The metaphorical meaning of the symbol for Leo 5° is Rock Formations Tower Over A Deep Canyon is that of evolutionary power of time. We are challenged to widen our perspective, to think beyond the immediate in our own, dare I say, petty lives; and perhaps to focus on what is eternal. Again I give props to the upper case version of the lower-case kardashians (definition: people who literally suck) for providing me a word to sum up, in human form, all that is wrong with the world. Fine, so you don’t meditate on eternity or even your own death; but we saw what happened yesterday when a person’s need for worldly trophies (for killing something wild) ran amok, just as we saw that lion-killing fuckwad this week do it for real. Take it as a wake up call to examine everything you do. You kill one lion than you have caused the extinction of the entire species. You buy some diamond, chances are there is blood on your hands and an entire race might be at risk. You buy one piece of overblown real estate, you’re guilty of displacing thousands. Shit has consequences, yo. And you’ll be long dead before they manifest. But what do you care, right? Well, if there were any argument for reincarnation here it is. You might just be reborn to witness, and be victim to, the devestation that you caused. I’m with Nina Simone these days: “I’m not about to be non-violent, honey”—metaphorically speaking of course. Any activist worth his or her salt understands what that means. We can stand up and fight without hurting anybody. Stop worshipping the rich and famous—by deluding yourself into thinking if you act like them you’ll be them—because you’ll never be like that (at least that is my hope). You can have money and you can have influence, but if you use it selfishly you’re a destroyer. And you’ll be left, impoverished, at least spiritually, with nothing but a file of selfies to upload. You can do better than that. Think on eternity. And if you don’t give a rat’s ass about the inheritors of the planet, imagine yourself reincarnated as someone easily abused by our society. Do it for yourself(s).

Stop wasting your precious time on this planet trying to look young in this life time. Do what you can for your immortally youthful soul, and that of the collective spirit of this world within worlds. See the big picture. See over the expanse of Time. See all eternity now in an instant. And just be a good person. Nobody cares how many invites you have or followers on Facebook or pairs of shoes you possess. Possessions are so last millenium. Make a change. Contribute your money. And if you aint got none, then contribute your time. Make sacrifices. Gravitate toward the good and the lasting and ditch lousy people, places and things. Especially the faux self-helpers; oh lord, Mary, they’re the worst.

Over the past few days we’ve seen symbols about trying to stay young and self-aggrandize. I kind of love that these are happening in the sign of Leo and, in a double-whammy, today’s symbol is ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold system. We are dealing with the negativity of that sign’s energy: Pride and tyrrany. And, life being the greatest symbol of them all, we have collectively, as a world (thanks to the good that social media can do) we have seen the sacrifice of an actual lion whose death will have been for naught UNLESS you take to heart the lessons of this sainted creature: Worldly achievement is not only ephemeral it is often the cause of great evil. Let’s eternally wipe out all that stands for. Let’s have our efforts be as clearly defined in the future as those towering cliffs are over that deep canyon. We are the carvers of reality and Time is of the essence.


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