Leo 14° (August 3)

unlike opposite Virgo pisces not a conscious svengali trying to change his mate he brings about a lovers change on an unseen subconscious level she might find herself transforming from the inside out. He is attracted to guttersnipes loving loving them unconditionally tend to undergo an alteration of their own Mary Magdalene was literally loved into changing he didn’t simply pick out some new clothes this is the effect pisces has on friends as well as lovers absolutely no expectations of others those who want to win his affection end up jumping through heap hoops to please him following in his footsteps vividly straining to win his favor in this way he turns those with whom he enters a love relationship into disciples worded as such pisces doesn’t see me ever falls in love per se his form of loving is removed devoid of expectation Borders on apathy axe asks less of a partner than any other man in the Zodiac relationships are mainly all about him behavioral psychologist BF Skinner fish guy interacts with loved ones system of punish and reward without ever saying a word

Without saying a word he either tunes in or out of partner based on her comportment if he’s pleased by her she gets attention if not he leaves the building to a spouse or lover learns to conform to such manners so as to win the prize of even his vaguest recognition Forever in this protective bubble inbox outbox system described by those opposite fish decides what is jetsam and what is flotsam in his experience

even in love human filter system that is the pisces man Is designed not to create undue karma the fish is are rather an illustration of soulful mechanism of the elimination of karma good in bad out this is of course in keeping with signs Association with death conceptually speaking the sign is predicated on the employment of 12th house ideal of escape being able to jump off the karmic carousel and apotheosized but man With brahma this is what the pisces man is doing now daily simply doesn’t become snared in in tangling human drama only individuals who likewise create undo karmic attachments are allowed to enter his environment he must in turn be loved purely and with no expectation most women attempt to romance end up singing I don’t know how to love him . He challenges partners to living away as poets have described by simultaneously setting him free allowing him the escape into solitude of life’s callings. This is the dynamic he needs to keep love alive typically too unnerving for most women Or men To abide even sex doesn’t anchor the drifter if so the Mary magdalens of the world with whom he invariably hooks up would be able to rely on standard skills not so hard pressed to change attitude and behavior to cultivate a love bond with the unfathomable fish guy

of all the gender signs in the Zodiac pisces male his least moved by sex not to say that his range of carnal experience doesn’t outstrip the rest of the population because it generally does it’s just that sex doesn’t much affect him one way or other he could watch the most hardcore porn With a room full of granny’s and not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment likewise enter a decadent sexual landscape even as vague participant which is pretty much the way he does it anyway and surface unscathed without any residual battering to his Peace of Mind. The personification of euros nothing shocks the pisces by the same token he finds nothing to be of overwhelming fascination . He remains outside sexual experience often actually easier for him to put himself in two environments or he can acknowledge and appreciate even blatant carnality without his own intimate involvement

524 in terms of clinical psychology erose refers to instinct for self preservation The ultimate paradox here who signed fish symbol Yang Yang all or nothing Christ like to the core go to hell and back with his entire being unshaken intact no character will go further in exploration of Eroticism aterm defined as the sexual quality of an experience particularly those of an abnormal nature meeting but rather than meat and potato sex which to him is just ho hum . Neptune is the planet of imagery icy sexual persona lives in this elusive realm enjoys quality erotica generally gain to film and or star in his own home movies indeed being the only mutable water man Metaphorically no stranger to primordial slime easily attend that sex venue whether the OR GS or goings on in some after hours club as easily as not. When he does he will typically just pass through stopping long enough to chat up some woman having good conversation in landscape of otherwise writhing moaning bodies is the picture of piscean insouciance . Recruiting yet another disciple if not fishing in the murky Meyer for would be magdeleine to spiritually mold into his own Madonna. How could such a soul not get the sense she was being saved granted the presence of Chrissy places in such a place might make anybody feel self conscious and despite this  extreme example the fish guy tends to force others to search their own souls and conscience try to remove any impediments to their own Peace of Mind. Unlike the pisces onlooker it could be argued that most people who might be found groping in the dark of some sex joint are doing so as a result of some past trauma or compulsion not truly therefore out of choice .

Not just notoriously prim and artsy he can also appear androgynous if not outright sexless one instance where appearances are not necessarily deceiving makes sense given Association with sweet hereafter he is gentler genderless as one might imagine a pure spirit to be since adolescence the fish may have been Very aware that he doesn’t fall prey to his libido the way others do sex doesn’t strike him as a fresh or foreign concept even in tenderest youth the natural transcendence with which he regards it at once makes him feel just ranged from superior to other mouse in particular. Instead of seeing himself as abnormal he labels others lesser holding himself up that much more Supreme being not sexually prolific doesn’t bother him in the least but the truth of the matter is as the sexual urges basically biologically amedick procreative procreation Therefore linked to other creative energies inherently channel such forces as might be aimed at his growing up tord his imaginative mind and crafty hands not so much lacking libido as converting it it is artistic fuel sex is not so big a deal a truism for him that extends to absolute understanding and forgiveness should a partner stray and hit the sack with someone else he is no hypocrite he allows a partner the same level of freedom he demands letting her experiment and make her own mistakes he doesn’t typically cheat as a rule because it creates a kind of karmic baggage he cannot abide that sense of freedom is enough he needn’t and rarely does exploit it especially when in a committed relationship or marriage contract for pisces is among the most steadfast of men apt to stay put in a bond with the same woman the sanctity of which falls within protective sphere with which he perpetually seeks to surround himself marriage especially for the womb wherein he can drift and dream and twitchy can dissolve

Another reason he might be so forgiving of a spouses dalliances is because he knows he doesn’t always deliver in the rough and ready man are a woman His woman desires . Relationships are for most spiritual marriages and he won’t necessarily begrudge his lady luxury of that sort of meat and potatoes sexual experience he doesn’t want to provide. Age old pacing and problem with just plain old getting it up. Sometimes he needs a stronger erotic impetus than We are routine urges. As his partner will agree sex tends to happen More often than not when they’re away from home having escaped the confines of routine reality he invariably finds his ***** becomes that much perkier Having to sneak or hide doing it in public on a train plane slipping away to some other room during a visit to friends these are not just turn ONS for him it’s often an essential practical part of sexual play in certain cases the exotic is so alluring he might only be able to have sex with strangers even prostitutes well marriage becomes a hands off strictly soulful bond. Drinking drugs piscean fixes of forgetfulness tend to provide enough of a crutch to keep his sex life limping along. He simply doesn’t require amount of sex that most men do periods 12 house rules both convent and monastic life and he and his partner despite often awkward attempts to keep up appearances to the contrary they might very well lead a chaste domestic life of course people generally suspicious of his sexuality in any case outsiders willing to jump to their own conclusions

is generally written for being a Sissy though meets derision with pacifism turning the other cheek never dignifying with such ridicule this sort of haranguing only further contributes to sexlessness in his nature rather than forcing him to either repress or overcompensate for any preferences who may or may not have instead simply rises above the issue altogether sweeps it into the 12,000 dust bin Just that that much more psychic surgery he performs on himself dissolving the issue . He will not tolerate any sort of stigma society being the way it is places would just as soon skirt the issue of same sex feelings often Refusing to lend them credence quickly nips such inklings in the Bud it will often be unclear even to him which way the wind might have ended up blowing . An astrological engine Uber feminine sign Might be the most effeminate heterosexual you ever met he’s never actually had a gay thought in his head and even If pisces just declared himself gay he might never do so formally this is quite dated this bit if it does he might never do some form undeniably homosexual sector isis men could never kid themselves let alone anybody else they’re nearly biological flea female lisping limp wristed sect of icy and man oh boy were born into some expansive thinking Native American tribe but undoubtedly be prized and offered the shaman special TP indeed sexuality aside a larger part of the trends gender community interesting seems to be made up of pisces men Who rivaled the tourist male population For the title most likely to undergo sexual reassignment surgery aside from this distinct sense of undeniably gay pisces who incidentally are often so caught up in their own nature is that the issue of sex takes a backseat across the board sexuality of the Fishman St again remains well fishy .

Gay pisces enclave generally pretty Hardy masculine character like straight counterpart all but fully focused on career also decidedly creative making little of sexual proclivities. For starters doesn’t much mingle with other men the bulk of friendships being a single somewhat of fagg hag ish women Whom he tends to take under his wing and strucks in more fascinating if not finer things in life of any sexual persuasion pices isn’t ever caught up in materialism even when he embarks on money making ventures rather he seeks to buy freedom and up the opportunity to color his world with imaginative brushes in brandish is in his soul he said bohemian Gay pisces in particular will inhabit a world of fringe forgotten artists film makers designers other innovators typically like themselves who exhibit certain evolutionary cultural vision This way he hopes will rub off on his coterie of female friends for whom he plays surrogate husband coming over to fix this or paint that all the while exposing his bosomed buddies to music art and other such influences that make up his life. We see that Jesus magdalan connection almost ridiculously crystal clear here. Virgo women specifically fall under the female archetype the world is populated with parents of spinsterish Virgo girls and the gay piscean guys who love them


queer pisces more unbeholden drifter than straight counterpart gravitates tord artistic jobs professional magic going from place to place photographer stylist writer suits in best where he never need be in the same spot for long notorious for finding terribly inexpensive flight to some far flung exotic destination Never carrying much literal or metaphorical baggage becoming immediately immersed in miliar mixing and mingling with foreign strangers live this sort of life back home where he hasn’t infamously low overhead a single room suits him fine will rip it up with decorators paradise living inside a dream landscape of his own elaborate design . He’s free to take up any long weekend invitation or to housesit well heeled women married couples make up the bulk of his friends a societal orphan often seeks to be adopted by straight couple cronies for whom he’ll also pop over and cook a meal decorator room fix the plumbing in return for affection. He doesn’t tend to have many gay male friends like straight counterpart rather UN libidinous and cynically prejudice toward oversexed people. Incredibly secretive as to the types of activities he does get up to so who knows venturing forward to get his ya Yas out . Isn’t much into bars as a means of meeting men Happy to have few cocktails but bored with the ritual of cruising and chit chat prefer to get more directly to the point. Gay life provides more of a kind of a dark vague dreamlike environments that he appreciates finds no lack of venues to provide an anonymous wraithlike erotic involvements never throws himself into the mosh pit of some orgiastic scene rather floats around the periphery waiting to focus typically orally fixated pensions on others such loners a strike is fancy. Even In such an environment he is extremely picky drawn to masculine men whom he might assume lead straight lifestyles back on the other side of the veil this is the big turn on He is cynically prejudice toward men who call themselves bisexual. And he is notoriously allergic to gay girls however if he comes across a fellow he was fiercely attached to labor labeling himself straight except for what he might get up to with another guy alone this is Nirvana for him a sign that boasts Michelangelo pier Paolo pasolini jaykar wap Lou Reed the pisces man is homoerotic in the extreme fine line between straight and gay provides endless fascination for him stemming from youth we are in his first experiences often with the macho closeted so-called heterosexual. As aventuras he gravitates toward such types tend to be of certain ethnic extractions especially southern Europeans North African were gay straight boundaries and more steadily blurred short of moving into a Greek fishing village the live and pretty pisces does his best to land type of man with him much is left unspoken This special someone the remaining a love for many years might nonetheless just come and go forming a bond with him that is thus comprised of a series of dreaming vague interludes which suits him fine


The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 656-660. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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