It never ceases to amaze me how these symbols, divined randomly, perfectly and precisely follow a twelve-fold sequence of the Zodiac. After the street scene of yesterday, ruled by Gemini, Cancer is the ruler of today’s oracle and, as you’ve no doubt heard me say ad nauseum, Cancer is associated with flood myths and deliverance. Enter today’s Sabian symbol: The Storm Ended, All Nature Rejoices in Brilliant Sunshine. Really? Okay. The official symbolism here is pretty straightfoward: The surging of life and love after crisis, a word that shares an etymological route with crossroads, Mercury being the god thereof, and Gemini being the sign that expresses that particular marketplace of duality. And as yesterday’s carnival explosion allowed the individual to release via catharsis, we now see the effects of it.

We are, as Dane Rudhyar puts it, “singing in the cleansed and refreshed mind, flooded for a while by the waters of feeling”—if that’s not a Cancerian image I don’t know what is. We are today given a sense of the joy and hope of new beginnings. I know this is going to resonate in our household today because this was theme of conversation this morning before glancing at what today’s oracle might be. Anyway I have some insight: We all want a certain sense of do-over, to really cut losses and make piece with failures of the past—in a sense we do this every day, even just looking at what is left on our to-do list, making new pacts and promises with ourselves to positively take life in new directions. It’s a very mental thing typically….but sometimes, there is a greater sense of “starting over” which just happened to be the name of Linda Lavin’s cabaret we saw a few days ago (if you are a performer and reading this make it a point to see LL’s master class in cabaret). I guess the difference is this: Sometimes we aren’t so much deciding to start over, but rather find ourselves as the vehicle, the embodiment, of the archtypal energy (sone and the same as this Cancerian “flood myth” experience) of true deliverance taking hold, whether we are mentally aligned with it or not.


Real renewal and recovery is emotional—we have to feel it. So today we see “all nature rejoices” (re-joy); and, as we are not separate from nature, but just a human expression of it, nature can rejoice through us. Two days ago we sensed the soul’s yearning for this, and we were advised to let it not make it happen. We then took to the streets, the crossroads of human and spiritual experience and the duality that brings to bear, and we managed achieve release, getting our minds out of the way without completely losing our noodles. And now we are open channels for the waters of the emotional world to work its nature through the channels of our very own. Have a nice day.


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