Leo 5° (July 25)

Notoriously attracted to older girls in his youth even when having numerous years on him car surprised and challenged by his adult nature Tom and careworn still in his teens often does dupe a woman believing he’s older ironically he seeks certain form of caretaking from a woman Typical cap guy requires no guidance or nurturing he is comfortable and collected confident in his ability to achieve lifelong ambitions on his own . Though he may be loath to admit it what he wants is someone to pick up brother look after him rarely attracted to domineering women drawn instead to shy or retiring types if not wallflowers or would be spencers who otherwise would wither on the Vine those who feels he’ll find protection undivided devotion outright so servility sometimes goes for used goods broken in girls with track record seem more real to him than self professed debutante put keep bright and shiny demeanor find suspect in fact is either attracted to absolute innocence which can be a sketchy scenario in extreme cases or women who make no bones about having been around the block

generally popular in grade school Capricorn scenario typically he sees his social status slip early in life such that by the time he hits high school already something of a has been Like hapless Holden teenage Capricorn often labeled odd by peers who fail to understand his complexity and innate sense of dejection to boot he is so blase tord current trends that he seems out of step with peers and invites ridicule on that score as he does for reaching puberty early sticking out like a sore hairy thumb .

431 Bible scapegoat day of atonement young kippur azazel was the same as ball God the goatlord Greek pan atonement Capricorn theme 6 to limit restricted repent. Most vivid character Moses mountain climber returns with list of 10 restrictions and a new snowy hairdo Holden Caulfield despite young age already Gray two feels the world in need of repentance for phony excess catcher in the Rye hoped to save others from a fall in ability to do so is the downfall of challengers savior culprit see more glass capricorns play the role of scapegoat in their families taking on undoable emotional pressures


not caring much what other boys think nonetheless cuts into the quick to be made fun of by girls especially popular ones setting the tone for everyone else. The 10th house determines how the world sees and evaluates you , so judgments are felt that much more acutely by cap in truth negative attention actually a misguidance of sexual feelings he stared is stirs up in the opposite sex . Though girls might play hormonal catch up and soon throw themselves at him Capricorn damage will already be done. All this meant to be henceforth the goat even when with heaps of flattery will take such sycophancy In crowd saved from being swayed by his own vanity or pride . Meanwhile he goes for the love is 2 girls with Janis Ian soundtrack running in their heads who relate to his nonconformists misfit appeal seek to share in his dissident view of existence. Faster than you can say you and me against the world he becomes romantically linked with nebbishy nymps just as himself as he is developing into something of a suave sophisticated . Definitely to his credit he’s not a Locust leaving importance placed on outward appearances to his predecessor Sagittarius instead he focuses on what PD person harbors on the inside though often to a fault. Might be argued that being such a downcast sort he sent tends to shoot low are result of feeling deeply rejected by the more physically gorgeous girls he truly fancies like pan failing just score with all the nipsey chases . Then again when Speaking of capman there is an upside and a downside to every issue

when it comes to sex or relationships or any goal really he simply cannot cope with competition. This makes him unique character as whatever successes he achieves are accomplished in so signature manner that he stands in a category all his own otherwise he’s never in the running. Here we see the quintessentially Capricorn male motives for operating the world he starts out on top typically entering an arena of human awareness weather on an intimate or global level at the top of the heap. Think of salinger’s glass children at the height of fame in tendresse used youth with nowhere to go but down Life being one long anticlimactic tick denoument this is the cap male experience if he lands a new job will be ushered in as some sort of wonder kin Whose elevated position is precarious in popular culture he doesn’t merely tap into a particular slice of the site Geist he personifies the pick in the pinnacle of that genre capping it off . There was rock and roll then there was Elvis there was boxing then Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali there was Hollywood leading men than Cary Grant The American novelist then JD Salinger the list goes on and on Indeed the zenith brand of Capricorn greatness is near impossible to sustain

432 the cicotte knows when it’s time to slide back into obscurity self imposed or not and his time was always on his side regroup before navigating his best big next ascent this same peaks and valleys pattern the archetypal legacy of the fallen God cronus Saturn Applied to capital one’s personal relationships as well. In new bonds he is seen as the ultimate catch particularly to friends and family of his new mate people flock and defer to him he is the front man showing his partner the town painting it red he is everybody’s favorite and can do no wrong but as soon as he falls from grace typically because he rears his very human emotional head and those who saw miss the most happy fella suddenly have a hard time accepting him as a melancholy baby this is another reason why he often goes for shrinking violets guttersnipes or Mail order brides as romantic partners so he can experience any such personal falls as he knows he’s want two and not have to face derisive tisk tisk ING by people who think are better than him or he thinks they are. Ironically he’s famously jaded by limelight seekers he himself likes to feel like a star at least in whatever ragtag circle you might amass he’s like some deposed czar still doing his Golden age royalty routine for courtiers kumbar keeps he’s the cats meow the Turner star on an aluminum Christmas tree the masculine equivalent of mamre Nora Desmond the very Saturn ask PS to resistance In other words the very limit. His challenge is to shoot as high as he might in love not settling for second best scenarios and yet still secure that same kind of laissez-faire lifestyle with a righteous babe with brains nebadon a spirit expectations as he would be guaranteed to share with some compliant child broad mahar insists from premise tan

Philadelphia story the fallen man CK Dexter haven Seek the right haven Dexter meaning the opposite of sinister is on the lookout for a haven the source as the name suggests of safety and sanctity his modist in a nutshell human his seago totem half land animal half fish says he’s he piece nuggest nestled into some harbor but safety can be a trap breeding complacency in him who unfortunately looks at relationships as a source of convenience 1st and love second. He is the most likely to dis believe in love altogether often in his jaded sophistication throwing that baby out with the bathwater of what he considers to be funny social contrivances. Typically subconscious excuse. Our melancholic pan Wants in adulthood to avoid the feelings of heartbreak he experienced in his youth he doesn’t want to work so hard to make compromises or make compromises to his set ways. Like CK Dexter haven Having made it go at love with a woman he truly adores the monumentally virtuous traci Lord he can only experience a signature fall a woman’s best principled qualities bring out his most decadent behavior almost in defiance. It’s a Capricorn guy thing to push the envelope on sophistication all the more when faced with condescending paragons of uprightness there’s something about moral rectitude he simply tempted to shove up societies rectum. And so CK and tracy’s marriage goes on the rocks the couple sailboat the true love goes into dry dock and they divorce of course once CK eases up on his decadent confections and miss Lord comes down off her high horse they reunite this is the exact on dynamic that cat man must navigate if he is to get a sense of his capacity for true love still it can’t be overstated how often this guy will miss that boat altogether if he only realized when considering taking the plunge into marriage said that he would save himself so much more emotional anguish facing up to his love of bright and challenging women with an agenda and expectations yes even of him then he would looking for a safe easy convenient arrangement . They are usually anything but still it’s as if this melancholic baby would rather feel sorry for himself and live a life of emotional unrest in mediocrity then budge one iota or make the slightest concession to be with the kind of woman that really gets his heart pumping unfortunately most often that sensation only reminds him that he has something fragile which might too easily break. Speaking about his heartbreak it’s like JD Salinger being dumped by oona O’Neill

a great many capricorns subscribe to the anticipated belief that women are on the planet to procreate and otherwise do immense bidding. It’s where the tradition of saturn’s rule over the 10th house can negatively manifest generally what goes along with this sort of personality is a strict adherence to organized religion . When it comes to spiritual beliefs cap can be rigid steeped in dogma if not clouded in incense Mel Gibson . Let’s just say he might take biblical Moses going to the mountain aspect of a sign a little too literally for this kind of cat love may even Plus to do with marriage than it usually does this emotionally enervated fellow I don’t know if we get into the Richard Nixon and Phil Spector stuff but we should let’s just say he might take the biblical go to the mountain aspect a little too literally for this kind of cap love may have less to do with marriage than it usually does I already said this a devout stance takes the place of a decadent one And he may be hiding his underlying call to degradation in a God fearing lifestyle of which marriage might just be part and parcel it may be due to the repressed prurient desires that he makes such a point of living Catholic that is widely accepted existence regardless of his religion or even if he subscribes to one at all . Whatever his routine the metaphorically mountain roaming goat relationships are no mere walk in the park nor are they for his mate

434 signature martini swilling Capricorn city slicker free falling through life lookup on relationships as safe places to land preeminent serial marrying man of the Zodiac do time and time again However when he finds a compliant spouse will conform to the structure rebond team tailor makes to suit his needs he is loath to leave it . And because he can almost pathologically pragmatic in search for safe bet he may think nothing of marrying for money. The boys gotta eat after all and if properly financed he’ll happily trade in his thrift store threads for brand spanking new ones provided of course they came from an old world establishment on Savile Row . Auto deduct of the 1st order he spends his youth cultivating his mind with intellectual religious philosophical study hones his knowledge of social grace period in this respect he fancies himself a catch worthy of impairing priceless sorry imparting priceless knowledge to a partner sometimes in return for pocket money. Shy dowdy devotional errors could easily become his most compatible mate. Sees a certain practicality in marrying well some form of affection for his cagey sort of love your product by product then all the better period Meanwhile signature dashing looks and impeccable charm guarantee a secure spot spot in his partner’s heart his eternel detachment typically impossible to broach. Already made relationship appeals to him for the same reason that makes those sudden gigantic career moves or creative successes it is his nature like that of his archetype to start at the top and slowly find his comfort level in situations and so when he spots that safe haven of a woman He pours on the charm and puts all his energy into sweeping her off her feet such that before she realizes it she’s managing a household and affairs for two while he slips further into the retirement that this world this that is the whole of his life he finds to that the more emotional weight and pain A woman Already carries the more likely she will be to put up with his wait that is

our snappily attired scapegoat is metaphysically burdened it doesn’t prevent him from dumping it all into his partnership in part that is the purpose entering into a marriage with him is akin to having an elderly grand father come to stay for good and not just in terms of the wardrobe in his bonds he hopes to reap the benefit of being attended to while being afforded the freedom and respect due to a worldly wise elder this dynamic gives rise to rather negative interpretation of the signs model I use. The sign of Capricorn is associated with principle of elevated status

435 which we see he perceives as his birthright. Like aattracting like the goat is drawn to rich and powerful both in professional dealings and search for a mate. Despite having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks say he is dexterous at fitting into lofty socially arcadian millia. The main line magnets and mavens of the world take an immediate shine to him as he is walking talking Historical Society and more importantly find him a perfect match for their more old maid ish daughters . Love aside the goat is equally unmoved by sexual stirrings which are rarely a detriment factor in choice of partner ironic since few men experienced the lofty levels of libidinous urges to which he is party. Erotic desires may be somewhat of an annoyance to him an indecorous distraction he subconsciously seeks to subdue if not submerge in more socially civilized pleasures like champagne caviar or collecting so provides

Even when courting, a woman may have difficulty sussing out whether he is sexually interested or not . Many dates may transpire before he makes a move. Sit still satyriasis defined as uncontrollable sexual desire in men Is it named after this goatish archetype for nothing but the more he feels it the more he seeks to restrict its libidinous hold on him the psychological pressure let alone the physical strain continually building and building to bursting. Everything it would seem turns him on And his more of the sivia sensations those that call into question is sexual identity torment him to no end. Especially in youth with Saturn influence weighing so heavily every sexual steering feels loaded here he’s like hamlet synonymous with harbor or haven , and eternally tragic figure the word tragedy itself comes from the Greek word track idea meaning goat song and let’s face it there’s no easy way of saying this the skull gazing Hamlets of world to simply lighten up

as time goes on The irony becomes more acute ASCAP increasingly withholds from having sex just as his more prurient tendencies begin to surface the repression of that mighty healthy libido is what ultimately begins to twist in more perverted directions . When young his stirrings and fantasies further preclude him from seeking relationship with the fresh faced Virgin his own age rather he welcomes an experienced if not well warm woman whom he feels wouldn’t be shocked by his router erotic ruminations. When finally sending it to marriage say with a safe and notoriously straightlaced mate he will need to make other arrangements for his ribald longings. Just as 10th house rules interests outside the home which manifest in his deferring the day-to-day details of existence to his meet cwm made so to mighty find released for his more shocking sexual urges from a third party almost out of courtesy far from home base if only as not to trouble his partner

436 body rulership bones skeleton As a whole as well as the skin and knees any trouble tickle your skin disorders due to excess worry a suppression of emotions ruling Saturn is also associated with Gallbladder and spleen

Perfect solution Would be to form lasting partnership with women Equally suited to mothering plentiful offspring big daddy is want to bear as she is open and eager to engage in all dirty behaviors he wouldn’t typically dream of introducing to his mate. This is the Zodiac strategy deons fatal relationship flaw in hiding large chunks of himself from a significant other he finds himself stuck for life with a safety type he can only return after enacting such desires elsewhere. What hamlet or haven needs to know is that the safe harbor scenario is a two way St . The Paragon of virtue that is his wife and mother to his kids can and indeed should be someone who is just as many sleazy inclinations as he does so that together they might explore their nastiest notions keeping each others decadent secrets securely sequestered in the bosom of their bond. In his quest to negotiate a serviceable but dispassionate relationship he only increases the manufacture of repressed sexual baggage but in admitting his base or body or inclinations and indulging them with like minded may true affection may be allowed to bubble up from the beautiful quagmire of their mutual lust

sophistication Means lack of simplicity the complicated cap the zodiacs premiere sophisticate it’s more than one nail on the head his fantasies and behavior are typically no straightforward affair rather layered with deviations fetishes more than his share of hang ups. His brand of sex salacious often depraved more depressed than people might begin to imagine. Taking on the role of aristocratic master suddenly you’re in full costume and makeup while woman plays perfect ***** or scullery maid . Perhaps his proclivity for debasement and degradation might manifest and simple desire for naughty no no sex such as ainol penetration his personal favorite or even Oral variations on the theme. Like cancer man his opposite he also has a fetish for women dressed as nubiles the whole pigtail and Shorty pajama thing one is struck again by the relationships in Salinger stories of grown men and young girls for Esme with love and squalor sums up jumbled sentiment cap feels it is more perient leanings see more glass might have been the very cause for a suicide one has to wonder what plant 10 shaped pawson Seymour was pointing out to that little girl in the perfect day for bananafish such penal violations aside he might go in for a bit of role play where his partner must do all he says he might even get off on paying for the right to have his mandate carried out .

437 as it is his most continued love making practices follow up do me theme where by his woman must take on the responsibility for driving the action climbing on for ride while he kicks back in leisure mode. Or she will do stuff to him experiences an extra wave of excitement when certain Axe pose a challenge take some practice if not some stomaching to get the job done . Patients however is his most striking virtue and to the delight or chagrin of a partner he’s never in a rush. Often that which turns him on most are things may have been shared in his youth with more seasoned older women That he’s attracted at a tender age. Past experiences traumatic or erotic make a heavy impact on him and he will want to repeat the pleasure or book behaviors of a bygone era sometimes ritualistically attacks of this ilk that he most fears broaching with more prudish mates. But even he’d have to admit that what gets his goat most is the idea of corrupting a puritanical priestess just as CK Dexter haven wants to topple his ladylove and tap her smother yourself.

10th house rule of restraint is notoriously titillated by prim repressed women with priggish trappings nurses secretaries librarians teachers clerks tellers topped the list of those he would most like to drag down into the depths of blissful degradation. Is masturbatory images often focus on female goody goody’s gone bad. The person who said men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses had no insight into his sexual psychology. Perhaps it’s a matter of sensing or imagining frustration subjugation in such characters akin to his own. Though aroused by the idea of a woman becoming ensnared in her own desires his actual activities usually stop short of any form of S&M a bit of bondage perhaps but he’s really not one for whips and chains. He has a lady child chatterley’s lover erotic vision intrigued by the idea of social restraint being ripped apart at the course it’s by rustic desire. He just as soon sit cross legged in a comfortable chair of course and watch some brutish Gardner have at it with a prim chased lady or some other such dignified meets dirty scenario. Terribly sophisticated after all for men to allow his female partner to cavort with other men Of course that’s just a fancy way of saying it gets off on watching women being screwed by another guy. It tops his fantasy list far more than the prospect of witnessing or mix it up with another sexy minx . Unlike Virgo man it isn’t a matter of getting off on being cuckholded rather it is the females degradation that imparts the thrill here and so in his fantasy the more beastial and rough it character having at his woman the better of course the whole concept of playing with other couples is one of those infamous urges usually hides from his mate what the French call l’exchangisme could become a habit for our Randy cap the width of secret society that surrounds such a world is right up his CD sorted alley

sexual feelings for other men or something most males experience loaded and waiting as these sensations are for him it is difficult to determine what might be a passing fancy and what constitute latent interest as an adolescent he like many will participate in ****** ***** but will red light any such activity less it develop into more involved contact. The irony is he makes such a big deal of these feelings and behaviors dwelling on them endlessly while denying themselves further involvement which he labels wrong that the issue never quite gets resolved any carries on in life with a huge question mark in the back of his mind . Straight capricorns forced themselves to outgrow such behavior and gay goats may remain fairly repressed as well either way cat man is sensible on the subject being the sensitive soul he is and remained sympathetic to gay individuals many of whom make up the bulk of his closest friends. Meanwhile our fishy cicotte has a sexually ishyness about him. The inherent satyriasis…This causes him to eroticize experience and sexualize most people predisposing him to attracting those of his own gender whereas expensive neighbor sagg is forthright about such feelings willing to try anything at least once cap is so essentially emotionally restrained a stickler for what is right and traditional that even having homosexual urges can set off bouts of intense psychological pandemonium. But like a shabby chic cardigan he wears his inherent confusion as part of a sophisticated carriage or one that signals to others that he is unshockable and that there’s most likely nothing sexually hasn’t tried if only in his fertile fantasy. Needless to say his sexual character keeps people guessing often literally his often he literally is as the bisexual goat playing it straight with the wife and family while keeping a boy or two on the side

When clear is loath to be categorized eschewing labels even lifting up is dress should give it a give it to a bent over buddy you heard us though he may have a string of boyfriends one or more everlasting relationships he’s Rarely want to settle down into have domestic roll with inmate . Gay goat bundle of contradictions notorious top man In drag so he might work in an erudite artsy field surrounded by other well dressed guppies with an eye on going places generally not in this pool where our fishtailing goat gets his jollies indeed these completely guileless attracted to guileless country boys rugged rednecks straight acting bubbas with down home charm and manners and often a girl waiting back at the ranch those who helps to flip over faster than you can say corn hole. Something about wholesome straight laced character gripping his ankle tops the caps must see list particularly when he can be the first to lay claim to Virgin territory. Reminded of Capricorn am Foresters Maurice swab urbane city slicker with same sex longings like many goods in real life undergoes a form of psychotherapy to rid himself of impulse thoughts only to eventually find bliss or erotic self realization in the arms of a rustic gamekeeper scudder . Nothing unfettered the brow of the gay cap guy more than a jaunty romp in the hay with an uncomplicated rustic if you were to pick his favorite village people persona he choose the cowboy he is quite fetishistic about that feeling a surge of excitement even by paraphernalia such as boots chaps and 10 gallon hats there seems to be something safe about bonding with the sexy of ranchhand who embodies a groundedness that puts the goat on solid sexual footing . Being lofty enough in his own right he feels he can truly land when making whoopee with such a man .

With these lovable lugs he admires he plays auntie mame to the hilt opening lovers eyes to all the delights the Metropolitan world has to offer remains just as willing to be whisked back to the farm to fraternize with partners family like the mythic cicotte culture deities who brought civilizations to pastoral innocents at rocky Arcadia he enjoys being an anomaly happy to feed the chickens milk the cow or mechanics forever being strong suit re customize a tractor engine dressed in a Gucci fan Let’s just say he could put the boy in flamboyant his gloriously inappropriate and people love him for it especially his lover who benefits from all this nasty pleasure he’s prone to impart . He is hands down the zodiacs assmann much of the bedtime shenanigans center around that certain spot he is deliberate often ridiculously drawn out in his concentration there hoping to extract as much pleasure responses you can by stimulating it any which way penetration is never parade or seemingly about him rather it is meant to transform his manly made into a pleading pussyboy of the 1st order something others might never assume. He knows that to look at them post with us inspect that he is that his typically hapless hunk of a mate was the picture and he was the catcher and it thrills him to no end knowing it’s the opposite that he usually true . Like his straight counterpart gay go takes leisurely approach to love making consider it and playing with this lover as he is arranging Flowers or installing a new carburetor when it comes time to return the favor his lover two must be prepared to pace himself generally a challenge when it comes to oral sex given caps hefty size and gradual buildup to orgasm patients will be particularly important in a lover’s expectations of pure shows of affection it could take a lifetime to hear the cap say those three little words if he ever utters them at all



The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 611-615. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


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