With the last image, the self sought to recollect itself, I imagine, in preparation for certain reincarnation. An old man reflecting in a rocking chair could be the very image of weighing the past (karma) which determines a new state of being, all very high-Aries. Now, at Leo 14°, ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence, we find A Human Soul Seeking Opportunities For Outward Manifestation, which strikes me as an image of an evolved Taurus kind.

Self-actualization is the keynote here, something which is achieved through the manifestation of our talents, qualities, assets, worth, value—all of which are attributes of Taurus and the second astrological house. What is life then but the proving (fixed-earth of Taurus) proving ground for the soul’s yearning. In a sense life is a process of terrestrially representing the true nature of the spirit. We want to have as little separation between what our original, true soul’s desire might be and the life we live—it’s a great chasm between those two elements of self which characterizes dis-ease on any and all levels. Rudhyar suggests this urge is transpersonal, that is to say, dealing with states of conscioiusness byoned the limits of personal identity. This is debatable. I consider them one and the same. And of course it’s easier said then done.

Life provides obsacles. And would we be dealing with an Aries-ruled oracle, here, we might say that the answer is to attack, the energy of that sign being directive and objective, ruled by Mars, whose symbol is a spear and shield, armed to do battle. But Taurus energy is the opposite. Ruled by Venus the sign is about attracting or allowing. So we see today that the prescription for leading a life mor aligned with soulful yearning is one of letting the soul speak and manifest; this would suggest, by exention, that our obstacles are largely self-imposed. And if we are not letting our true self to come out, then we are therefore in some state of self-hatred or -denial. That won’t get any of us anywhere.


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