A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals is the image for today at Leo 8°, ruled by the eighth sign of Scorpio, in a twelve-fold sequence. Fittingly, just as Scorpio boasts the destroyer archetypes of Chtonian underworld gods of Pluto and Persephone (Shiva and Kali), this symbol deals with the destruction of existing order (so to create a new order one. As the hingepin between the signs of Libra (Apollonian order) and Sagittarius (Dionysian new order) Scorpio, linked to the autumnal season, is about the falling away of existing appearances, energy diverting to the subterranean if not the subversive as a symptom of transformation and regeneration, hallmarks of the eighth house. So, fine, yesterday we glimpsed divine order in the predictably moving stars, but we know that, unlike that ordered macrocosm, the microcosm is chaotic, random and unpredictable. The Zodiac seems to have been encoded with that knowledge, which science has only of late discovered, or rather uncovered.

The communist, here, is certainly a response to the old-fashioned lady and elderly man of recent symbols, personages attached to outmoded orders. Nature is recycling. The number eight itself, akin go the lemniscate, an emblem of infinity, is a loop-the-loop expression of what goes around coming around. We must return to a state of at least seeming chaos—let us use Dane Rudhyar’s word of “non-differentiation”—as a natural transition to new orders. It’s a step one often wants to skip. We stress this with our clients: We don’t go from paradigm to paradigm in our life experience we go from paradigm to transition to paradigm and so forth; it is very important, especially for one’s emotional state, to value the transition period, with time and energy, just as much as we do the so-called desired paradigm it is meant to bring about. Focusing on all of life as transition, indeed, is more accurate and healthy a view. Process over stasis, progress over perfection.


The old order is confronted by the youthful drive for a new way of life and a new sense of values. As the old order refuses to yield its prerogatives, this refusal polarizes violent revolutionary action. The revolutionary may have beautiful dreams of a “classless” society free from greed and harsh struggles for survival, but the first practical result of his activity almost inevitably appears as “chaos.”

Appears being the key word: Things never change quite drastically. Like in Orwell’s Animal Farm, there’s always some pig ready to prove that it wasn’t compassion or empathy that spurred them to revolution is was jealousy and greed for what the haves had. And then what goes around comes around. America fought a revolution against oppression, too—that’s a laugh. We are totally oppressive as any Plutocracy is. That destroyer god of death is also one of riches, the dragon lays waste so to collect and horde all the coin. Hello the Bushes. Hello Halliburton. A nod to that dragon: we don’t call them the Lizard Kings for nothing. Back when Starsky + Cox first performed we embraced the characters of those whose families ran antithetical to those age-old Lizards. I used to say, “for each and every one of those tired old Bushes, there have always been any number of Cox.” Conspiracy theory humor, people laughed; while, in effect it isn’t really that funny. What goes around comes around. But that works for good as well as evil. It’s Mr/Ms/Mx in-between you have to look out for. It’s not just a matter of Republicans being devils and Democrats being good. They can put the d in d-evil, too. I’m concerned about Hillary (a Scorpio) and the whole son-in-law-father-went-to-jail-for-fraud-failing-hedge-fund-slash-bargain that might be going on. Rich democrats pouring money into sonny’s hedge fund (that continually loses them money) for what? a greater payoff if Scorpione becomes elle-presidente? I dunno. Sounds like a new order not so dissimilar from the old one. But what do I know.

We all have a bit of Robespierre in us, I’m sure. All the more reason to rage against that machine, even as it seeks to work its Orwellian voodoo in us. Those in-betweeners: Most work their whole lives, hours and hours a week, with little time off, to get to some place in the future when they can sit back and what? survey? all that they’ve ammassed. Pretty dragony if you ask me. And even if your aim is to get to this mystical time-space without dropping dead from exhaustion when will you know you got there? When is enough enough? I think way sooner than most people realize. You know when the planet experienced the truest form of communism? It wasn’t in Russia and it sure as shit at China. It was right here in America in the communes of the 1960s and 70s but the Utopian vision couldn’t hold. It never can, really. There’s always going to be some asshole who elects himself the leader or guru or helter-skelterer or some shit. Because there will always be sheep. There will always be those willing to give up their own authority and their own autonomy. I say fuck that. You say you want a revolution? Well go ahead and have one. The only real revolution, one whose effects will stay in place, is the one you have inside yourself.

You see, if you’re not happy (and most of you say you aren’t—not really) than you have to overthrow your own government. You have to storm the bastille of those people and situations in your life that lock you in. Wherever you say “I have to” instead of “I choose to” or “I want to” that is where oppression lives in you. And you only live once (in this embodiment at least). So what are you so afraid of? Are you afraid that you’re not sure of the love there is no cure for? Yes folks, that’s wisdom via the Partridge Family. And that love that dare not speak it’s name is the self-kind. So be ye like that revolutionary in todays image and start spreading the news: That envy- and greed-green wicked witch of a fear-based drag-on your personality is dead, dead, dead. Ding dong. Who’s there? My new faith-driven self. Do come in…

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