Half-way through Leo, at 15° of the sign, we see A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With People, and it’s not even carnival time in Provincetown. The esoteric meaning of this image is the releasing of energies in a form that enacts the aspirations of man’s soul/nature—yesterday we explored, albeit briefly (I’m busy—don’t judge me) the soul’s yearning for express, ruled by Taurus, associated with the voice/expression. Today we take it to the streets which is the domain of the scrappy sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, named for the god of all sorts of jugglers, clowns, name-sake merchants, buskers and your basic carnie folk. “Happenings” fall under Gemininan government, people of the sign being buzzy types, typically with an excitement addiction—the kind that like a parade or carnival. But the street-level aspect is only one side of the duality of that sign. By reveling in the streets, allowing excitement to build, we are seeking some form of release or incandescence. (Isn’t that a great word?)

We can reach a state of sublime luminosity via the ecstatic experience. We know this from many cultures, from shamans to Shakers, dervishes to pentacosal devotees. Through the individual experience—and the Gemini-ruled nervous system—we find ecstatic connection with the collective and, again, access the transpersonal through demonstration. Gemini combining with Leo really amplifies the theatricality associated with the latter sign, allowing us to sing the body electric, Walt Whitman, a Gemini, knowing full well the connection between the individual/self and transpersonal/collective.

carnival-parade The advent of a clown, or costuming associated with carnivals, had its origins in the funerary. There is the expectation of opening oneself to some darker, demonic elements when one crosses the threshold into altered states of consciousness that link them to collective spirit, designed to move the individuals. The costumes are a) designed to disguise the individual; and b) to frighten away and unsavory spirits, which is why we wear them on Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is meant to be quite thin.

So take to the streets today folks, but keep your psychic defenses strong. Allow the spirit to move you but beware of your own personal demons.

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