Leo 13° is ruled by the sign of Aries in a twelve-fold sequence and not surprising it focuses on Selfhood. An Old Sea Captain Rocking Himself On The Porch Of His Cottage, to me, speaks of the evolved Aries experience. I see an old soul who has kept the integrity of self intact and might even now be recollecting or, even anticipating reincarnation. He is more akin to the child in the swing in his rocking back and forth. He has weathered the storm of temporal existence and is contented with his choices. He may be like the individual who snuck away from yesterday’s lawn party with it is artful setting to bask in what nature offers. He is in quiet reflection of old age, seemingly contented. More than anyone he likely has tales to tell but all his worldly travel has brought him to this place where we all might find ourselves if we are fortunate: old age.

It’s a short one today. I’m off to the doctors to help insure I might get to that rocking chair one day.

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