Is time flying? Seems like only twelve days ago I was citing a Capricorn-ruled image. Ha! Yes the sign of the seagoat governs Leo 10° Early Morning Dew Sparkles As Sunlight Floods The Field. And what a beautiful image it is. I think we all know the exalted feeling of seeing that natural near-elven phenomenon of dew sparkling upon a field. Universally, I belive it resonates as a symbol of deliverance, at having made it through some sort of dark night, most likely, of the soul. We took a chance, we took a risk, we ventured to create, to give life to some art- or intellectual form, and we survived to experience a show of cyclical promise. Our strength has been tested, our fortitude, and indeed our faith. All the elements are at play: I twas the cold night air that preciptated the dew upon the verdant field made dazzling by the rising Sun. Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Capricorn is the seagoat and it trails its briny tail, emerging from the sea as the day does from dewy morn. Promise delivered.

Now let’s look at it all from a different angle. Yesterday we were challenged to create, purely, without affectation, putting our full spirit into it. Today, perhaps, we see the anatomy of creation itself. Like the first morning, each morning is a replicant of upper-case Creation, something the sign of Leo and its 5th astrological house is “all about”: Co-creation with god, to be exact; and we can replace god, here with say, universal spirit, that which we express in any pure act of creation. Yesterday we tried. But, today, Yoda, we see it done to perfection: God’s recreation of the new day.