Leo 8° (July 28) 

Most stranged exudes detatched nahs ironic symptom Association with human Liberty

1 on one feels set it hard well predisposed to belonging to larger social group class ideology

in youth A freak eccentric of the perceptions predilections

starts out feeling like oddity develops into social Vanguard

capable of breaking existing mold conjuring new ways of viewing the world

revelatory thinkers scientists ridiculed for ideas being recognized as seers

power to glimpse truths that are yet to be proven Gazing into the future

Man of conviction No matter how outrageous belief system utopia visions are catching

Most adept guru cult leader I know something you don’t know

potential mates fall under demigod demagogues spell.

Two women Seems sorted and self sufficient and see of unstable man Only to exhibit skewed if not sorted in the sack

cautious of other men tends to prefer no strings bonds taking sweet time or never settling into study relationship

468 principle of deviation Model of evolution species survival depends mutations meet a requirement for adaptation His view universal spiritual survival based on sudden Forays into Vanguard

primary ruler uranous cosmic principle of deviation And independence Male embodyment of precept pioneer human mutation breaks with tradition And normalcy . Like genetic quirk that ensures evolution Departure words against extinction. Aquarius represents seeds of change make the water bearer solitairy voice in wilderness trumpeting new future on horizon Which he is engineered to perceive. Uranous Cliff each Herschel resembles satellite to explore far reaches space time report back on what’s out there. Like satellite he telegraphs new understandings to humanity often lonely solo mission Ideological Explorer forward thinking progressive planted on Avantguard pushes envelope. Aquarian age 2020 is about change

sweeping sudden uranous energy he represents the human character as catalyst for upheaval there are some many who believe that it is during this time in our evolution That will meet up with extraterrestrials in the meantime he does his best to fit that bill himself

he appears ridiculously to tach preoccupied for everlost in far out revelation Quirky fellow seems visitor from the future already living reality is the rest of us won’t get our brains around for ages. Physically uranous signals freakish growth in an Organism noted Charles Darwin First theorized provides glimpse into eventual norm of said species fall away where mutation leads. He is simply living these eventualities now though he may be labeled freak in hindsight always perceived in the best light often credited with contributing to the growth of humanity the 11th house in astrology is that of: informative activities social conscience Ness and spiritual unity. Archetypally he is the zodiacs dispenser of immortality an arbiter of social change aggressive it gives us a taste of mankind’s future. Metaphorically there’s more to him than meets the eye

469 planet symbol Sky or universe God sudden change mutation Massive scale technology discover invention Purveyors of affects of this planet thanks good Lord also doctor Dodd quadrant Looking at soul of mankind evolving the human spirit through revelatory if not revolutionary means establishing truths


Story most widely associated John Baptist waterbar connection Self evident and raised free wild living biblical version granola lifestyle nuts and berries. Single voice in wilderness madman state of revelation. What are symbol of divinity held by the bearer in a Cup promise everlasting life mirror secular ideal evolution. He initiated concept of freedom from original sin Didn’t originative all as many Pagan religion rights involved same dynamic. Still he is dispenser of grace enabling those he Contacts from mark of damnation In Aquarius man weezy not only spiritual cleanser but good reason 4 divided between mortal and eternal life out their visions anointment prepares way symbolized water fish gives way to piscean fish Aquarius to Jesus

arthurian legend Merlin Is also the man of the Woods a druid John the Baptist His name means containment of the sea a fitting copping image he had X Ray vision lived backwards coming from the future And was said to have forged magic chalice Synonymous with Holy Grail . Also gallahad Aquarius archetype untainted by original sin Thus able to seize the Grail gala means milk divine milk manna . also Galatea referring to eternal life giving goddess word galaxy (milky way). Greek myth Ganymede Aquarian constellation embodies  dispenser role with gay twist. Planet Uranus rules homosexuality father Zeus in love with beautiful Shepherd boy in eagle form sweeps him off his feet before you can say sugar daddy. He is granted immortality installed as coperta gods replacing own daughter. Signals culture move toward elevation of male love bonds sexual liberation. Water ambrosia immortality Maná grace liquid essence of everlasting life rape of calamity represents mortals transcendence to experience of spiritual rapture

470 sign glyph waves heavenly manna Ambrosia baptismal waters that which gives everlasting life  … element and quality…Fixed air implies corner of the Sky heaven Rainbow distant star fixed idea motto is I know

in the aquarian age especially sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand many cult leaders Aquarius under the guise of leadership use their godly position to bed devotees. 2 forms of rapture rolled into one. Aquarian male condition One of being freeze framed at point of contact with the great beyond universal galactic Spacey notions

your niece is God of the universe father of the Titans big at cronus Uranus is cut down by Saturn With his scythe be’cause urinis too lofty for his own good actually we know that he was too overbearing so two does every aquarian man Become enraptured by his imaginings delusional about his grandeur fixed air symbolizes mental and social experience that is steadfast resolve focused concentration . Ideas of existence are uppercase truth. Genius and insanity predicated upon conviction John the Baptist Prophet and madman . Aquarius needs to convert others to his thinking . Signs waves are electrical signals pointing to his need to flow, pour out avant garde revelations to others. Doesn’t merely thing but ascertains. I know.

Uranus from urine, synonymous with semen and blood, fertilized sea when castrated. Ganymede means “celebration of virility” Dustin Hoffman Rainman, freak and genius, add something in about autism. More Aquarians on the spectrum?Fertility is ideological growing the seeds of social and intellectual change impersonal sweeping level. Despite mad countenance he’s more than a futures analyst but a knower of truth yet to be revealed funneling such theories into facts .

471 polarity he is a revelation unto himself laust in his own convictions utterly convinced of truths like John the Baptist lone voice in the wilderness

Mathematical allusions to Rain Man notwithstanding has fixed ideas the most calculating man In the Zodiac this is a good pun There is no such thing as an isolated action Every move adds up to furthering grand agenda. Has master plan more than others. Conscious of steering destiny leaving nothing to fate seeking control of external environmental forces and a natural ones raging inside of him. Impersonal being. But in elucidating his emotional detachment he is likewise separated from his own feelings. Regards his own sentiments as distraction if not obstacles to his aims. Personifies mind over matter Convinced he has the power to change traditional ways of being that which is outmoded or unfair. Likewise roots out undesirable qualities in his own nature. 11th astrological House of ones hopes and wishes as well as adopted behaviorwhere are the rest of us come To terms with who we are on themes of know thyself he seeks to embody idea of whom he wishes to be in the future Little regard for where he’s coming from. Even most far out aspiration’s aren’t considered pipe dreams rather attainable goals he then programs himself to achieve almost mathematical. the Signs Association with sexual liberation Illustrated in musical hair famous song Aquarius they even override his own sexual nature if it is in conflict with a fixed idea of whom he hopes to be path of self invention he is a brainchild of His own fertile imagination

Reputation for being contrived and original at the same time fittingly age group 70 to 77 when one’s thoughts turned to mortality and meeting with the great beyond. Also second childhood. More re liant upon others pointing to his ideal of socialized all for one system that cult leader. The daftness of old age something he possesses all his life being an oddball . Ironically born into traditional family parents siblings fit that mold

472 sign number 11 some number of revelation A page is turned the first reveal of a new order Joseph with his Technicolor dreamcoat the 11th son of Jacob and one blessed with revelatory power

sign age 70 to 77 prepares for the ultimate connection with the great beyond Time of 2nd childhood lends new meaning to term born again

In his family he sticks out like a sore thumb trying to keep up (like an old person). Peers think he’s dumb out of synch. He isn’t good at easy things. Will be loner, playing imaginary games, lost in revelry. Source of embarrassment: talking, singing, scribbling to himself. Dazed and confused. Luckily he has little ego, derision off a duck’s back. (ugly duckling). Calm contemplative, blissfully unaware of derision. Social misfit and fine with it. Shruging off attachment to validation from others

His father involved in intellectual purusits little time on home front. Mother put upon by daily existence. Depressed and fearful, phobic. There many be not much warmth in upbringing engendearing detachment. But this is his saving grace. Forest Gump Owen Meany, ridiculed and tormented but it doesn’t much matter to him. Being labelled weirdo allows his mind to travel all the more, not needinto fit in. Searches inner space for undiscovred truths that become his anchor in the world. Looking further afield for sense of belonging joining organizations or finding someone like Raphael did. Cutting himself off from schoolmates even siblings, at home already getting ugly duckling treatment by brothers especially.

He is exceptional in all senses of word. High school slips below radar. Peer ridicule equals blissful social ovlivion. Attention goes elsewhere, maybe boy genius chess player, adult advanced drama, landing roles in film or theater, writing novels in his own time, circulating to publishers. Here he is perceived as would be swan. Downside is he is more vulnerable to unwanted attention, chicken hawks, and becomes Ganymede.

473 Psychology. Pathologically Self aware every thought holds earth shattering truth often feels misunderstood this gives rise to antisocial behavior he is skittish in intimate settings emotional detachment can become depersonalization Naturally attuned to abstract ideology may ride a fine line between genius and delusional hysteria maybe inclined to sexual deviations other considered depraved

fixed air designation Is a wish to attain a glorious heaven A fixed corner of the Sky. Can Ebony he will happily let himself be taken up by others whom he perceives to be more exalted in whatever world he’s trying to infiltrate. Does this more easily then others because he doesn’t possess personal attachments others do. Removed from family trappings. but also detached from a strict sense of self Being fixed on whom he sees himself becoming in the future willing to sacrifice present notions of defining himself scruples even the rest of us might find important and characterize our integrity. Seeks utter communion with what he determines as greater than himself. Whether social or policitcal or spiritual system or organization. Seeking rarified world. won’t let fear of losing himself stand in the way. I do feel like we go to far with him and he sounds more Pisces in his determining his future. I think he just stays really wide open and is in this revaltion zone a lot which is why he can sit down and write or paint or come up with scientific theories in a flash. Is he Sheldon? Maybe. Sheldon is a Pisces. Wants to lose himself we say but again that sounds very Pisces. Wants to take up the cup of his own exaltation. Makes him susceptible to ersatz religions (seeing them as mainstays of the future) Easily swept into heady, heightened situations. Teaches by example: personality is an illusion. We are made up of the same atomic particles as everything else (again very Pisces) that we are dust in the wind.

474 Archetype myth God uranous Uber Sky God over the top Ganymede (from which we get catamite: boy kept for pedrastic purposes. Proverbial pool boy. Aquarius men get caught up and carried away by their own glimpses of heaven.

B + S nearly mechanical movements, deliverate mindset robotic body language, can be cold physically. Not much of hugger the most opinionated man on the block deciding who enters heaven or not….shows of affection conflict with careful programming. Kybernet “helmsman” cybernetics, study of human functions. “mechanic system to replayce humans”. Science fiction of today science fact of tomorrow. 11th house “adoptive” spirit. Seeks to replicate that which he most admires in others, assimulating their best qualities. Imprint on one another. Or is he an original?Sure all human beings imprint upon one another but the difference here is that Aquarius has a unique ability to consciously choose what influences will be encoded into his own behavior

Aquarius man more than engaging in mirror transformation Is mutating the embodiment of urinis is revolutionary and indeed evolutionary energy deviation Darwin terms key to survival variation ho hum theme of humanity . Queries is the quirk the Vanguard forever pushing human envelope. This metaphor truth blatant obvious in his appearance kid it out as he might be latest techno fashion Just as he may have then a hippie back in the 1960s bearing his ruling planets principle of differentiation and freedom. Clearly screaming societal change fearful of any derision Flooding is socal called freak flag fly he goes to other extreme scrambling for some semblance of normalcy adopting cookie cutter catalog clothing stabs at conformity his attempt to gain acceptance from society at large like a sly alien body snatcher you might look like the rest of us but …

Something vaguely unnerving about tendency to coopt experience. Ryan Landry. Envisages others as potential hosts upon whom he can feed for inspiration fueling ambitions. He has come hither attitude making him more concerned with what he gets from rather than what he gives to others especially emotionally his nature 11th house also sodium associated with the love one receives on a mass scale and although is inherent distance makes it difficult for him to invest in others he is expected of acceptance if not love air signs concerned with intellectual ideological social plans of experience fixed air Social Security just as he seeks ratification of revolutionary ideas

475 Bible literature John Baptist water bearing purveyor truth out there medieval equivalent Merlin Forged Holy Grail also called ambrosius pointing to the manner he offered Christian relised into St Ambrose Merlin prophecies he’s coming coming up varthur just as Baptist Vanguard Jesus the dynamic find outlet and James choices portrait of an artist as a young man Cranley presages Christ figure daedalus in the film matrix morpheus rebirths neo the new savior

 Being born radical trying to infiltrate mainstream thought very process by which Vanguard becomes old guard arts science politics religious reforms from time immemorial famous aquarian man Mozart rasputin Galileo copernicus Thomas Edison Jules Vern bertolt brecht James Joyce Roosevelt Thomas Merton Abraham Lincoln Darwin All sought to find security for visionary thoughts in social mainstream of course not all variants are genius inventors or social reformers but a heightened sense of connection exists in all these men As if they’re convinced of the truths they have yet to prove and to come to pass this is a feature of John the Baptist the ideal biblical archetype for the sign Coming of a new age

first thing one notices Baptiste like intensity fixation on whatever is currently championing self interest perceived as one and the same with universal raison d’etre Ryan Landry pretending to like save the arts while lining his pockets. 6 to impress people while impressing upon them a vision Of a certain utopia forever in the process of achieving. Cool and composed look especially around the eyes pale and icy reveals a real zealotry in conversation characteristic made all the more ironic the most hard liner I would say juxtaposed his trademark restrained body language

if you encounter a physically hemmed in fellow arms held in at sides invisible straitjacket wildly gesticulating through facial expression Unsuccessfully attempting to modulate undue excitement in speech I starting off to the side some imaginary rolling camera. Particular delivery to his speech often sticky one punctuating statements with the cymbal crash but I’m bum Jeff Berman But yes he’s got a stick something of a mpath probably the wrong word he’ll either turn Up or tone down his performance to suit the mood of the company he’s in. Experiences all input output signs double wave symbol. Every word or gesture uttered immediately gauge others reactions to them. Computer calculating data. Pierce a struggle for him to listen when others speak as if he’s fighting the urge to react verbally one often has the feeling he’s aching to interrupt high contact isn’t easy often strains to sustain it it can be unnerving.


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 626-630. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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