Leo 10° (July 30)

Inspiration. Natural disposition to see joy in everything, makes even dreary events seem fun

The world is painfully beautiful to her, greets the day with unscripted childlike awe

Open to cheery serendipity, whistles through her routine

Cares little for trends or trappings of sophsitciation; the proverbial square peg (Molly R)

Bucks social convetion, eccentric taste for outlandish, least precious about self/appearance

The finger painter, rolls up her sleeves and gets messing in her self-expression

Even in 9-5 job, she is dutiful and regimented but indulges wacky after hours hobby

In time chucks security of paycheck to gamble on dreams others label bonkers

Choice in men is suspect: Flagrant overbearing meglomanical men she thinks lack love

Guys who offer her liberal independence she requires, being so wrapped up in themselves

Woman who loves too much. Alternatively one wonders if she loves enough. Dispassion in bond

With women, adopts pedagogical, kind headmistress role, that combines sharing personal and professional aspects of life.


490 principle of diversity Aquarius celebrates uniqueness eccentricity as means of self expression And also to ensure soul full health of humanity just as a gene pool mustn’t become too restrictive lest it weaken quirion concept of spiritual diversity ensures the health of the collective consciousness which must change and grow to survive

Sign primarily ruled by your onist sudden change other things universal principle of diversity in deviation concepts as mutation revolution evolution. Saturn secondary ruler taskmaster sense of structure of discipline ironic means by which she manifests and dedicates herself to cultivation of sometimes deviant if not freaky persona. She is as water bearer suggests in the business of renewal HEBE daughter of hara actually her in Virgin form her name means youth but there are two gods poured out life’s sustaining ambrosia divine sustenance nectar She does that in life forever feeding those with whom she comes in contact with life affirming hope instilling confidence another is convictions often considered a godsend the one you found in a pinch the answer to one’s prayers it’s a role encoded in her makeup urinis rule deviation becomes a very means by which a species evolves that survives so two does the zodiacs beautiful mutant become saving grace to others on personal level as well as on societal scale. Like HEBE already made new intellectually evolved outlook on life doesn’t hold up the past looks to the future dictated by planetary rule. 11 astrological house future goals as well as reformative communal activities and the identification of the self with mass objectives that of spiritual unity


Considering concept of spiritual unity we think of commonality amongst people that’s one interpretation. But there’s more : that of the individual community with the eternal another 11th house phrase universal mind. She is naturally blessed with the understanding that separation between human condition and divine inspiration is an illusion . She inherently maintains that life is a spiritual experience but not personally wrapped up in her insights . Her male counterpart might be enraptured by relevant Tori understanding that she has no ego attachment to such perspective she is ready to pour out her divine acumen demographically because she believes everybody deserves to experience heaven on earth

491 planet Uranus namesake God of universe planet signals change on massive scale ushering in of entirely new waves and thought technology discovery invention social experiences aquarian woman adapts easily to such change helps others adjust to evolutionary trends… also… quadron Concerned with the soul of humanity she brings a sense of relief reprise to the world teaching others to detach from the weight of out loaded tradition and mores to unlock their fears


we see this mirrored also in The archetypes of the sign Committee was a mortal parvenu handpicked by Zeus to bear the Cup she whom he replaces is born immortal nonetheless happy to perform a survival function He’s brought up and she is a descending goddess Moreover being wedded to another mortal parvenu Pericles glory of hara is thus willing to come down to earth she elevates an immortalizes or spouse this pattern Predominantly echoed in Aquarius females relationship as well. She is the living embodiment of descending or emanating goddess. Like he be she’s she isn’t precious about her own divine status rather happy to commune with the common man if not romantically take up particular male parvenu population of the planet . She draws upon other emanation deities like iris the rainbow Harris Messenger an EOS the dawn whose main myths depict her love for a mere mock mortal both are personification Of natural manifestation Symbolically portraying hope and renewal we should avoid hope and keep that for cancer woman I think um I think we say rescue on some way some level intervention Joy reprise


Rarely anything lofty stuck up in her nature. She is detached from desire for status preferring to be of the people for the people seemingly let go of all worldly material concerns. Fitting the scientist associated with the age group 70 to 77 a time when one Mr resigned to her own imminent communion with the great beyond having little to prove or be concerned with on the earthly plane. Or preceding sign Capricorn starts this ball rolling letting go of material concerns she takes up an acetic lifestyle away in which she distinguishes herself better than others to query and however whether one meditates and need speaking or child 15 bags of greasy chips while smoking watching porn results into her she’s beyond making judgments and best of all it doesn’t try herself with expressions of perfection. She takes herself as is and it follows she expects others do likewise . Living embodiment of renewal goddess naturally forgiving considers fellow human beings deserving of absolution Mercy grace ultimately Salvation. More than any other astrological character she wakes up thinking how she might help others become a happy. And not to her patron goddess is she’s like a rainbow indeed very presents designed to inspire encourage . Open forthright funny face whimsical style bright in a person’s day proving herself a great listener pics of conversation right where it left off

492 sign glyph symbol of divine liquid manna weather classic sense ambrosia blood of holy growl promising life about to small waters without which can’t enter Kingdom with heaven Also radio signals light waves which signal new ideas of human intervention. I think what it is is a frequency something fixed that is indeed a new and better interpretation Kind of what we do when we try and like pick up signals from other planets etc were listening

She’s a great listener picking up conversation right and left off even if months have passed one realizes she’s Democratic to the core doling out sunny funny disposition to anyone with whom she comes in contact she may seem like soul mate one has been waiting for in keeping with her archetypal patrons Messenger goddesses who make business to appear showing grace . She is spiritual mascot of the Zodiac one who brings good fortune mascot also etymologically mask infamous love of costumes notwithstanding doesn’t realize that it is her birthright to Don proverbial red rubber nose and floppy shoes humanities Comic Relief lives all her life in the throes of 2nd childhood taking every opportunity to dress up and play act everyday wardrobe suggests a bit of costuming metaphorically speaking next to being clown cheerleaders are next biggest role brings joy inspiration someday pose to make up for her own sadness and disappointment which isn’t strictly true rather she channels her personal grief and grievance into encouragement for others

her default disposition human equivalent of a 🙂 logo keeping with their status is only female fixed air sign of the Zodiac mental plane thought social experience deals in solid ideas bent upon solidifying them into fact uppercase true thinker like Ann Rand only be Aquarius or philosophy objectivism based as it is on concreteness fixed Ness of the abstract error ideas to her abstraction was real the only evil was irrationality. Indeed she is known for having reenact reacted emotionally to broad test abstraction. Whole notion of an ISM is in itself an aquarian one males of the sign forever on the Vanguard of new understanding lost in individual glimpses of reality revelation. She in contrast seeks to reveal truth two others. According to her truth divine experience exists in here and now ubiquitous through masked reality and it is her specific role on the plane to tear away the veils of illusion that cover it and in mythology iris Harris Messenger forever bringing the good news the rainbow being bridge between mortal and immortal experience in the biblical vein John the Baptist salamander striptease dance of Seven veils one for each color of the rainbow ritual performance to picked it goddess in descending revealing form drawing down to earth unlocking doors of 7th heaven Witcher lover typically immortal priest King who was sacrificed would reach immortality and become a God so that was really her making John the Baptist into a God he is spiritually wet it to salome Shalom peace his beheading represents ritual sacrifices aimed at his advocation rainbows in ancient cultures are ladders or bridges one travels to heaven Upon death or in revelatory trances.

Page 493 polarity unlike Aquarius man Caught up in his own universal truths and visions she is revelation two others dispenser of joy and Comic Relief also… The number of revelation 11 a page is turned after the completion of 1011 signifies the first reveal of a new order

Like a rainbow she is an emanation of positive reinforcement inspiration word related to simple respiration it is the very error one breathes in her presence no less uplifting spirit then she seeks to convey hoping to see people 11 hours hopes and wishes come true and still in conviction . Or company can be addictive. One feels incapable of doing wrong around her tendency that may backfire and breed complacency just as easily as spark motivation. This seems to be some of the point of her pollyanna ISM. Acting as a salve if not offering Salvation Comes to define her. Famous beacons of empowerment Susan B Anthony Rosa Parks Betty for Dan Helen gurley Brown Toni Morrison Oprah Winfrey Alice Walker Ellen DeGeneres all urge others to embrace diversity in themselves and into doing achievement levels for dignity personally advancement. She represents by example power of self help explains why so many female writers along with the aforementioned Edith Wharton Virginia Woolf Colette Gertrude Stein I’m around Laura Ingalls Wilder Judy blume are amongst the most influential socially pointed minds ever to put pen to paper meant to read as large wide an audience as possible nobody more populist in her perspective then Curry’s female the seeds for which are sewn in early life interesting I didn’t know we did this I know we did it in Sagittarius

Growing up her father considered something of an oddball typically sensitive creative type if not frustrated artist secret aspiration’s little room to surface and confines household mother most often pragmatist may even at seek to override husbands more freeform musings also still appreciating his quirky inventive spirit. Mother may have overtly put her spouse down as silly even worthless dreamer. Aquarius girl identifies with father intellectually spiritually as do females born in masculine science. Father might have a workshop of sorts considers a magic place where she will feel most comfortable and inspired health and slips away his sacred space also one of the environments in which she can bond with him

494 age 7077 time of worldly concerns and ambitions left behind focused on appreciating lasting joys of life can be time of 2nd childhood. Delta dot psychology she tends to shirk responsibility to Buck authority she can rather fanatical in interests susceptible to mind control cult Phenomenon If any sign is likely to wear a tinfoil hat and wait for her mother ship it’s her concentra from escapist fantasies exhibit deviant behavior

refuge from utilitarian family influences she may be written off as inheriting his artists aspects . But she is proud to be considered that his girl. In case of divorce she will dream of leaving home and living the Vagabond lifestyle perhaps walking in father’s footsteps. Childhood dynamic wanting to run away and join the circus was invented by her. Gleefully expressing such desire from early on she feels like a freak unlike other people considers this a good thing period she is in search for identity conscious of doing so at school and she might be a bit of outcast of conformity of any kind sets her teeth on edge . She’ll dive full force into artistic enclaves drama music consider becoming a majorette if only to wear the goofy outfit. Otherwise steers clear of social mainstream six sticks to subversive nerdish coffeehouse scene other misfits.

Not flashy or or one you consider to be fast looks can be deceiving and she is sexually more advanced than most. This is a byproduct of an emotional maturity developing early in life equips are with level headed when it comes to negotiating boys insects. Her own person slipping under the radar of mother to whom she seems too much of a goody goody to ever get into any trouble poor deluded woman: Aquarius is naturally open to sexual experience ridiculously grown up when it comes to dating play had been wifey to boyfriend as early as junior high. Rather mumsy character to begin with she will often Don’t on a guy from first date inevitably she goes for fringe dwellers like dad she may lust after eccentric brainiacs with pocket protectors or musical protege looks as if he’s never seen sunlight or taken exercise. However she is most drawn to unacademic types phantoms of repair group who might not seem to frequent any other wing of the school other than woodchopper hota body parrot she is turned on by handy boys grease monkeys whom she sees more going on than there oily hair and dirty fingernails would suggest. Her aquarium viewpoint appreciates a guy who was already thinking outside the box box dividing his own path away from the well worn conformity of pop media influenced teenage mainstream. Such a guy she feels is on her adult wavelength thus they want to commit to serious mature relationship despite the fact his upper lip still has original Peach fuzz. More times than not pretty nerdy girl with the same boyfriend all four years in high school is our oddball aquarium. She’s forever immortalized in the collective memory of high school classmates is walking through the halls with their partner hands lodged in each others back pockets the sound of denim or corduroy encased thighs rubbing rubbing together rhythmically shoop shoop shoop shoop

495 archetype draws on classic of renewal or descending goddess distinguished as coming down from heaven to commune help or made with mortals the female Cup bearer to the gods is he be Hera in her renewed re Virgil ized form he be Haram Ares Hercules bestows upon him gift of immortality EOS goddess of the dawn inspires hope iris goddess of the rainbow skates down the colorful bridge between heaven And earth delivering divine messages from hero to mankind

Body and soul she is an unplugged personality what you see is what you get reaches adulthood trades in trademark T shirts and jeans still having on the accessories seeks comfort in clothing never puts on airs nor does she indulge in material acquisition That might suggest status or wealth. Rarely dresses in pricey designer duds labels mean nothing to this off the rap Queen. She prefers bold and colorful styles to settle their state fashion statements. Even attending an elegant occasion she can’t help it add some quirky twist sneakers color tinted glass of floppy hat if not dressed herself so outlandishly from head to toe she leaves others virtually reeling. When dresses up she does so with vengeance she has love of ladylike silhouettes but always far out in some fashion. Think Laura Ashley an asset. Talking bold prints iridescent fabrics neon. One might think clothes should come with it packet of tums instead of extra buttons. If you think dressing down is any different you have another thing coming. If anybody other than mork from ork or some rogue cast of God spell or to have pair of rainbow suspenders somewhere it’s her period she who declines to be professionally styled will find themselves worst dressed list faster than you can say gauchos with leg warmers. Signs Association with second child unmistakable to her for her to open the closet one nights where she’d stumbled upon the Miss Marple collection or entire wardrobe warned by woman who played aunt Clara on bewitched vintage mink stoles and all of her style of dress doesn’t provide enough of a clue there are some dead giveaways for picking her out of the crowd: with some exceptions she tends to be small somewhat childlike juicy plumpness pliable at last ecity despite youthful attributes correspondents to age 777 written all over her wizened face often distinguished by rather old looking head plopped on his brightly physique astrology’s answer to he be seems to bear the traces metaphorically Speaking of the Crone she once was

496 Bible literature salome dance of Seven veils goddess descent Rainbow Bridge to heaven Each colored veil unlocking a key rainbow concealed future corresponding urinis is connection with evolution . In medieval literature Holy Grail associated with water bearer guarded by Queen less Ponce de joie the dispenser of joy character of the descending goddess portrait in streetcar named astaris desire by Stella who descends to reunite with her ultimate mortal husband Stanley


so if you see what appears teenager from the back but face fan exhibits vacant agent look exaggerated cheekbones sunken hollows chances are this is Aquarius she’s the offbeat beauty possessing strong who knows I don’t think so rubbery comic expression mouth notoriously turned down into grimace this describes pisces much more

If not outright frown like sad clown made all the more market by osm going for Jennifer Aniston here drastic underbite or an overly large chin or both face long cheeks appear puffed hair shiny bouncy often springy it takes much in the way of product to set in place a result she may opt for a short haircut given her hair’s texture tends to create a bit of a helmet head quirky looks but beauties like Jennifer Aniston means to marry Christina Ricci Heather Graham Sheryl Crow Jason Lee Farrah Fawcett cybil Shepard margaux Hemingway Stockard Channing Minnie driver Florence Henderson Geena Davis nessa Redgrave Laura Dern Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco among the world’s most vivid never subtle beauties. Features overstated not to spirit of emanation goddess she embodies literally beams within almost cartoonist cartoonish vitality can be goofy loud girlish laugh voice war bling ringing clear Isabel tends to communicate outward like an actress onstage having a close tet tet gesticulating when speaks those hands aren’t showed in shoved into pockets making many knee bends for emphasis striking prices original girl with the far away eyes in conversations she seems to direct much of what she says to some spot over one shoulder she is goofy peepers to begin with float around inside her head as if detached from their connective tissue effort for her to make steady contact easier to accomplish when she’s listening then when she’s talking. She is famously attentive nodding reassuringly hanging on every word tilting her head inquiringly craning her neck forward with skewed receptive expression . Adopts casual posture rarely anything nervous or shifty in her body language open and forthright present spirit is as voluptuous as body. Breasts small to medium size usually perfectly round full buoyant short waisted possesses hairpin curves ample hips bigger bottom thighs lending sturdy I’ll be it slightly pear shaped look addition to favoring tight bodices and body suits while opting for looser flowy skirts on bottom And square childlike hands abundance of bracelets rings to embellish mournument self with tattoos piercings slogan buttons badges other decorative bells and whistles youthful touch could be found here there Mickey Mouse watch Mardi Gras beads fun and frivolity. Consciously wishes to signal light heartedness karere will even tend to allow for such freedom of expression generally gravitates toward professions where she can be her own boss working for others notoriously earnest and hardworking still unconventional vacations appeal to her especially once that included element of amusement clown college very viable higher education do you think we’re kidding

seems in the stars rubbery faced aquarian feels actual affinity for life under the big top urinis rules freakishness the mainstay of many surfaced attractions but more primal connection still. As Joseph Campbell said clowns have spiritual significance in most ancient religious rights . Donning costumes people ritually transform into sacred beings usually creation gods the purpose of the funny grotesque form meant to keep people from getting stuck in the image that is the costume would immediately keep worshippers from taking the appearance of the gods too seriously and getting stuck in such appearance again he says short circuits the contact with the deep mystery . On some level she understands that she is emanation God is revealing certain truths. Her motto is I know. And back on earth by looking somewhat clownish she precludes others from building her up or putting her unduly on a pedestal something that might easily happen to one so conscious or evolved. Put her in a Donna Karan pantsuit and she becomes Oprah but remember oh before she hired a stylus if even miss Winfrey would be that much more venerated if she didn’t crack silly jokes or feigned that’s treaty southern sass. But Oprah knows what she’s doing if so consciously. Aquarian ladies don’t really want to be considered gurus that’s a sort of status her male counterpart 6 and according to her he can have it. With humor or visual signs of whimsy she wants to make it clear that she like the goddess iris is only the Messenger. She shuns the responsibility of being the proverbial answer lady even for practical reasons. She’s protective of her free time and too easily love and boarded by others seeking kind of pacifying company she naturally provides. Sure she’s happy to be bearer of divine inspiration and saving grace but she doesn’t want to be deified. So wearing converse sneakers driving a vintage purple Volkswagen Beetle with flower power application keeps would be disciples at pay period the male of the sign is wrapped by the self importance of its revelation while she seeks to downplay significance in the equation Her own significance in the equation of revealing epiphanies to other she’s determined not to lose her head over the missives she may be communicating thus laughing off even though serious situations is signature behavior. One can see it in her body language a symphonia shrugs throne of hands display amatory muggings all designed to demonstrate that she doesn’t fancy herself the final word on any subject . When push comes to shove she doesn’t want to be expected to invest much time or energy in any one other than herself

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 636-640. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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