricorns extremities including his hands and feet are of the long thick and heavily vein variety 21

he is beguiling combination of boyish beauty and almost careworn craggy crustiness his skin may be a soft and moist as baby his forehead may become deeply lined early in life his mug creased with deep nasal folds his face often beauty marked by moles subject sharp dentaries double wide set generally darker oblong eyes French with lustrous long lashes nose somewhat flattened wide meeting mouth rose dip Dewey like an infants his teeth weaken Milky caps often have large caps and as if branded by the cloven hoof of some mythical goat God he usually bears the infamous cleft in his chin One title of the goat garpan was God of the cleft like pantu Capricorn man may have a hairy body which despite heavy structure still tends toward being bone thin In comparison to elongated torso his legs can look short giving him a low center of gravity and a swivel hipped gate made all the more remarkable by arched lower back and buttocks those legs are slender and also covered with dense coarse hair his ankles make her thick and sturdy be lying that they like is Capricorn ruled joints are prone to injury . Overall his body is spry cinnami seductive those saved from appearing two adolescent bias stiffness in his movement his chest can be somewhat concave negligible Nichols stomach though not always solid often flat fleeced with shock of hair extends to his pubis package tends to be loose and floppy rather fleshy phallus as well as low hanging a signal of inherent sense of calm in males in the animal Kingdom another visible symptom of his Association with the sagging age group of 63 to 70 goes Gray earlier than most snowy temples lens him air of sophistication Often in his 20s. Worldly erudite figure spitz as that he hopes to appeal to those he finds himself attracted to

430 archetype and myth that of the fallen God cronus Saturn that opposed ruling God of the Golden age his festival saturnalia kicked off with phase of atonement replete with goat sacrifices also draws on goat God pana downcast character tragedy means goat song given to bouts of melancholic wailing inspired panic an inhabits Arcadia mountainous region symbolic of life’s being a series of Upson downs something Capricorn understands the satyrs were pants hornigold followers who gave rise to the terms Sagittarius is from uncontrollable sex drive in men not to be confused with being saturna nor glooming cap may exhibit both qualities

Sex and sexuality

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 606-610. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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