Leo 9° (July 29)

476 his eyes are narrowed nearly wolfish maybe save that for Libra but it is funny ’cause it suits charmed out too . Latching onto people as he does with smarmy conversational routine might be mistaken for a letch which he isn’t at least not necessarily still those shifty eyes can make him seem like a big Batty who is after a girls basket of goodies any attempt to appear clean cut may Only make more of an impression He’s a Wolf in sheeps clothing

hard to believe given his tendency to be handsome and hunky that he was an awkward adolescent. He is quite tall azharul with ruggedly angular physique suddenly mutative energy of uranous sees him getting fat or bloating for extended periods of time he blew up just as he will experience hair loss typically. urinis rules gonads and penial gland given its frontal position in the brain then thought to correspond to mystic third eye thus associated with clairvoyance is gland also credited with promoting Accelerated development. Freakish growth gigantism associated with the planet traces sneak into aquarians anatomy often to his delight sometimes to his annoyance such grandiosity might be centered South of a desired target and settled in his own gonads. That’s why he often prefers standing to sitting maybe Alan coming. Makes up a major part of any big and tall shop. He experiences adolescent growth spurt earlier than peers source of pain Ridicule already felt unusual given unique personality now finds himself labeled weird in more ways than one period he made have difficulty in school brand of intelligence often misunderstood rarely nurtured by traditional curricula. Further along in education will find an outlet and acceptance 4 abstract thinking. This will see his nerd status become more defined egghead personality doesn’t help he also looks the part. Having shot up so quickly in youth his body will be weedy head looming appearance in comparison Tends to have a lightbulb shaped head covered with Peach fuzz wispy hair hi Mozart hairline looks somewhat like a sketch of aliens claimed by those who were kidnapped . Ridge of brow dramatically pronounced Frankenstein fashion Aquiline nose a nod to Greek water bearer we didn’t mention Frankenstein in literatureso there is something to do. Despite seeming gruesome description Nonetheless jells swanlike more beautiful men in Zodiac secondary ruler Saturn Takes its time in his physical development suddenly forming fully into exquisite beauty more than fair share of suitors male and female. Paul Newman rutger Hauer Peter Gabriel Elijah wood Christian Bale John Travolta James Dean

477 great part of charm is being ugly duckling good looks never quite go to his head women quick to label him a Wolf realize he isn’t nearly so wrapped up in appearances as he is wrapped by external revelations about life we didn’t get into anything bat teeth yet Dracula interesting  That he may have exquisite looks just icing on cake beefcake that is. He is One to fill out his Speedo bulk of bulge based in jumbo balls . Planet of unexpected might encounter this when This geek whips out freakish member. Typically tight compact upper body center we arms curvacious waste swelled hips and arched or swayback exaggerated bubble butt girly air to his rear view specially in trousers. It doesn’t help he walks with a wee bit of a wiggle legs strong and stocky calf muscles bulbous hands and feet long and tapered sensitivity creative expression Has a duck footed goofiness to his gate wiggle and waddle fairer skinned than relatives hair typically dark Brown or black salt and pepper re prematurely pale peepers raise suspicion He’s milkman’s child always something of the anomaly about him . Not especially hairy only scarcely so some future dweller who has evolved out of caveman characteristics nothing in his personality suggests ever cart a woman by the hair. Typically up for grabs seeking adoption by developed partner who allows him freedom of unique visions while helping him assimilate into society

478 sex and sexuality

Doesn’t fall prey to the machinations of his only libido a nod to galahad quite simply seems beyond sex more focused on lofty ideals aspiration If you need to go above the fray of human experience personal perspective outside objective the visitor of the Zodiac outside objectivity a Not a person driven by sensation emotion or even hormones. Takes control desires makes damn Sure they never show he believes you can’t grab that chalice of immortality and heaven If you allow yourself to be weighted down by desire I think we learned as a way of really compartmentalizing and typically obsessive about work very much nocturnal creature that’s where the bat comes in Just as he became accused labeled odd he now hopes to cash in on exceptional status . What he wants what he promises a mate is not ordinary love Tough catch to land gives impression he’s unavailable out of other peoples League azharul suitors throw themselves at him seems less than an overt play for his attentions doesn’t register you have to be obvious

makes people feel base for having feelings for him this is a bit of a ploy galahad might not be as pure as he would have you believe . Indeed no Mail has a sleazy are side I’ll be a secretive one might be saying better luck next time to some Pretty Woman While he’s slapping slapping and tickling paid escorts.

In public relationships insists on maintaining exalted position Expects worker worship not as the Taurus but as the immortalization Ganymede. This is so true: a mate must put him on a pedestal. Won’t play on the ground like a mere mortal rather requires loads of esteem needs a blind devotee someone he’s he deems of similar high quality while he remains the leader won’t count for much unless he is a mover shaker inspires a kind of on in others. All other power couples pale in comparison He is often labeled a parvenu social climber marry above his station. Symptom rather than the cause of his efforts as he makes little distinction between utopian social visions and what strikes him as ’cause she’s to Societal heaven . Capable of being peoples profit while out for personal profit accused of being venal up for grabs to the flush IST bitter when he does marry some high priestess our mover shaker typically sees her fade into the background trading her own status for the mantle of his chief disciple. With his calculated system for success he converts a woman to his programming reinforce his every whim with affirmative nods can’t live a life of debate or even open discussion Must be immediately set in stone very rigid needs lots of rules for doing this it’s odd it’s where the Saturn bit of him comes into play like Henry overbearing Doesn’t think anyone’s out of his League self conviction is a secret of securing relationships RW T with most eligible bachelorettes on planet even when he’s less the looker sees himself as a God definitely lacks humility astrology is made mistake of referring to him as socially liberated and sexually emancipated as if they are 1960s commune surely if such a lifestyle or part of his vision that it would be great but the point is he feels free to envision the world according to whatever his idea of utopia is. when images don’t conform to his vision he just cuts them out of the picture . He is the most rigid person when it comes to his Mo . Ideologies and beliefs might seem bizarre due to Uranus but the way he regiments his life is pure Saturn He is a slave driver who  gets others to do his bidding he is the top of the food chain Like communism free liberal communal on the outside inside all rules and regulations . Rules the most freeform belief systems with a firm mechanical hammer and sickle

480 body rule legs from knee to ankle circulatory system associated with nervous disorders Fitz spasms breakdowns and abnormal growth like tumors ankles evolved last Cannot put impose severe ethics onto loved ones. Like guru seduces would be adherents into believing but he knows his best for her period followed Lee chill live life the right way. Meanwhile he makes his lover feel special chosen and rot like him of the exceptional stuff. Annoys his partner metaphorically spanking her with divine blessing letting her sip from his Cup. Often attracts women who are seriously lacking father love looking for someone to please. Just as it tends to turn a woman into his primary caretaker. Suddenly he can’t seem to tie his own laces.

It happens time and again makes a woman his host relying on her for daily sustenance while he focuses fully on all those lofty universal concepts that grace his mind do something with the host taking in the host eating the host communion Some kind of God bats are about rebirth Insinuates himself into her life he’s got some guard of a man Who will offer guidance and protection Slowly turned into that 77 year old who needs to be checked on Doesn’t leave the house wearing two kinds of shoes still inability to pay attention to the little things means he is achieving greatness on a universal scale

11th house loved one receives compared with 5th house both sides preoccupied with authority often translates into desired sexual activities passionately oh very vanilla would be shocked to know it just passionate aquarian gets up to Needless to say Aquarius the least emotionally involved sexual persona . He isn’t above screwing his way to the top since such behavior doesn’t touch him personally. 11th house freedom via repression Sees Aquarius being able to move on a diamond life squelching his feelings something to do with an ex wife and Waterbury undoubtedly a test period tends not to exhibit the slightest remorse at ditching relationships decades in the making. We see this dynamic in his sexual exploits 2 will travel farthest reaches of erotic activity actual rolling scenarios remains incredibly restrained restrained. Disciplinary actions spanking turned on by humiliating a mate several sets of rubber sheets but never involve himself in anything more so called perverted than unzipping his fly relieving himself in a play mate

481 Golden showering rule Urans

Self appointed God tinkle is manna he is no milquetoast sexual character more pure and nightly galahad might be in public the more prurient and kinky and private . Aquarius perceives relationships as part and parcel of his public not his private life. His wife therefore generally not the one squealing and squeaking around on rubber sheets she might find herself increasingly wanting in the relationship


though he does sexually deviate more than most tends to be very focused in specific. like with his ideological views Burnishes his thoughts into preoccupations. The most mono maniacal individual on the wheel, sex with him always smacks of a mind ****. Internet chatrooms made for Him indulge desires with variety of people . Not just some cyber slug will meet women for real time sex as well preferring one shot deals. His trademark hands-off interaction He worries little about bringing anything home to his doting spouse who assumes her genius husband is only increasingly beyond sex , galahad guarding his purity with mounting vigor. Truth be told the spark goes out of relationships very easily for him and the bond must be supplemented regularly if not daily by vague dalliances. Eventually longs for something more one thing remains certain He likes to be considered out of reach necessitating his lover to petition if not beg him to be stove his sexual favors

he is goober idealized vision Perhaps overly concerned with form or look of love rather than actual content of his relationships. Enjoys the beginnings of bonds bests. Thrills at newness this is very true given the fact that they Ditch you. tends to become so attached to feeling a freshness that seeks to keep heightened sensation of exaltation alive in varying ways. With marriage tends to act like a neophyte on a job so long as he still going through some kind of orientation you won’t have to really dig down into the work of managing the business of love. Mork from ork engenders more affection from his mate who for a time sees his boyish exuberance he keeps bonds superficial.

482 likes to stay in the courtship aspect of love until it borders on the ridiculous every minute a celebratory anniversary or get away . Over the top in his praise flattery formal PDAs strangers assume he’s on honeymoon Rather than running errands . Every day existence is to ho hum. He does what he can To heighten even most common circumstance. Often his partner is type of woman who requires this brand of constant lip service she may lack the ability to cope with deeper feelings and challenges. When it comes to marriage he leaves the building after the preacher or justice of peace says for better or

need for thrills poking around for what can only be described as adoration of the masses 11th house global relationship large scale community means that blanket not individual attention is really what he craves. Like a many wives zella never stops seeking new brides for Haram. Everywhere he goes will be installed fawning female whose affections he foster. Favorite female fellow exec at office preferred lunchtime waitress Cut his hair massages and so on. In the air these Gaga girls imagine he might swoop down and carry them away and those thoughts increasingly occupy his spouse as well in new relationships he makes it appoint to have sex with his partner every day amazing ability to psych himself up whenever he needs to those cameras rolling expecting the money shot . All he demands from lover is that she expressed as much pleasure with his performance as possible he is the how to like that baby guy and a woman needs to put her most enthusiastic face on. That sex with him like everything else is absolute heaven. God forbid she get bored. Uranous signals sudden change accident serendipity along such themes that he will make his case for having found somebody else even after years of what appeared to be the happiest of marriages it just happens. Predators lust swoops down and carries him off to new means for maintaining his immortality IE younger women or men for that matter


483 no one has a trickier time negotiating his sexuality than Aquarius naturally far out he can naturally entertain any activity . If it can be imagined it can be done which scares him sometimes. Like Ganymede homosexuality is thrust upon him typically in youth. Son of urinis being so naturally you pick with us sexual desires or all over the map RTW urinis being omnipresent  this is precisely why he must find freedom in repression Uranus and Saturn . Tall handsome gallahad with perfect lady wife and 2.5 kids might be taking boys out of the woodshed or bending girls over his knee. Because he remains so completely on the surface of sexual activity it allows him to experiment unscathed in a number of scenarios beyond paddling and pee pee such interludes never touch him deeply. Doesn’t feel defined by them. Rarely has a heterosexual aquarian Not had sex with at least one man. Well essentially straight Aquarius does so with frequency as whatever interfere with his utopian lifestyle. He may repress homosexual stirrings which gives rise to any number of fetishes we can run with the fact that he is fetishy by nature that is non sexual As sex is so stigmatized by society he removes that part of himself from his programming exline uranous rules homosexuality and homophobia as well Aquarius is especially cagey when it comes to man to man content. Such displays are measured contained even when Unabashedly gay identified. Despite sexual preference the aquarium native of House of acquaintances is more comfortable having casual impersonal sex with a number of people that he is having intimate relationship with one he might have a long term partner but that’s not where the sex comes from This is why when he does commit he tries to keep the focus on the appearance of the bond rather than the substance of it . The Rain Man of the Zodiac is more about sprinkling himself around then he is pouring himself into one certain perhaps limiting scenario. Fixed air atmosphere have any relation Can seem stale or stagnant like the Baptist he must spread the word even if it’s about himself reaching as many devotees as possible. He more than most will be subscriber to casual anonymous sex period since adolescence when had to succumb to compromising situations , he has seen himself develop from awkward vulnerable chicken into sharp talent predator . As other signs tend to repeat patterns imprinted upon them , he evolves through the experience and in an effort to overcome victimization becomes a kind of obsessive or controlling sexual character. Nothing must impinge on personal freedom the way uh none so little unsolicited episode in his youth may have done.

His mantra I know that such a thing must never happen again . When tender Ganymede himself pillowy soft rosenburg he depicted the character as a pillow implying a pair of buttocks the aquarius will turn the tables and use his cheeky appeal to his best advantage. Who gets the better end of the deal Zeus or G? Playing on youthful allure young Aquarius is immediately aware of his value too powerful older men Who might help rocket him to success . Young gay Aquarius consummate water bearer if not poor boy who somehow ends up inheriting older lover mentors the state right from under family members. Anything but sexually prudish furthers the cause. homing device for power honed so early. Insinuates himself into the life of brilliant intellects and artists. Not so much finding someone rich and influential but looking to be major domo or God his talents are the source oh immortalization . He wants to be passed the Cup of preeminence. Carry forth an emblem of rightly inherited state of grace. Most any aquarian who was on the fence regarding sexual preference will commit himself to a lover to being the lover of a great and glorious divinity of a man.

Just as a good amount of aquarium straight people could swim in the gay pool so to NK identified aquarians be attracted to women I think we might amend this anything but misogynistic don’t know about that either neither two turned on or turned off by same or opposite sex communes with the person that might be true Meanwhile men seemed to him more restrained by social application The bulk of his friendships will be with women Will be extraordinary once he’s drawn Based on a certain Aspect of personality he’s the one with the fabulous female friends climbing his way to their cozy laps of ladies who lunch patronises evolve from boy toy to genius and a similarly exalted character in his own Such scenarios sudden death and inheritance notwithstanding might see him simply slipping into the vacated throne an older lover during her for the gay aquarian to make a clean break from the man with whom he received his training his immortality to start constructing a heaven of his own making. Let’s break up Sir messy mainly because straight counter like a straight counterpart they often come out of nowhere sudden change aspect of urinis being painful

What he may do then is find a houseboy of his own Combo lover servant. Think Lone Ranger and Tonto sometimes this has a literal manifestation is the Aquarius his notoriously attracted to small ethnic often Asian men. Just in case you can’t quite stomach the image of our proverbial masked man doing it to his faithful companion Amid squinting shouts of kimosabe might help to realize bonsant which the older querying enters are fairly platonic submission has always been something very aquarium 6 two inspire psychologically more than physically this points to a lifelong aquarian truth: sex is almost always just a means to an end. He can be the most far out in his activity rarely has anything to do with his own desire. Rather symptom of his signature detachment from it. What every aquarian male regardless of sexuality seeks is ultimate authority control on such a grand scale like Big Brother can easily go undetected. He thus makes himself available to the world to avoid fixing an air of conviction Around the relationship heading home the fact that he no lover perfectly tongue and groove fit about things to create such truth as others are forever chasing. Having no strict adherence to any ego driven personality there’s always a sense of being happy to be what you want to be that proverbial missing link in one’s life.

There is a lot to unpack here I think what I want to say for starters is Robbie Williams bad teeth and Billie Joe Armstrong both identify is bisexual certainly one can argue John Travolta huh but they seemed to be able to compartmentalize to some degree and also um something about Big Brother yeah like has spies everywhere also The Lone Ranger thing is an interesting lone voice in the wilderness concept to use for this next phase

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 631-635. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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