The Sabian Symbols thus far in Leo all seem to be on a similar theme; again that is fascinating in light of these images having been “divined” randomly by a clairvoyant. I’m powering through, still, trying to catch up to myself here. At Leo 6° A Conservative, Old-Fashioned Lady Is Confronted By A “Hippie” Girl is the symbol, hitting home the fact that Sabian scholar Dane Rudhyar updated these images in the 1960s and 70s. I need to find what the original one was—okay just did that—the original “Hippie” was a “Flapper”, these having been created in the 1920s. Same difference. Right off the bat I think this is an image of self-confrontation, the hippie within us is challenging the conservative nature of how we were formed. Again we are dealing with or fashions, morés and, yes, morals and how they are all outmoded in the face of the evolving self and human race.

This symbol is ruled by Virgo in a twelve-fold sequence. And if you know your astro-mythology, then you know that the Virgo virgin is Kore, the maiden aspect of the Earth goddess (her mother) Demeter. I see this archetypal mother and daughter in this image, just as it has been mirrored in many folk tales, works of literature and modern film and television. Mrs. Robinson and Elaine in The Graduate, come searingly to mind.

We need to break out. Yesterday we saw an expanse of eternity. Surely we needn’t have that wide of a perspective to know that the Flapper of yesterday becomes the Old-Fashioned Lady of today, confronted with that Hippie who is now, in the time of this writing, rather Old-Fashioned herself. And the beat goes on….the parade of societal values keeps on marching by, generations often running antithetical.

When I was a wee child we had something called the generation gap. It mirrored the racial gap and the gender gap and the gap of sexual identity. Now we delude ourselves we don’t have one. At that same time when I was a child we had a thriving middle class. We didn’t know then it was an anomaly, we thought it was a mainstay. Now we have a culture gap, a great divide created by the love of money that has seen most people on the have shore having been born there with a silver spoon handed down for centuries or those willing to sacrifice every human shred of empathy in order to simply claw at that shore. And then there is the other side, the ironical have-nots whom, I believe, have already inherited that proverbial kingdom, access to which is like the eye of a needle. Everything goes in the end; so those of us who willingly eschew the trappings of materiality for just enough and then some to live another day focused on giving have the easiest passage through life as those hills of time come rolling in. It is we who gain the sense of true abundance because we are closest to it. I know many very rich people. I would venture to say that I live just as well if not better than they do; and I’m constantly being shown the truly generous essential nature of life and the cosmos which never ceases to provide.

Think of the impermanence of what society seeks to impress upon your consciousness as important to achieve and hold onto, neither of which is actually possible. Want what you have and nothing more. It’s what we tell our clients and readers constantly. It sounds so easy but it’s so difficult to remember and put into actual practice. We immediately think “but what if…”…what if what? You’ll get sick? You will. You’ll die? You will. All of the physical world is impermanence; any advanced placement twelfth-grade English teacher would have had you explore that theme. Keats and Yeats. We know all this intellectually. But can we live the perspective the hills of time represent. Can we function and operate in the presence, act in it, with the ultimate panoramic view of life eternal? You can get back to me on that.

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