Leo 7° (July 27)


sex and sexuality Divine she isn’t kind of woman to opt for quick roll in the hay must at least some measure of familiarity with a man Even If she were upped for rare impromptu interlude with a stranger on a train she would have had to experience an immediate intellectual Indian spiritual connection such that the whole affair smacked in kissmint not just some sorted exchange. Brain is the organ about which she is a size Queen typically guys who wear glasses she makes passes. Signs of intelligent life real or American imagined peak curiosity. Should he turn out to be Rhodes scholar then so much the better. Certain vanity in her selection of a man believes that she herself appeals to a thinking man far more than a guy with a football for head period from youth she has been gun shy of macho guys suffered slings and arrows during ugly or duckling days found solace and brainy artsy crowd among geeks in whom she inspired crushes. She hopes to the spotty bespeckled boys managed mature into smart looking artsy types. And so for the brooding would be Arthur Miller’s JD salinger’s or Sam shepard’s of the world she generally carries a torch long lean lanky colossal cerebrum’s. Fascinated by guys with apparent genius potential willingness to realize it choosing to marry rarely thinks in terms of one man will provide. Stalwart Saturn ruled magician learns to furnace herself with necessary material grounding looking older than her years will have started securing paid work often disguising her age before her teen years socking away money anticipated for a living independently far from home. Firm believer in human right human responsibility to soar whatever Heights that can be achieved through dedication To ones artistic or scholarly columns the necessities of life money are thus used as a means to achieve that end.

Relationships like everything she undertakes shows of active faith goes on instinct sussing out kind of latent prodigiousness a man might have overtime give rise to extraordinary life she is beyond mundane into which category she even lumps such luxuries might make other women drool expensive cars elegant restaurants precious jewels all such stereotypic shows of wealth can seem wastefully extravagant to her period she prefers to invest in items that enrich life in more meaningful ways still her expressions of a man are lofty or she may confuse creativity with craziness talent Premier talk . Often early partners notoriously few and far between simply cannot live up to hope she keeps on them indeed always an element of pressure to being her partner she’s the projected embodiment of his own potential if not elusive greatness flipside his ability to live up to such exalted aims however must be said she is often guilty of more than a little projection or even hypocrisy . She is tough lover who urges a man to take on tremendous challenges but she might not admit to her own towering hopes and dreams this dynamic explains why she can be a late bloomer eventually apply same expectations to herself once or partner no longer requires or desires her two tillage . Hard lesson for her to learn As she’s been programmed to play caretaker period of course there are those who look for mothering and those who see it as smothering . Ironically the former scenario ends badly while the late latter might provide her the right kick in the pants to keep the focus squarely on herself. Her best match is a man who is able to achieve all she foresees but on his own. She doesn’t appeal to the good time charlies . She is a solemn lady looks at life relationships as requiring hard work. Considered something of a moral giant such mere mortals feel lacking in her presence. Saturn ruled creature one long state of recovery we say this about cancer she is typically plagued by compulsions more food than drink or certain addiction to spending which is forever atoning for with monkish ways

456 demons arise notorious for exercising them healing faster than most however she expects those in her life to do likewise here new year falls during Capricorn as sign is about saturnian resolutions. Exudes austerity even pared down modest appearance you might say she puts the nun in renunciation. A man can feel daunted by this bastion of goodness looking up to her is natural living up to her is another thing. She is one only Cardinal earth exhibiting a look of Everest she is the epitome of an uphill battle would be partners feel challenged in the extreme she’s like a private club that discourages the rabble crossing a chilly threshold hoping someone self important will ring the Bell

Once she finds a man she wants she keeps eyes on prize securing supple subtle ways to make him do pursuing . No matter how sought after a man is she will always somehow turn the tables making herself the more enviable catch. Approaches relationships as she does all else she’s in it for the long haul able to focus attention on solid objectives not entertaining anything extraneous . With her high standards she stops for dalliances with men she meets on route to securing so successful match . Often since childhood she’s had this vision. Little wonder she makes long awaited love connection She is eager to see it stick. Not unusual for her to marry her first boyfriend. Doing so at a relatively tender age fueled by feeling she is more mature and ready her then most. Embodiment of preservar she isolates which she perceives to be a good man and meditates read prays  apon it putting belief fully in him building him up. Concept of prayer quintessentially Capricorn Signifies Cardinal movement in the form of active faith. The sort that moves mountains. She puts spiritual stock in those she loves becomes rock and anchor. But seeing only good she may also too easily underestimate negative qualities. She isn’t so much forgiving as she is oblivious to human frailty continually wiping out her own weakness often having little patience for people who are troubled or otherwise treading a slippery slope .


457 her hollyer than thou attitude manifests in the spousal of particular faith system she’s generally saved from organized religion By her pragmatism which dictates she remained on the material plane. She avoids negative influences perceives as being susceptible to them. Predisposed to saturnian sentiments sudden crushing feelings of gloom impending doom tragedy goat song and so she strives consciously daily to transcend the myer in which might otherwise wallow . Rallying spiritual forces often reads it’s arrogance that she is high on herself but she must keep above the status quo a lofty metaphoric place to which she was born to stave off falling into depression She experienced in childhood . Men who represent run of the mill lifestyle are not for her she sees these as flat liners that threatened to make her feel dead inside. In partnership she seeks the sublime thus drawn to vivid extraordinary eccentric erratic types with whom life won’t be boring. Ironically usually the one imposing relationship ground rules regulations the goddess raya brought commandments to the people in the same way as Moses did she mirrors this need to impose restrictions highly intellectual extraordinary talented type entrepreneurs scholars philosophers actors playwrights producers and like to whom she is drawn. Still laying down the law is really preventative measure employed by Capricorn to avert domestic conflict period such disturbances smack of 2nd rate mediocrity and she simply won’t have it. She’s in search of uncommon love experience also explains why the most mindful traditional character is famous for taking up with unconventional mates there’s so seemingly unlike herself and intense men Who at first seemed so cool and unusual may soon become cruel and unusual she learns that living with the guy that goes too much against certain societal grain Is tantamount to gluttony for punishment only repeating a childhood pattern she desperately sought to escape

there may be an element of opportunism in her choice of mate she may exploit his talent making his management her career otherwise she could copy his creative lifestyle hoping to become well known as the couple who it is more accurate to say that she educates herself via relationships. She rarely does so with older wiser mentor instead she subconsciously seeks out someone her age or slightly younger.

458 body rule bones skeleton Skin knees knee trouble skin disorders excess worry suppression of emotions Gallbladder spleen

The tradeoff is she performs a parental role at the same time learns how to play something she never really had the chance to do for this reason her partner must be a playmate. Through recreation and disport She begins to access creativity for which she’s been stuck . Free form part of herself that fishy tale becomes her ultimate resource to draw upon. Stifled untapped talent threatened to pull her down depression eventually becomes most valuable asset sustenance she comes to live on keeps her young seemingly for eons . So the story goes she sometimes surpasses her playmate having that much more determination and pent up intent to inventiveness screaming to be expressed . She switches roles with partner whereby he must learn to become the rock which she might rely on And once discouraged dour duckling does indeed develop into wonderful wise wacky Swan

Meanwhile creative genius cap generally goes for are drawn to her as well since at first glance she will not seem to be a competitor. She is supportive energy never want to suggest he keep his day job. Her notorious shows of faith are contagious and a mate will find himself being paid for talents he wants only obstruct expressed in obscurity. She is devoted the loyal deeply loving perhaps a little perhaps expecting too little in return. She is one of the most emotionally low maintenance people strong and independent often Offers little in the way of head trips rarely indulging girlish role-play might require excess attention or gifts. She seems rather businesslike less frivolous than most men. She isn’t comfortable being cuddled and cooed it’s not something she never knew as a child. Lingering lack of confidence in femininity further prohibits it. She’s been discouraged room in the bracing her sexual self as an adolescent no real handle on the concept of feminine Wiles. Flirting is not her Forte. She is essentially honest too much so to engage in frothy phony behavior often not dating until their 20s sometimes taking this long to lose virginity. Could explain why so many capricorns date younger men sometimes one considerably so especially later in life. She wants to get a taste of sexuality peeking boys if only see what she had been missing. Unmarried Capricorn there are many of them taking up exclusively with callow fellows as they provide pleasure but allow her to maintain psychological control as well as solitary lifestyle in general she is less intimidated by younger men giving rise to sexual teacher fantasies particularly to the academic Capricorn besides she just likes all that locked in freshness the odd college freshmen have to offer

In contrast to sad woman the most obvious flirt Capricorn is wary of overt public displays even when in a relationship keeping private life private. Not looking for intrigue from a bond but a solid working arrangement that serves as a backdrop for all she seeks to accomplish as an individual. Her relationships of but sizzling sort and sex is rarely the main motivation for forming a partner in the first place. She’s fairly conservative when it comes to erotic regiment viewing intimacy that sex provides as the source of safety and comfort more than an acrobatic workout or psychological journey. For her sex is something of a big deal came to it relatively late freeing her libido often requires much coaxing as it took to tap or creative spirit sex literal act of creation an artistic expression are locked if not blocked into the same place in cap capricorn’s emotional cloakroom. Patience on the part for lover it will be ultimate virtue Needless to say sex appeal is anything but superficial it takes a certain kind of man to withstand but necessarily slow freeing of her carnal appetite there’s simply no rushing her lust she is intent on getting the pace and must sense no agenda in bed .

Isn’t specifically marriage minded the whole idea of being legally bound seems specious to her a notion that conflicts with inner philosophy : that we are all essentially alone born alone die alone and should come to legal entanglements she just as soon be left alone. The loss of control that mirrored signals frightens her particularly when she is involved with an erratic genius she doesn’t much fancy the notion of being left holding the bag. Sexually she doesn’t adhere to a belief in wifely duties barely being one who switch on autopilot just because her mate expects above her period there is no coercing or even cajoling her into doing anything especially in the bedroom. All the guys to do is applied even the slightest pressure hands on her head for instance and all bets are off. For that reason animal sex seems to be a known out the act smacks of feminine’s mission where doing it doggy might just satisfy that same Virgin her man while hitting all the right spots for her as well not to mention allowing for free clitoral manipulation she is not experimental by nature preferring to stick to a routine even in the same order so she knows what to look forward to no where do we see her need for control as fiercely as in the bedroom to her credit she doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles to make sense special rather prefers to achieve certain greatness by sticking to her usual path

For 60 sex not jaded affair for her and though cliche each time does feel like the first time period another reason why she likes bedding younger guys she she shares the sense of newness that is naturally felt by them still wet behind the ears. When with an older partner and unjaded exuberance must still be Aquino she finds anticipation very exciting if not more so than the nitty gritty of the act itself and the man who needs ever increasing stimuli will not be long for her world. She will always be as wide eyed as a schoolgirl forming crushes on men If not those barely out of boyhood letting her mind wander through all the romantic intriguing possibilities that could serendipitously occur

Wildest thing about her is love of fantasy specially covert activity . She invents dream lovers in waking hours fantasizing during masturbatory moments over the landscape of the mechanic FedEx guy. As porny as it sounds she enjoys interaction with men in service industries whose job it is to be polite while doing her bidding. Offers a worker Cup of coffee or enter into a jovial chat could be considered out of character by those who know her as he discerning somewhat terse individual. But caught unawares she would surprise her closest intimates. She has a real dream lover as well that is a figure who regularly factors into her nightly reveries with whom she shares recurring sexual theme often climaxing in actuality which can Give the flesh and blood mate lying next to or something of a jolt what she experiences in her subconscious is love making with an insatiable and indefatigable sort mirroring what she truly desires in waking life. She may be rigid but she’s anything but frigid . Because sexual requirements don’t talk for list in a loving partnership it can be hit or miss for her and mookie Department. Eventually as with everything she will realize the importance of this aspect in her life and if her man isn’t cutting the mustard she may look elsewhere. Enter the tier list 20 something guy as well as her need to be free of marriage contract she may seen a conflict between satisfying sexual needs elsewhere while still devoting emotional self to primary relationship. When it comes to love her heart is forever racing in the right place but other parts of her aren’t being used to full capacity . She might fill that particular hole with another more willing unable to help. Her attitude is sophisticated sex is an isolated experience something she simply wants done and done right it might matter a little but she is in love with one man who falls short of pleasing her while she employs a lover who will take her just such sexual Heights as can be had by straight up intercourse .

461 Still she’s not big believer in unbridled passion as it seems precarious of place to go after all the most concerned with taking Saturn ruled responsibility for her own rapture. She may try to restrain her partners more ebullient expressions indeed if any woman were to emit the librarians cautioning shhhhh during sex its her. Very practical application for her reasoning that is best to contain herself even during such she finds and so doing further building up of her own excitement chances are given Or slow climbing nature she orgasms at a higher level than most perpetually staving off the temptation to pop her Cork until such time at it as it is impossible to stop. Talk about your transformative experiences. By suppressing her pleasure she seeks to enhance the purity of the experience . For this ability to she thanks her lucky stars she’s a woman as all too often she witnesses a man’s inability to pace himself and prolong the ecstasy of the sexual act. Hastiness as what she most dislikes in people whether it’s rushing into friendships or to conclusions and she just judges men most guilty of this

She tends to have more respect for women than men generally she may really better to the opposite sex but when she happens upon a woman who trance sends hackneyed societal role play whether as a heroine musician politician author artists or someone in her own life she is completely in awe . She’s often pleasantly surprised to find that so many strong females she emulates those who take their place and otherwise exclusively male world are born under her sign. Ava Gardner marlena Dietrich Bert marrisa Simone de beauvoir Janis Joplin zora Neale hurston Clara Barton evil adelen Patti Smith Diane fossey are all such goats Who strike that particular chord in Capricorn and it is for such strong women that she invariably forms a crush however when it comes to actual lesbian experiences she tends to be attracted to pretty young girls just as she is pretty young boys she hopes might regard her in the same exalted fashion. She lives in a fairly black-and-white world and finds few bisexuals among her order. She is inherently too decisive to fence it in any respect and though straight Capricorn can have female crushes the gay coat might fancy the occasional man as well but she doesn’t let herself frolic in the Gray area blurring is anathema to this border conscious lady .

462 rarely casts herself in Bush role nonetheless one wearing pants same sex relationship living even more for herself than straight counterpart embraces solitude keeping herself elevated ever so out of reach from a lover in gay bonds she plays teacher to the hilt demanding attention obedience in equal measure . At same time encourages lover to be her own woman to strike out solo except when it comes to affairs. Cap regardless of sexual preference is hard pressed to sit down and analyze inner workings or partnership. She shows love rather than professors it and she requires a lover who was self sufficient confident enough to forgo such indulgences. In a brilliant stroke of narcissism she is often attracted to younger more exotic foreign versions of herself. Even straight goat’s fantasies about these types of women Who catch our eye mirror images who might have enjoyed it more cultured upbringing than she. Call it jealousy projection transference whatever but this feeling of longing for life cap never lead is often what draws are takalo clones who she feels benefited in ways she never did. They both intimidate and turn her on and by taking up with such a woman she gains sense of recapturing a part of herself the careworn humble raya embracing her youthful more imperious Hera aspect as embodiment in a lover and short there’s no use telling the gay cap to go **** herself she’s way ahead of you their

despite mixture of love and envy she feels for such sultry beauties she will still need to be the one cater to in bed she yearns to be pleased soothingly and deliberately wanting a lover to take her time particularly in oral practices. She lies back on the jury it’s in sensation. She doesn’t go in for rough stuff or urgent expressions. Almost be continual relaxed flow. Sexy lingerie gets juices flowing and she and a lover. Prolonged tactile stimulation running fingers over lightly body lingering in the right places lover does likewise . Dill doe’s deer occur but generally employed by her mate slowly and at the appointed time in combination with other means tord capricorns arousal. She is isn’t inclined to return the favor just as she isn’t big on Delivering oral willing to comply when asked with otherwise not jumping at the chance. Should rather somebody else did it indeed cap won’t tolerate her girlfriend going to bed behind her back for sex inside the relationship she was happier than most mixing a third particularly someone who can please her lover the way her lover pleases her . Watching in any case is a big turn on for cap but she particularly enjoys the sensation holding hugging and kissing her partner of all the third party is providing most of the entertainment as a twosome she and her lover are rather high on themselves feeling they are the envy of the entire lesbian population. Goat quotes over such prima pussey status whether whether it is real or imagined. Sometimes she can’t help but literally rub other women’s noses in it.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 621-625. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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