It follows that I ended yesterday’s reading of 4° Aries with the notion of two entities, or the two sides or polarities of the self, adding up to more than the sum of it’s parts. This thought takes flight with the Sabian Symbol for 5° Aries: A Triangle With Wings. We know biologically that the coming together of two individuals can result in a third, so we have a literal, organic expression of one plus one equaling three. But, as I’m inclined to relate everything in these themetic meditations to the individual, I feel that when one feels married to their higher, upper case Self, married, if you will, to their spirit or their genius, we give rise to offspring of our imagination. We often talk, in practice with our clients, about marrying our behaviors with our beliefs—doing so characterizes the cure of many a conflict. The triangle, a geometric shape, represents a tertiary expression, a culmination. The two sides of our being, if not our brain, have come together to make a point. We’ve confided in ourselves (we are confident), we’ve got our inner dialogue going and made a pact (commitment) with ourselves to stick to a path, a direction, so a brainchild may be born. The triangle, here, mainly suggests an abstract thought form, and that thought has wings. Synergy within ourselves, or indeed with another, gives rise to certain transcendence. So what is our point? And can we let it be made rather than making it. Can we accept what naturally arises from the coming together of energies?

I think of that biblical quote Matthew 18:20: “Where two of you agree on anything that they may ask, it shall be done.” The keyword here is agree. Often times when we come together with another being we each have agendas to assert or expectations hoping to be filled. But it will only be the shared agenda that ends up being given flight from the conversation. The thing agreed upon in a meeting henceforth exists in thought form.

As a Libra, the Scales being the only “inanimate” sign in the zodiac, the male archetype of the sign being Apollo, the god of abstracts like: art, order, music, reason, prophesy, light, I’m sensitve to seeming too conceptual, not real, to others. And yet I’ve come to understand that the true nature of the sign isn’t about being inanimate but to animate, or to reveal as animated, that which is supposed unreal because it’s inorganic. What is Art? What is good Art? What is good Abstract Art? Why do we attempt to equate, compare Life with Art? Seriously, why do we do that? Why should Art be akin to Life? We might judge the merit of a piece of Art that falls under the heading—gotta love the term—”abstract realism” or any purely abstract work—a Mark Rothko piece comes to mind—on whether or not it seems alive or, in Rothko’s case, breathing. There might be something real in this. The artist working in absract forms may indeed be giving life and on the whole we, as the observer, sense, if not know, when s/he has. Characters in a play or in a novel are brought to life. Or perhaps they are revealed to be living—that they embody, giving abstract form to, archetypes taht already exist, in intangible form. What is music? We don’t really make it. It exists. We’ve simply found it and, like the triangle in its geometry, music has an inherent math that we’ve divined. All the art forms, personified of course by the Muses from whence the word music derives, are essentially abstracts; but we might consider them to be not only living but also life giving.


I don’t know if we must be careful for what we wish for. But I do believe thoughts are alive. And, by extension, that thoughts as well as deeds can affect our karma. It mightn’t be so hard not to push a so-called nemesis down a flight of stairs; but it’s way more difficult to resist thinking about doing so. These are not the thoughts we wish to bring to light or life, however. In fact, perhaps we shouldn’t be trying to bring thoughts to life at all. Maybe we are meant to simply remain open to the best concepts taking wing into full fledged brain children. The life of a brainchild begins at conception. And so I believe today’s symbol, A Triangle With Wings, is truly about being of a state of mind that is open to conceiving. The triangle, the delta, is an obvious symbol of the receptive female reproductive organ, designed to conceive. The high-priestess of the oracle of Delphi, sacred to Apollo, sat upon a tripod stool. Today, this Sabian oracle suggests, we must acknowledge ourselves as being programmed to receive, that we all have a conceptual coochie that is open to divine, creative insemination. That tertiary point of our triangle might well be our third eye.

I’m not making any more apologies for my theory that each sign of the zodiac presides over each degree of the zodiac in turn and that at 5° Aries we have some serious Leo energy at play. Three points to the triangle plus two wings, forms a pentagram, just as does Da Vinci’s “Universal Man”, which places the divine human at the center of the Universe, the heart and sun center. Leo and the fifth house are centered on creativity and procreativty, astrology making no distinction between real or metaphoric offspring. The Triangle With Wings is the very emblem of creativity, or, more specifically, to employ the fifth-house vernacular “co-creation with god”; is there any other kind? We are both creature and creator. And don’t our best creative ideas seem to come through us as opposed to to us? I could honestly go on all day with this but I must put my pencil down for now. So I will leave you on this note: Let us all, on this day, allow our cosmic yoni’s to take flight and be fertile receptors for divine-creative inspiration!


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