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emotionally she travels light. Of horrors belabored friendships or overly dependent love bonds. Prefers a steady someone with whom she could shared life experience. And despite evidence to the contrary she isn’t in the least sappy or clingy being happy to be attached to the hip but also pleased as punch to have solo time. Point is all is the same to her. She’ll have one close female friend as well lifelong chum otherwise everyone is simply convivial acquaintance. Belong to many 11th house groups and organizations just the sort of dispassionate interactions she welcomes socially however she will never be part of some large pack. She can’t abide complicated interwoven dynamics. Specially cannot stomach conflict. In an ongoing attempt to never make waves she may sublimate her needs. In relationships with overbearing partner which is usually her choice she’ll sooner fold herself into the mandate of her man. She can go along for the ride so completely in relationships other women in particular might label her a Patsy.

All is not what it seems. Consciously or not she will play compliant as a sort of compounding bargaining chip if and when she decides to call it quits. All the evidence on who worked to keep the relation ship going will be in her favor. Zodiacs cheerleader always her partner’s biggest fan But if things go South she’s forever blameless 11th house also that of impersonal relationships the impact of which her intimates will realize if she feels a bond is finished she doesn’t fight not that it’s all water off a duck’s back.

499 body rulership rules the legs knee ankle circulatory system uranous sudden nervous disorders fit spasms breakdowns abnormal growth like tumors.

She keeps score one day when she feels pushed too far that last straw will break and all her partner will see is the back of her head. You’re in a splat planet of sudden change and so she’s gone. Woe be to any man To hash out legalities with her she is so blameless. We have two words Mia Farrow. Innocence one might look upon Utter complicity of Aquarius personality is fairly insidious. In hindsight a guy might prefer to have piped up about the problems instead of smiling through the long list of resentments that she ultimately leverage is to make her escape. Like the entire relationship was a Mirage that proverbial rainbow fading

important to consider why she falls for megalomaniacal men in the first place simple answer no matter her parents marriage dynamic she feels cut off from father with whom she invariably connected on a soulmate level. They really are cut from the same cloth but he only becomes more and more unreachable figure as time goes on thus her model of the perfect man is somewhat naturally distant and independent but also ironically on the same wavelength and not to both the WAVY aquarian wave symbol which might be interpreted as a frequency haha we do say it since childhood she has been shopping for boyfriends in the irregular section in search of an extraordinary mate. She seeks a rugged individualist at revolutionary and eccentric of maverick not ahead heretic someone like Ann rand’s character Howard roark let’s not even get to the fountain head significance to the water bearer. Someone whose soaring aspiration’s as the common man devoid of privilege reflective is crotches self divining his own destiny. A man with singularity of mind important big fixed ideas Rosie radical finds most riveting. She might often end up attracting or falling for a guy who is just deluded enough to fancy himself some great genius without having the right to substantiate such a claim. Show label the lug misunderstood except of course by her employing her student aquarian wavelength not to mention her signs I know mantra she feels her potential would be prodigy needs Is encouragement hope courage of convictions the kind of support our cheerleader is prepared to deliver . But here’s the rub: because she is so acquiescent character she actually brings out the rodgau in most guys who wouldn’t otherwise be so domineering it’s a matter of self fulfilling prophecy she ends up with or thus create somewhat of a monster RWT yet another symptom of her signs Association with freakishness and mutation .

500 whereas he can be a real Frankenstein Something we didn’t get quite into but we should she ends up being the bride thereof like he be marrying heracles often sense of wedding a mate of lower status. Perfect archetype stellastarr Tennessee Williams streetcar classic image character making her descend to the bellowing demands for husband she comes down that staircase he is unruly beast who is nonetheless able to see through life’s illusions. And what Stella and Aquarius woman Wants to feel is Mighty Real as the zodiacs vision of loveliness this far outside inherently feels All to E theoric at times we should talk about having being put a pound the way Mary Mary P would have been earmarked has future mommy she rebels against that


She thus has an overriding urge to play on the ground sex is one particular endeavor that gives her that sense of having feet firmly planted on Terra Firma Williams makes it clear that this is what keeps Stella wedded to Stanley there abandoned erotic experience being described as getting those colored lights going like a rainbow. She comes in colors.

In this literary reference we see the water bearers tendency to become involved with men who employ a sort of mind control yet one more symptom of fixed air read stuck thought Aquarius virtually asks for it she is ever in search of some guru of a man to whom she can conceptually attach and model herself after indeed behind most successful aquarian women there stands a man who they in some sense mimic when it works it’s the perfect meeting of the minds indeed the quintessential spiritual marriage but sometimes Aquarius finds she’s in a cult of two from which it is difficult to extricate herself it’s no easy task to backtrack and after being the consummate cheerleader to a man is greatest fan especially when she’s ended up feeling the fanaticism surrounding his most prodigal if not prodigious notions. She may have a series of serious long-term relationships in which this dynamic continues to emerge only to use her infamous get out of relationship hell free card as previously described when you consider the effect her constant for gifts if not doormat status has on Stanley Kowalski The Stanley kowalski’s of the world who she can reduce to bellowing babies should she threat to take a powder we gain insight into why it is she quits her bonds so abruptly she has to having been such slave salve two man She must tear herself away fast like ripping off a band aid.

She is grace personified endlessly forgiving mercifully understanding of faults and foibles seeing past such problems to the unadulterated good in others. Problem is most men waste her grace. They take her kind and adoring Nature for granted forcing her to hop that first streetcar out of town .

501 but just when one is ready to write her off as the emotional punching bag of the Zodiac there comes a realization: despite being continually disappointed by the men in her life she won’t cease and assist from that signature modis of giving selflessly to relationships. Rarely jaded she loses not one drop of hope in that seemingly bottomless loving Cup she carries willing to pour herself fully into the arms of yet another man period of course in time she does develop an ability to discriminate learning not to cast her pearls before swine. A voila : because she never compromises her utterly ungrudging indeed altruistic vision Of love , she ultimately happens appanna man who appreciates all of the joyful affection she is ready to gush without taking her own tremendous needs lightly. She is programmed to give mainly in the form of lending her infamous compassion this is what she is astrologically designed to do finding a man on whom she can spew 4th her feelings without having them trampled underfoot. She experiences rapture. Sometimes so happens that a former flame will have learned his lesson Seeking suddenly to woo her back starting over John Lennon’s ode to rekindling turbulent romance with Yoko Ono Springs to mind. Your innosys energy is eccentric unpredictable stranger things have been known to happen than Aquarius giving love a second chance with someone whom she left in the dust or Alternatively deserted her period if anyone can forgive the past it’s the Zodiac Stella who even when slapped in the face by love can turn the other cheek.

In relationships she asks little low maintenance mate whose idea of perfect evening sooner entails pizza and beer than caviar and champagne. Despite hippie Association with sinus pixius when in fact she rarely is some kind of granola crunching healthnet. She often doesn’t take as much care of her physical well billing being as she should and she similarly lackadaisical with her environment period of all the women in the Zodiac she is the most casual about her digs. She is overly relaxed when it comes to house cleaning general upkeep hands down Appalachian of the Zodiac who if she were in Beverly Hills would give the clampett to run for their money. Lack of **** retentiveness comes to define her period never a lady of the house picking up after a man in his buddies who invariably come to invade for home Allah Stella Stanley poker party. Startling symptom of her lack of concern for materialism but it often elicits the same response as that of Blanche visiting the qual skis for the first time her surroundings are visual collage rather than an orderly catalog . There will be effects from endless string of notorious hobbies crafty home arts. Curtains and bedspreads like many of her clothes may be direct with sewing machine. Tons of requisite knickknacks and memorabilia minimalism not being heard default aesthetic disposition. She likes the lived in look and nowhere in her house will that be more in evidence than in the bedroom where both decor and sexual philosophy isn’t above making a bit of a mess.

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Formality not her watchword. Could force anything stuffy puritanical. She is connoisseur of kitsch Americana finer points of white trash living. Turned on by men who are rough around the edges if not altogether red in the neck at least in spirit sex should never be laminated sanitized affair but rather a releasing of inhibitions. Her attitude is laissez-faire she is never demanding domineering emasculating oh contraire she gives her man much in the way space not wanting as many women do to be involved in the lion share of his experiences. The 11th house after all one of non personal and non emotional relationships it takes a lot To make her cry and that element of detachment from her mate ironically helps to ensure that their sex life remains alive and kicking for decades. For the zodiac’s renewal goddess there should be a sense of sex forever feels like the first time. Uranus ruled serendipity and surprise always important elements keeping erotic experience new and exciting. Not knowing everything about her partner’s life allowing for mystery keeps her guessing she comes to expect the unexpected. Same with sexual behavior itself. Spontaneity is arousing to her; her fantasies involve being taken abruptly she doesn’t relish or require long drawn out touchy feely sessions or romantic gazing’s into one another eyes. She’d sooner get off on being jumped by her mate from behind while she was absentmindedly washing the dishes. Real sudden human urges or what she’s all about . Not playing Footsie for hours at a restaurant as a precursor to foreplay that’s too drawn out and frustrating. It is the besteel side that attracts her most. She turns to Jelly for rugged blue collar types. If women were to take an anonymous impromptu plunge with the plumber it would be her who ironically given her sunny and nerdy disposition Might be the last few mill on the block one would expect to do so

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Considering her type is a sort of progeny from the wrong side of the tracks biker scientists redneck guru mechanic philosopher janitorial genius we see in this affinity for usual hybrid species of guys not only evidence for science Association with mutative energy but also it’s correlation to the experience of the divine mind being made manifest in the common man this is the kind of fellow who is both literally and figuratively going places he is man of the future self possessed empower like hero Hercules lays waste to notions of the mythical aquarian age wrought with social consciousness harmony and understanding where blanket 11th house egalitarianism is the order of the day there would be no division between construction worker an wine connoisseur she latches on to this man of the future besides she’s bonkers for the brainiac with the body of a sexy beast.

It takes a certain breed of man to get those colored lights in the ceiling spinning she likes big lugs those who look as if they can manhandle her right amount of roughness . Sex doesn’t need to be meaningful it is what it is rather it’s about pure physical pleasure. Pleasure Aquarius is not a sensualist she’s a sexualist and she expects and appreciates a man who won’t pardon the pun beat around Bush she wants all buttons pressed preferably all at once with the least amount of ceremony possible. As a sexual persona two she is unplugged any nods through her infamous appreciation for battery operated devices not standing. Indeed more than any other female quarian Will boast so-called goodie drawer filled with colorful plastic cylindrical objects vividly flavored contraceptives tickling devices and the like. Sex is all fun and games for her itoys tend to work their way into the proceedings between she for liver. Unlike males of the sign she is surprisingly UN kinky given her science Association with deviant energy however she is 0 hangups nor any trace of religious or moral guilt surrounding sex or body isn’t so much temple as it is a fun house she is especially comfortable with artificial stimulations either enhancement sex with a partner or as a happy solo substitute for human contact. She is nitty gritty character in the bedroom though she doesn’t go in for role playing percek. Her overriding sexual characters long variations on theme of righteous Mama. Sometimes she really embraces that biker chick personality getting off and being kind of hogs and heifers poster girl’s might if appeal to her gearhead guys she goes for her boudoir wardrobe is rarely top of the line she’s more Fredericks of Hollywood than Agent provocateur

504 amazing how garish a girl can be with so little fabric per square inch of flesh . Doesn’t want to know from anything more glamorous than neon nylon. Necessarily burns with desire to sexually please her man. Does not want to look the part of the sexy ***** that does. She and her mate may document their bedroom shenanigans with are with still photos or videos in which she stars as the moxie vixen Floats her boat to be dolled up in synthetic costuming as the cosmic slot no against without part sex part conceptual art. When it comes down to astral sorry actual activity she’s fairly straightforward in desires likes to ride I mean fast hog or be driven by one otherwise do whatever pleases from man somewhat shut yourself down to the process performs oral sex but not especially delighting in it a no sex usually off limits prefers to keep what might be considered invasive to a bare minimum

astrology labels Aquarius the orgi Queen Associated with groups 11th house but spaceous conclusion Were she allowed to attend such a gathering with the understanding that she would have to do anything or anybody she probably show up out of curiosity dispassionate but much just chagrin of male partner who might want to see her get it off with another girl generally not bisexual ironically even though she’s open minded when it comes to sex there is little to no grey area .

And on the other side hard pressed to find more empowered individual than The gay Paris . She is a beacon of confidence self esteem inviting other gablin rally aroundHow society as a whole evolves whether or not person gay post less or less important as a nod to future orientated planetary rule of pureness that which signals large scale social change she prefers her preferences don’t warrant discussion. With little effort or personal agenda she possesses the sort of pied Piper appeal to other gay people lesbians in particular who wish to emulate a liberated carefree attitude to the aquarian her own vision of life as a gay person matters I’m no other than it a level of her own

505 she tends to be good deal more romantic than straight counterpart as a rule dominant in relationships eschewing feminine trappings and fashions for more androgynous if not outright masculine look this matches her hoyden Ish mindset not outright masculine how we do that it’s not that she is decidedly Butch indeed she doesn’t subscribe to extreme posturing in personality leaving more backlash symptom of sociosexual pressure just a natural condition not so much a latent masculinity as much as a perpetual childlike tomboyishness. She rarely comes across as some sort of drag King yeah she is a sporty wholesome looking with glint of mischief in her eye indecorous demeanor went outside and build yourself a tree house this is the gay aquarium brand of eccentricity : she seems the most liberated of all individuals born under the sign what oh I see of all the aquarians choose the most liberal liberated for companies infectious element of magnetism yeah really have you spoken to ******* Sue lately that piece of *** **** **** we should **** her up the *** with a ******* hot coal all fix signs and the element of magnetism is associated with her personality birthday cake Maria is that much more compelling close circle of intimates whose friendships show  retain Actually I have no idea where I am I circled drag King earlier there it is something about she will have a close circle of intimates whose friendships she’ll retain over a lifetime her choice and cronies never contingent on sexual orientation why would it be uh good clean fun What

like a callow youth for whom love is a new occurrence lesbian cueros completely transfixed by object of pure unadulterated affection. Oblivious to boundaries prefences attracted to women with Teeter tottering sexual identities and vice versa was that man Like straight women of the sign she also entices more than her fair share of opportunists take advantage of her wide eyed innocent outlook on life. As it happened she’s a naturally gallant and protective of a lover often indulging with gifts spoiling her with surprise evenings out romantic trips. Less savory might hang on for such perks does not seem to be enough unlike straight counterpart however she doesn’t go through steady series or relationships or serial marry instead she’ll sooner remain single have her heart broken More than once or twice she commits to study relationships expecting to last for a lifetime

in a nod to her planet’s Association with the unexpected find gay girl Paris at least looking for it was that man For outsized intelligence next for her signature absurdist sense of humor one reason people circle around her is because she’s so damn funny she may also come across this intellectual even though our appearance of suggest Dennis the menace more than Gertrude Stein about ****** that mean Not the father more than none the less demure naturally differential in general element of accident instigates meeting harmless Fender ****** mutual friend realizes what’s happening she’s chattering away inimitable style this is so ******* boring.

She often finds herself in a relationships that entail showing her love lesbian ropes she is patient dominant figure in the bedroom decidedly active role hands down top girl aggressor mutual satisfaction As opposed to pleasing or being pleased fashion precedence over sensual finesse  coming on strong remaining good Lord I have no idea where I was coming on strong aggressor hashing precedence over finesse Harden in physical expression Excited urgent duration of sex session remarkably oral and ever that means it rarely tucks into eater partner out unless she’s being reciprocated OK whatever toys they play with double headed must remain attached at the hip but I’m pumped achieving simbiosys if she achieves certain success or notoriety stemming from her brand of intellect her partner may function as an agent manager or otherwise act as liaison Once she finds a steady relationship she will seek to sustain it her bond comes to define her partner achieving simbiosys that they begin to function as one sort of Organism I guess oh


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 641-645. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


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