Leo 12° (August 1)

Very definition of self-made man. Ability to exist according to his own design.

He is devoid of doubht and distraction. Doesn’t stress or strive to achieve success

Patiently allows plans to gestate, visualizing himself in the present as what he wants to be in future. (Laurence always being this person).

Doesn’t “arrive”; he behaves as one who has already achieved it. Life is self-fulfilling prophecy

Drawn to artistic professions where imagination manifests

UN beholden 2 anybody but himself , trails no trace of emotional or psychological baggage

ignores brushes off Ignores evidence of the past if it doesn’t suit his mythic self image

Sees no irony in adopting a personality often hoity toity one that suits his spirits

better than the arbitrary self conditioned by birth and upbringing

posts dissolute soul of a poet freely licensed to devise landscape of his own experience

despite high brow Polish which is aimed at providing entree into more rarified enclaves you nonetheless Has a taste for raw unmade women Heartless unblushing types who provide a sense of real grounding and enable him to creatively soar all the more

With other men he is homoerotic to the core forever flirting with the fine line between friendship and fill out sexual involvement

512 principle dissolution Synonym for death symbolizes a return to the primordial soup metaphoric fetus in the process of rebirth Both a product of inherited traits end of evolution. Dissolution is also a dream state pisces representing imagination Made manifest. Dissolution also symbolizes love which embraces all diversity deliquescing into the whole holism of humanity sign motto I believe mechanism for turning dreams into reality

Jupiter attributed secondary ruler providing those born under the sign psychological bright backdrop Of optimism and expansiveness primary ruler Neptune planet of imagery signifies the universal principle of dissolution Those high seas view reality as rather dissolved. Ancient contemporary cultures and religions speak of the visible world as somesara defined as the cycle of existence click completely defiled state of mind caused by karma. The dissolute pisces seeing the world as dissolvable patina is able to live life beyond the Vale of this cycle which is what it means to reach Nirvana the liberation from the wheel of existence and thus the attainment of purified state of being. Master illusionist Neptune planet of illusion Pisces sees life as a sustainable miraculous condition That which the previous sign Aquarius only glimpsed in revelations. Aquarius woman The Zodiac salame personifying the veil drawing back pisces like the powerful oz Zedd signaling an end to the journey weather along some brick Rd or around the astrological wheel is that man behind the curtain whether you pay attention to him or not. He is the original Dharma bum a drifter on a spiritual and metaphorical plane equipped with natural understanding of absolute ironic truth of existence that the world of appearance is illusion Vapor as typified by the mighty immutable water sign thus able to be orchestrated as such. Neptune itself points to life lived on the metaphorical plane and thus the natural born poet pisces is blessed or cursed with the gift of seeing life indeed existence on such a level akin to what pisces painter pyet mondrian pegged abstract realism that of the essential all be at unseen reality believing life to be fraught with illusions allows pisces to reach beyond its Tricks and disguises appearances being ultimately deceiving pisces man teaches us by example real life is what one fancies it to be and the fish guy lives a life of fancy in every sense of the word


pisces man has a natural talent for creating whimsical unreal worlds from vast recesses Of imagination Possessing a romantic vision Of existence by which to elevate banal even degrading circumstances to sublime level. Poetic soul apparent in whatever he undertakes though many a pisces man does indeed pursue creative vocations painting decorative arts dance writing in any case to his mind all his poetry.

513 planet symbol Neptune planet of illusion imoti reality represents need to experience life from perspective devoid of practical or ideological structures. It puts pisces in touch with unseen planes of inspiration And leaves him open to spiritual or mystical experiences 3 pronged phallus Of the triple God … Also quadrant One’s relationship with the divine the eternal where is Capricorn Engages traditional practices and Aquarius grasps new truths pices combines these forces by the practical application of evolutionary ideals

via Neptune and the 12 house of dreams and impressions meaning he perceives reality or subjectively driven by internal senses and personal apprehensions rather than solid external factors or conditions , the harsher bulk of which he dains not to recognize purposeful ignorance one might say is pisces bliss his private path to perfection The fish chooses to inhabit the dreamy waters of unconscious with pointed disregard to outward influences social morays obstacles or limits that might hinder his design for living. Personification of the adage life is what you make it . Exhibits a unique ability to eliminate anything from his path that might muddy his determination to fill a specific calling. Unlike most of us who find ourselves mired in emotional blocks and self doubts familial dysfunction or discouragement pisces simply won’t see such detriment rather he embodies the be all self he fancies himself to be not so much overcoming obstacles as obliterating indeed dissolving them living the dream of what his life should be regardless of any conditions of birth or upbringing especially if dodgy

fitting that the word fancy also means breeding as in the case of animals IE developing points of excellence or beauty the making designing growing adapting for exceptional qualities to appeal to please the fancy for pisces does exactly that he propagates himself that which he pinpoints to be his finest traits. As the last aspect or logical sign Pisces is associated with the age 77 to 84 advent of not only death but the Zodiac being a wheel reincarnation Leading to the Premier sign of Aries and birth . Pisces is the Alpha and the Omega phrase associated with Christ primary architect figure of the sign depicted by the signs opposite facing Fitch how does this relate to pisces? Well from an early age he lives his life as a metaphor in a metaphoric womb tomb state where he let’s dissolve the unwanted memories of the past as he reincarnates indeed breeds himself into something new period to him the world is a womb with a view for nurturing and developing dreams and desires. The fish perceives his environment has fluid life a system that provides both incoming nourishment reinforcement for his development and ongoing cleansing psychological Waste removal the washing away of distractions and other detritus that might hinder the full realization of his fantastical ambitions just as an actual womb performs the same dual function feeding the fetus well illuminating waste . Bobbing away in life as it was one big isolation tank gives rise To his fantastical imagination Weather artistic or delusional just as he seeks to isolate and breed out and weed out wasteful attitudes are attributes  engendering only those traits that fit whom he imagines himself to be

sign glyph opposite facing fish mythic totems of erose and Aphrodite signify the Alpha and the Omega and the yin Yang construct of the Universe as the primal androgen the fish is a womb symbol opposite facing signified dualsystem of incoming nourishment outgoing illumination… also element and quality what are emotion particularly love and intuition Mutable a call for versatility change the combination best described as the sea itself a metaphor for a dream state of primordial soup from which all sprang also implies fog mist vapor synonymous with imagination dreams so called illusion

514 Neptune signals refinement via principle of Dissolution Such that pisces man Emerges as gleaming individual precisely because he is better able than most to let impediments to his successes simply melt away. Regardless of whether or not he was reared (that poisonous gas too) On the proverbial wrong side of the tracks he tends to just state genteel well bred characteristics fancying himself as aristocrat with pedigree often much to bewilderment of parents. He is detached from family dynamic and easily able to let go of the past particularly if Ken Conflict with princely self image. for him even what might be considered humble Origins can become grounds for cutting family out of his life just as he performs a sort of psychic surgery on himself determined to rid his mind of any squalid associations that might hinder signature soaring plans.


Despite his notorious flights of fancy he is most resolute character on the block . His whimsy and decisive determination are not mutually exclusive but one in the same for him desire is purpose and whereas many feel a conflict between dreams and reality he entertains no such chasm. Ambition and desire are impersonal they are manifestations in the individual of some divine plan Thus no matter how lofty his callings on some level he believes he is simply fulfilling destiny. He sees ambition or desire even of a sexual nature stemming from a divinely inspired source or force apon which he’ll happily hop and go for a ride period of course is in Tennessee Williams A streetcar named desire where the choice stop is elisian fields the mythic heaven Where cram della cram mortals are granted eternally blissful life , pisces possesses a confidence that in fully committing if not sacrificing himself to what he perceives to be his life purpose determined by his most pressing needs he will also achieve certain immortality a seat on the dais of heroic human achievement. Of course living one’s dream requires great fearlessness in the face of adversity which she possesses in abundance

coming at the end of the Zodiac we have a sense of an individual with resolution a term meaning determination But also an answer a solution . The word solution relates to the dissolution Of Neptune comes from Latin Solid tonal meaning illusing or unfastening the word solve itself from the Greek sylvo release a tone clear up or wash away a fitting denotation For this water sign. To the pisces male mind the key to the Riddle of life is letting go of 1’s problems a process of elimination or casting of burdens the literal solution being the liquidation of impediments which in their absence reveal answers that have always been there but blocked

5:15 polarity not the sea but one adrift in the sea of reverie like a lucid dreamer imagining intentions into reality … also sign number the number of divinity considered the higher vibration of the number 3 which 12 reduces to when it’s 2 digits are added together there are 12 tribes of Israel 12 stations of the cross 12 Zodiac signs 12 Olympian gods

heaven is spread out here on earth to his mind. We just have to see beyond the veil. He isn’t trapped in world of appearances lives like a lucid dreamer brings about desired circumstance through concentration In total ignorance of distraction something any lucid dreamer would tell you is no easy feat. It is his birthright to be in touch with true calling everything else is dross refuse being a principal attribute of the 12th house the dustbin Of the Zodiac. He has Nary an emotional obligation UN beholden to anyone but himself those with whom he enters relationship must fold themselves into his life making his goals there Kohl’s or remain Determined to pursue their own Path with an inherent isolation that a relationship with him and tails. Otherwise bombs become an obstacle something he will cut loose in favor of drifting tord his divinely appointed destination. Subconsciously he feels that if a relationship is able to survive given his total immersion in himself then that bond too qualifies as destiny. In a world where most people live quiet lives of desperation , by embracing his most exalted flights of fancy, he can achieve a kind of profound connection With purpose , a direction others might even allow themselves to dream of pursuing

still it could take him a lifetime to fulfill this destiny as he neither quests nor networks but slowly sales toward goals here alone is a late bloomer. and if that wouldn’t try the patience of a St his martyred life partner must Austin must also cope with his cavalier attitude tord money taking on the role of bookkeeper if not banker until his creativity begins to translate into cash. Even then material matters remain peripheral to him for whom everything in life people included is easy come easy go. But sacrifice is endemic to the sign Indeed the fish draws persona from archetype of apotheosized deities Who typically through sacrifices of death turn from men into gods . Christ is the most obvious example sacrificial character we see his birth and death as miraculous likewise pisces fish symbol for the Christ figure all about miraculous energy The Greek word for fish is the same is that for Messiah. represents Transformative change on the unseen Spiritual plane we should talk about transcendence rather than transformation Birth and death fit the criteria when taken together as part of the same cycle wheel of life repeating through reincarnation For resurrections his experience is like that Of some divine being for whom the world is embryotic liquid nurturing and purifying fluid naturally forms him into de ified man.

516 age 7 seven 284 age of death drifting comfortably in some wondrous Limbo where pure intentions are free from distractions all seems possible frog  fetal features the world is a nurturing womb isolation tank giving rise to dreams and fancies … also psychology pisces exhibits Messiah complex pathologically jealous of others successes. Hypersensitive prone to drug and alcohol abuse. Maybe oedipal comma attuned to mystical occurrences may suffer hallucinations paranoia schizophrenia

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 646-650. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


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