Leo 13° (August 2)

pisces Messiah complex remind us there Need not be be division between concept of God and man. ideological energy is the belief that he was put on earth as embodiment of Supreme being. At such great sacrifices having to put up with disappointing shenanigans of the rest of the planet’s inhabitants. He exudes AB 9 though patron izing tolerance even closest friends love ones on whom he casts patient disgruntled gays. Always will be let down by the all too human Machinations of others long ago cut loose and set adrift affecting finagle ING struggling self. Still he manages to smile reassuringly if not condescendingly at the rest of us wallowing in the mire

Transcendents of standard human cycles of existence find seeds in early childhood begins in the womb often his mother had a difficult pregnancy stressful time born prematurely they defects webbed toes feet cleft palate birthmarks the word blessed comes from the French bless a meaning to wound he is thus woon did bless it is the fruit of the womb the proverbial miracle baby birth despite complications is auspicious . Mother is a powerful force in the family but not particularly nurturing . She forms an adult bond with him who may be eraly mature for his years one of comrade ship sometimes too close for comfort oedipal patterns. His dad tends to look on his son as strange concerned about the future of his sexuality as even St East pices will be something foppish an effete . There is usually a tricky triangle of affection where by his mother feels strain and showing affection to both husband And son who are at odds. As he reaches teenage will become a brooding dark horse one of the aspects he draws from classic Neptune poseiden

517 archetype draws on eross love at once son of Aphrodite and oldest gods fish heroes of embodies the underlying energy of the universe heroes does love which pisces believes all is possible planet namesake Neptune God of C personifies the middle way in a world Of opposites represented by brothers 80s and Zeus Poseidon Trident triple phallus key to coupling with triple goddess wife amphitrite Aphrodite in her marine form Poseidon means mate of the mother


Squally personality who took over previous goddess ruled provinces carrying the Trident originally a symbol of the goddess in her triplicate form marrying amphitrite Aphrodite of the sea . Seeming digression important Aphrodite marry judeo Christian Mary synonymous with the sea water womb Jesus emerges. Jesus analogous to Greek euros unlike Cupid is at once the oldest of gods and yet eternel babe Jesus like Poseidon Is wedded to the triple goddess as well having as the godfathered himself by his mother taking Mary Magdalen As consort 3 Marys are present at crucial moments in his 333 year lifespan Including notably crucifixion . He is called the little fish constellations of pisces said to represent Aphrodite and heroes together totems We’re fish the forms they would change themselves into heroes is love Jesus is love father son and Holy Spirit male Trinity three points creating a circle wheel cycle personified in one being

pisces in nutshell his own creation Self begotten Self contained The Holy Spirit by signifying mysterious unseen aspect of personality power of self conception continually taking place in the womb of his world. The zodiacs Prince of peace designed to carve out destiny without unduly dealing with others agendas. Little wonder he recuses himself from domestic dynamics As early as he can think to do so 12 House of escape and asylum. He may live his adolescent years barricaded in his room interacting only when arm twisted . At school finds a rarified on clave surrounding artistic interest finding sanctuary . He will stay late alone to work on solo projects art art or music. He isn’t awkward shy or trying to fit in like the aquarian male rather he is heedless of others living in 12th house oblivion. He attracts a great many girls who find his searing sensitivity As well as insouciance intriguing. Heckled by other males he’ll go Christ like turning proverbial cheek the untouchable nobility attracts great majority of misfit population who become disciples of sorts elevating him to champion among meek disenfranchised status that defines him into adulthood.

Would be good to start with the swirly stormy poseidone energy that which is unexplored in our treatment of pisces man

518 Bible literature associated with Christ fish symbol Greek heroes the whole Aphrodite erose thing both figures are personifications of Supreme divine force in the cosmos Christ figures abound in literature chaucer’s Nicholas in the Millers tale steinback Jim Casey in grapes of wrath Stowe’s uncle Tom Joyce is Stephen Douglas CS Lewis Aslan In the film the matrix the savior neo Christ figure defined by immersion In Is calling the Greek word fish synonymous with Messiah

body soul pisces lives in flux makes fairly fair weather friend prefers to remain free agent Even when married 50 odd years likes to mingle solo in social settings springing on someone he may have sussed out determining whether a person would make interesting or rather interested conversation He has a definite spiel verbal routine designed to impress seeming spontaneous insights and one liners. Unique ability two key into person pinpointing playing into one state of mind if someone suddenly approaches you Keenly summing up the thoughts running through your mind at the exact moment you’re thinking them some witty aside on sequiter striking up conversation It’s pisces man 12 how’s clairvoyance kicks right in Otherwise exudes quiet charismatic air made less Intrusive by dulcet tone voice . Loves latching onto strangers entertaining and impressing acquaintances with witty Rep arte worldly knowledge regardless of their sex or identity . Can be a fancy pants if not FOP proper dress pronunciation Qualities suggesting he might have enjoyed luxury upbringing or he’s a big Sissy or both. Indeed straitest pisces notoriously suspect sexual orientation Over the top cultured gallant Felix Unger Fraser both pisces Queen Esther heterosexuals Prissy personalities in all his flamboyance puts the big an ambiguous he must break through such barriers of suspicion surrounding sexual preference.

Given his inherent lack of machismo women Women generally not threatened feel like there that he’s making ardent advances that friendship or romance will ensue much to recommend him despite frog genus in  appearance Bulging eyes gaping mouth tends to be one of the best looking of men . Hair typically dark high forehead big eyes dramatic unfocused gaze bushy sweeping brows skin extremely pale translucent veins visible beneath the skin Eyes often And indistinguishable color green or blue flecked with Brown Or so dark to appear charcoal grey papers have Milky opaque quality suggesting shrouded clouded impressionistic perspective . Pointy often slightly hooked nose dusted with freckles lips full and Lewis above square but delicate chin Many models proverbial Kendall plasticine lads Rob Lowe Kyle maclachlan Chris Klein David duchovny Kurt Russell Freddie Prinze junior Barry bostwick Pierce Brosnan Beauty boy is why he crossed cultural racial lines more than other males African descent Sidney Poitier Harry Belafonte Nat King Cole Al Jarreau Quincy Jones Spike Lee


besides pretty looks peace loving personality Mannerly uppercrust E lockjaw social light sounding patterns of speech Thurston Howell besides Tony Randall and Kelsey grammar Jim Bacchus David Niven Rex Harrison George plimpton John Updike even when the troubled sort 12th house self deception Cell phone doing manifestations of dissolution Pisces inspires sympathy On that score Kurt Cobain Bixby trebek James Taylor pair Paolo pasolini Jack Kerouac Dean Stockwell Robert Lowell . These characters all elicit compassion For their pain troubled natives often seen just well trouble being the most genteel man on the block goes a long way to explain his prolific success in particular in sexual pursuits. With lack of romale beastliness he becomes the favorite boy toy of many men and women. Notoriously naturally smooth body Wins points for kind of mannequin Masculinity just stepped out of the pages of a magazine layout

he typically boasts what is referred to in fashion as sample size perfect 40 long most men will never in their life should be in two more flamboyant the better as a fanciful fashion sense romantic Byron ask styles portray signature poetic soul However in the world of minimalist male fashion He can look like his wardrobe is direct from the Pirates of Penzance. 520 10s to wear fine wispy erelong Byron ask again christ Being fitting Jesus the first male model also inherited his archetypes love of ghazi kaftans open toe sandals embodies same peaceful demeanor lanky physique low percentage body fat chiseled angular features high cheekbones delineated jawline give way to long graceful neck Pronounced Adams Apple deep dip clavicle shoulders wide and Bony arms thin but defined chest concave requiring compensation . High muscular rear long thin spindly legs feet like hands delicately attenuated slightly erotic despite all body perfection Something amiss a curvature of the spine Bowleggedness flat feet other such defects moderately hairy definite dark fleecey treasure trail flat tummy loose floppy basket averagely endowed **** perfectly Proportionate in length and thickness ironically something nonsexual about him nudity inspires aesthetic appreciation rather than lust perhaps due to overall anatomic definition Like a life drawing model composition makes 1 Marvel At magnificent human form

sex and sexuality as early as teen years he will have and set adrift from family moving out of house as quickly as possible before legal age sometimes otherwise living home in a like a shadow we border. He will come and go as he pleases disappearing for days ghost Like presence decidedly detached from dorm room life typically latches on to domineering female often older keeps company to the exclusion of others attracted to flamboyant attention getting females gaudy body types with creative Ambitionz much like his own

521 body rulership the feet which comprise pressure points that connect to the entire body just as the sign itself is considered the catch all of the Zodiac also governs the lymphatic system Neptune is associated with mental process brain and spinal fluid tendency to foot trouble dementia brain Disorders

Love life Noel Coward esque adops adult personality perpetually bored even With his own sophistication He is seen everything nothing or nobody impresses him makes point of undermining anything or anybody that appeals to the masses out of jealousy Or justifiable disdain. Main criteria for a partner is vocal otherwise obvious corroboration of his views. Likes a bit of wear and tear turned Off by ingenues most find appealing. Looks for experience seasoning. Even as a teen attracted to older girls are those with reputations warranted or not for being around the block Once or twice or more subconsciously linked to the cyclical nature of life sooner make a Madonna out of a questionable hor then hook up with some snowy Virgin Who might only become more blackened

though this may not sound flattering on the surface to those linked with pisces man The 12 house is referred to as the dustbin of the Zodiac the dregs sediment being result of energy of dissolution The remnants of experience as well as society we already see this dynamic in pisces appealed to misfits and miscreants as pure group same pattern in love. Even the kind of sluggish girl who appeals to be used goods is viewed by pisces as someone who through experience as become a seasoned distillation of Womankind refined by circumstance if not hardship into more essential self devoid of pretense ego or other such trappings of human falsification. In being undone he believes a woman’s soul is laid bare. And it is the soul that he is seeking to wed just as erose is wedded to psyche soul if you know anything about that myth and the hell Aphrodite put psyche through you might get an idea of the oedipal pressures that invariably plague pisces. One never knows if his choices for in a partner Which strike most everyone acquainted with him as dubious is the primary reason for his mother’s disdain thord whatever girl he brings home or if conflict on that score is simply written in the stars whatever the cause pisces mother and mate typically do not see eye to eye in time however they might begin to realize that they are eerily cut from the same cloth if not born into the same generation Beautiful water change and adaptability through the feeling intuition And the primal origin of life this is what baptism signifies rebirth Erose primal force in the universe specifically sexual nature essence impetus to life water used as metaphor for love one must be open recipient while it escapes those seeking to grab it love is not selfish love to which pisces subscribes neither wants to own or be owned bye partner . The zodiacs drifter never be tide down Even in marriage will pursue individual ambitions they take him on a solo excursions retreats from his lady wife subconsciously or not seems to feel an older woman might understand the concept of cling free love only through her Hard Knocks experience. He cringes at thought of on jinu expecting conventional attachment at the hips think of Cupid and psyche where in God of love demands not to reveal himself but simply to be loved without having it known who he is . Unconditional love devoid of importance placed on appearances or ownership . Search is a woman soul for invisible quality contents of her psyche are really visible to his eye more so than her style of dress or makeup 12,000 Association with freedom from social barriers falls for women exaggerative Lee color outside the lines despite own fussiness and appearance visibility incongruous mate may be the proverbial peroxide blonde outfitted in outrageous manner

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 651-655. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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