Here we arrive at another Aquarius-ruled oracle and of course it is once again hinged on Revelation. Extraordinary. Children Play On A Swing Hanging From The Branches Of A Huge Oak Tree is the Sabian Symbol at Leo 11°. The tree of life, or that of the family of man, has many branches, each off-shoot akin to the evolutionary off-shoots that happen with each sudden mutation in our development as a species. The tree, as Dane Rudhyar points out, is also used, time and again, to express that of spiritual learning, branches representing different spiritual teachers, all rooted in the same primordial truth if not tradition. Tradition and New Growth. This simultaneity is endemic to Aquarius who has two rulers, the primary being planet Uranus (progression) and secondarily Saturn (tradition).

Be ye like little children, one of the great branches once said. For, being as such, we are open to learning, and, when it comes to spiritual teaching, we are like kindergartners no matter our adult age. The swing of course illustrates natural rhythms and moods, the human condition and mind that is as yet un-still. We see here the potential for steadying the emotions as our minds are continually opened to new revelations, unfolding. The mood of this oracle is playful, nonetheless, and it is with that sense of guileless joy that we should receive our spiritual revelations. I can’t help but think of the swing as a pendulum of time, we sitting on this temporal seat, which is held in place by some vast and growing cosmic intelligence.

I woke up today to small and petty nonsense—note to self, don’t read emails first thing. It all comes down to the same thing. People pretending to be grown-ups wielding puny soap-operatic power—and it’s always about money, which poor suckers think gives them said power. Wrong! And then I look out my window and see the swing hanging from the oak tree (for real: there is one) and I think hang it all. And it isn’t even that metaphoric. Going to sit on a swing, under a great tree full of a canopy of leaves, is one of the most mind-clearing things one can do. And it’s in that state of mind that direction, growth comes. When faced with endings, or feeling that doors or enclaves are closed to you, just hang in there.

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