Leo 6° (July 26)

Class act most self composed least shadowy lady in Zodiac understated really elegant

largely unimpressed by externals such as fame high finances family pedigree

Self respect of prime importance unswayed by others opinion of her

Focus on cultivating quality of life distinguished by moral courage quest for spiritual knowledge

reputation paramount to her determined to be valued as a person of substance

life is a long hard Rd requires pacing and careful negotiation

no frivolous risk taking lives in infamy for being purposeful and premeditated

Circumspection is key to her success never ventures what she’s unsure to gain

Deliberately takes signature baby steps toward success avoiding shortcuts

that would bring about meteoric rise in either professional or personal pursuits

Believes nothing worth achieving comes easily not without other shoe dropping

Takes a similar attitude to 11 sex rarely if ever rushing into relationships let’s bonds blossom

drawn to men with creative intelligence and strong inner life compelling 2 his need for meaningful long haul relationship

she is the consummate significant other with a look that says she won’t be trifled with

same sex relationships are less loaded notoriously attracted to younger women easily maintains a casual but erotically charged bond

446 principle of containment structure means of conservation just as reservoir of water restricted entry keeps resource pure guarding against waste Capricorn shifts focus from quantity to quality horn of plenty container bounty Capricorn woman’s reserve and conservatism ensure she will be in time meet with her own bountiful lot in life


Capricorn ruled by Saturn represents astrological principle containment concepts of reserve resource recuperation ideals that have particular meaning when discussing Capricorn woman that really means goat form the mythical horn of plenty she code amalthea the goddess raya in her animal form nourished babiesrus for son rescuing from clutches of husband chromous roaming Saturn. Kronos devoured all his children Ward off prophecy would be overthrown by offspring duped into swallowing a stone in swaddling clothes that the goddess raich disguised is a child raya is an anagram prone aspect of Queen goddess Hera was originally called Ray Acronis or herself possessing powers as are now attributed to her consort who survives to this day as old father time raya as from myth suggests is a preservar goddess and Capricorn woman comes to personify this archetype all her stodgy methodical glory. Like raya anticipating Zeus is maturity the goat girl bites hurt I’m waiting for the right Rome moment to launch her secret grand plans. Raise smuggling away of Zeus on the surface signifies Capricorn woman’s need to safeguard an Moreover sustain the creative life she’s been given she perceives what certain Native American tribes referred to as the long body of her life living not just in the now but for the future and all time ironically however because she considers the whole of her life in every little thing she does pacing herself appropriately she probably lives more consciously in the present than any other individual in the Zodiac

saturn’s energy it’s like a correction that which occurs after a wild rise in the stock market and indeed she embodies the sense of recovery and re pooling of resources in her we find one who is unwilling to squander time and energy she is not restrictive in personality for restriction sake but rather as the horn of plenty Incarnate she contained such pouches does she perceived very birthright intelligence health overall ability to contribute to betterment of the world wanted to preserve personal resources. Like Ray a Catwoman often has last laugh in the same sense that the tortoise has it over the her period while many people press to achieve external trappings of success ill prepared for the lumps existence dolls out cap has the wherewithal to meet challenges face on tackling them before continuing forward life contestant left standing when others have faltered period time is on her side hindsight being 2020 she is the proverbial sleeper one who eventually rises to importance after a long period of obscurity


page 447 planet symbol nearly inverse of Jupiter of Saturn portrays material earthly concerned weighing on the evolving spirit restriction order of the day and struggle is pressured RISD means or path to perfection structure is paramount along with patience and discipline also … Sign quadrant… 3rd sorry 4th quadrant concerns relationship with the eternal Capricorn woman is focused on meaningful existence by actions in life she wants to do the best she can with what she has her motto is I use treating her physical body as a container of soulful energy

by example she teaches ultimate virtue of 10th last attribute of patients that rushing through life makes 1 old before once time . Want for more more more instinctively understands only creates more want. Whereas in needing less less quickly Capricorn preserves the reservoir of plenty she feels she already contains. She saves her energy and it shows she looks well preserved are into Golden years indeed she seems to get younger as she grows older as if she were living backward. Capricorn is the only Cardinal sign earth sign Cardinal signifying initiative essential earth element representing substance. Ultimate symbol of the Cardinal earth combination is a mountain rocky firmament the very emblem of eternity Prudential reservation natural container of River valleys lakes where water is protected impure aptly Capricorn symbol is not simply the mountain climbing goat but cico assigns Cliff traditionally being read two ways as the haunted animal with fishtail or mountain with Lake since Capricorn is feminine negative polarity sign female native embodies quality element combination . She is there for like a mountain looming solitairy figure cannot help it appear iconic to those she encounters. Ancient cultures associated mountains with the great mother goddesses from whom all gods are born the significance of the goat’s Reyes totem for instance is all giving animal providing nurturing meat and milk and clothing. The original Aegis was a goat skin from which the modern definition of preservation stems. Indeed the whole Aegean civilization was based on the goat the form of which ancient culture gods took. Capricorn woman personifies this fundamental energy living breathing representation of great great great grandmother goddess sign is associated with 63 to 70 age group manifests goat lady in myriad ways

Like capman but less obvious superficial ways kappelman is something of a throwback to the past old-fashioned in values hobbies interests and like a little old lady meticulous and exacting in daily habits. A self styled loner easily becomes cranking a crowd of more than a few others. Even when in relationship she carves out salatori lifestyle sequestering yourself from a mate for most of any given day. Age group associated with their sign is also evidenced in signature pared down mode of existence. A neatnik minimalist of the 1st order she eshews the accumulation of stuff she may even embody that elderly spirit of taking up one’s begging bowl And renouncing much in the way of material goods

448 signed Cliff C code symbolizes worldly ambition earthly goat fueled by spiritual resource fishy bit it is a totem of goddess Ray a great mother of land and sea separated nature into solid ambrosia and liquid nectar she nourished divinity with these foods of the gods just as Capricorn It is often seen as a source of spiritual sustenance to the insurance goats were symbol of atonement for sins

spiritual communion often As much a part of life as it is for the aged whose thoughts become naturally more focused on the effort after. Death could become her constant preoccupation but being acutely aware of mortality is what helps her to appreciate being alive. As the zodiacs soaring help we see in her personal image all the mountain Represents atop these mounds where one is meant to commune with God indeed as in case of Mount Olympus Mount Sinai any number of hilltop dwellings were immortal deities reside where Moses received Saturn esque tablets of restrictive shalt nots from whence Jesus delivered sermon spiritual understanding concept life as a gift isn’t lost on her is only had at the acne where our earthly about meets the Sky. Our Capricorn mountain Mama is thus in a perpetual summit meeting with lofty powers that be lends new meaning to capricorns rule over 10th house people in high places

Capricorn motto I use suggest status achievement need to establish oneself through honorable means rising to the occasion usefulness responsibility hard work self discipline . No one ever to rely on luck cap woman instead steeped in faith active faith something it manifests in our life in a number of ways first she typically adheres to a belief in a benevolent spiritual power that sustains him through her life’s ups and downs keeping her more levelheaded and most when encountering either extreme hardship or boon. Physically acts as much has any layperson might like one leading a religious life rating herself with excess particularly glut of ego and naturally seeks to conserve soulful aspect of herself . She uses her life to gain spiritual strength a living Living testament to adage what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. She avoids shortcuts easy ways happily working her fingers to Capricorn ruled bones to get what she wants out of life not just resulting fruits of such labor but the spiritual awareness and conditioning that come with the process . She builds a metaphorical muscle for survival that most people simply never developed. Water is symbolic for feelings intuition Loving contents of the soul watery aspect of the science totem represents reservoir of ever purifying emotional well-being age old spiritual wisdom that is being conserved by taking a slower pace toward achieving life’s goals nonetheless providing more lasting sustenance for survival zodiacs Sherpa , she has more than her fair share of emotional baggage if not outright pain and hurt which she totes around.

449 element in quality best described as a mountain symbol of preservation she strives for self sustainment and edification of her spirit as a valuable natural resource … Also… Polarity like a mountain herself tower of self preservation rather insurmountable character people drawn to her like Moses to the mountain as a dispenser of revelatory  rules to live by


she finds a way to use her suffering as a springboard for any number of positive employments creative inspiration to spiritual enlightenment. Nothing lost on her She is not for turning what others might see as drudgery into dedicated practice period she is not always a bundle of sunshine others may find her somewhat dour but in a sense the whole of her life is one long dark night of the soul and makes her deep and it nurtures in her spirit of compassion

4th quadrant spiritual something of a crusader who often eventually puts the whole of her being into spiritual pursuits . Naturally aesthetic poster child for principles of correction and atonement striving for strong mind body connection as well as endeavoring to form perfect union with the central energies of the universe. Very least a gnostic gnome decidedly grounded earth dweller with an innate knowledge of spiritual workings. Joan of Arc terese de lisieuxIn the former character we see embodied active physical card anality on spiritual level and ladder little flower we see example of redemption via growing younger along the specific be like little children theme intentional recuperation of purity and innocence in both thought indeed. Cap woman takes sense of saintliness she doesn’t singhofen or easily she is solid as the Rock of Ages for better for worse gives impression she is a safety zone iLife preservar a role she might have found herself cast into early in life

cat girl typically born strict household time when parents are experiencing growing pains and marriage period older child birth order heaped with responsibilities Rob her over lacks childhood goat girl saddled sort of scullery work kept down self absorbed parents who count on her to offer emotional rearing usually younger children. Her mother is incapable of bonding with Capricorn or even showing her slightest affection caps father is often Unemotional detached the verbally opinionated character with whom achieving closeness is difficult. Capital relate more readily to father often sharing intellectual connectedness. She may find self-destructive ways to scream for attention eating disorders other manifestations of acute perfection might come into play.

4 50 #10 number of eternity the apex of all that comes before the start of a new set of order reducing to one most ancient number schemes built on system 1000 thousand portrays men’s relationship 10 fingers 10 commandments … sign age Association Age of wisdom it is said she is born old gets younger as she ages life embodies the serious minded of a society elder cautious instructive sometimes restrictive and admonishing reserved conservative strictest sense of the word pacing herself and whatever pursuit she undertakes

Certain chaos in household origin difficult to secure sense of privacy she is lost if not forgotten in the shuffle of daily confusion. She is extremely sensitive and emotional scars form make her hard and guarded somewhat defensive. Undoing of this dynamic that can be seen as our signature growing down as she grows up. The further she climbs in her personal or professional ambitions the morchel need to jettison the baggage that threatens to weigh her down. Good news is she generally does. Her life is primarily about lightening her load. She rarely is a materialist that astrologers make her out to be. Even monkish see goats have weakness for shopping at designer boutiques quality is her credo material wealth rarely an end in itself achieves peaceful carefree lifestyle she lacked as a kid drop $500 on shoes but they’ll be one of the few precious perishing owns. Careful with her belongings again about I use

bookish type made to feel she shouldn’t or couldn’t rely on looks. Ugly duckling story come to life proverbial late bloomer often not getting her first period or filling out of bra until well into her teens . She blossoms overnight into womanhood ill equipped to handle what she perceives as negative attention For her more eye catching attributes begins to play them down above all she wants to be respected for her mind adopts a studious persona winning notice and securing emotional survival. The world of ideas philosophy indeed liberal and Fine Arts are endlessly fascinating. She slips easily out of more progressive intellectual Advanced Placement later graduate level courses . Having raised in a sexually repressed home dating may be a distinct no no she often disarmingly aware of natural appeal she possesses somewhat at a loss to fully expressed erotic urges as they arise

451 psychology spots and 80 is an issue Mrs opportunities due to over caution might stop stifle her creativity being too pragmatic might repress sexuality often pathological need for control structure might see her falling into obsessive compulsive behavior or eating disorders

Body and soul

most untouchable little suggests interest in inviting the attention or affections of others opposite sex. Conservative rule of Saturn determines she focused on self cultivation of private inner resources rather than outward concerned for her solicitation of others. Not showy. Earthy elegant creature whose prime concern Is our own contentment achieved through ever increasing proliferation of self esteem. Not wishing to be approached by anyone on what she might deem superficial level. Her advances are generally lumped into this category she may downplay or sometimes extraordinary good loves wearing understated even Decidedly unsexy clothing dark shadowy Hughes black not only being her favorite color but one associated with the sign intent on remaining inconspicuous. For her generally pulled back large dark almond shaped eyes often hidden behind studious specced spectacles ovoid papers prone to myopia something emphatically Marian the librarian. Depictions in film and literature such goody 2 shoes characters seem to be just waiting if not itching to loosen specs and Bon Let her hair down. Chooses to realize full sexual potential slowly

Blossoming in her own good time rather than making some sort of splash end up attracting flash of the pan experiences she doesn’t relish the idea of being hit on and serve stays away from social fray sometimes going 4 in an attempt to appear off limits as to defeminize her appearance women Trust’s men Diane Keaton Maureen Dowd had expressed Sissy spacek Marlene Dietrich Annie Lennox Diane Sawyer Joan of Arc Marianne faithful bevy of last year beauties chose to Butch Butch it up we would add to this list I think anyway Mary Tyler Moore pants Capri trousers she is a serious sort no mere Dolly will be toyed with she cultivates a no nonsense severe character that will keep feeble flirts in flatterers at Bay invented standoffishness default demeanor to keep people from getting too close where is cat man fancies himself a VIP member of some club she is in an exclusive League of her own

452 archetype myth grandmother mother of the gods ajian means of the goat a nod to the Titan Queen of the gods Ray animal totem caldrea kronos from her we get Crone she is preservation goddess symbol of divine sustenance who seeks to have wisdom carried on for generations in her goat form amalthea she fed Zeus from for Capricorn The horns of plenty she separated the land from the waters and was the mountain mother from whose Milky snowcaps come the flowing rivers Ray a means to stream or flow it also means ease

she is typically not accepting new applications for friends close to his family tiny coterie of loved ones experience her highly selective offerings of affection she is epitome of self containment embodiment of her preservar archetype first and foremost she is concerned with her own survival financial and spiritual

in a room she camps out on the periphery digging into a comfortable corner vantage point from which to people watch she carefully avoids Press of crowd. When verge dapon Even in a harmless manner her reflex is to recoil literally pulling in her Noble chin Leaning backward approaching luges position. Sets her face in blank expression Only quick monosyllabic response refusing to make eye contact in hopes of nipping unnecessary interaction in the Bud especially suspicious of compliments though secretly thrilled by them wary they are precursor to come on. Faced with small talk turns on her heal hasty retreat with economic polite excuse. A tough nut to crack she appears the part . Typically tall aristocratic upright imposture moral conviction can’t help but admit a haughty air head held high long slender neck looks down her prominent nose exotic eyes ever watchful defensive darting perfectly about browse arch suspiciously sprinkling under suspiciously watch full defensive darting eyes crinkly under a vast Dome shaped forehead distinguished by high hairline stern signature sweptback hairstyles. Possesses strong cheekbones which can go unnoticed as her cheeks themselves are robust never sunk in her jaw bold chin Strong pointed upward her nose is generally meaty never needle like boasts substantial soup strainer lips full sensuously drawn absentmindedly perstorp upper in a pout. Signaling disdain? Perhaps a nod to her Association with enduring hardship often manifests evidence of signs recooperation actual scars on her face reminder of having been dealt a bit of a brunt emotional or otherwise

Bible literature draws on israelite goddess jayell as she goat synonymous with Deborah the Queen bee and the Grecian raya who in goat form poured out nectar and ambrosia. Caps grandmother typified by Sarah meaning Queen or thrown matriarchal wisewoman of Abrahams tribe. Prone figure entered fairy tales as Mother Goose Capricorn Ian Black coat and hat fairy godmother spencers faerie queene shakespears titania who steals away a young Prince just as raya whisked off Prince Zeus

one way to penetrate her defense is launch into conversation that reveals intelligence most of all insight entertained by her own astute running commentary willing tobat around others perceptions thereby see a sudden shift in her countenance as caution turns to capricious concentration Screwing up Brown narrowing eyes she’ll nod and clocked her tongue in acknowledgement should social criticism enter of the discourse. She is keen observer attentive student of life cherish is that quality in others. In youth much to eye rolling derision Appears she was that girl sat in front center class pencils sharpened hanging up teachers words. As she matures certain studiousness continues to define her period may conflict with whatever inherit creative impulses she possesses those that big free formed expression. Seriousness structure scholarly nisour fused together into solid mountain Determination Defines her essential struggle how and when to let signature reserve slip allow for spontaneous spontaneity and serendipity when it comes to potential sexcapade how to move from haughtiness to naughtiness transition that is particularly difficult for her

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 616-620. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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