Gemini 22° (June 12)


I’m just going to type up all the last bits of paper I’d like to throw away and not even judge the content in the least.

 Must reach out to top stars to Andy Cohen. Don’t look for anything from them. Instead engage more. Eleganza. I had a dream I met Ken Horgan so I have decided to take some tennis lessons from him (only to later learned he’s no longer doing it). Quinn Cox. William Leone. Letter to menas magazines. I just decided on day recently to get back into it. Than Nelsons. I’m into the Fortnight. AF twitter insta. Agreement for Becca. Add Isaac Oliver to Family. Find and cultivate 1. Letter to Venues. @. Make mini acting resume. Make mini writing resume. Brian letter of agreement. One to two artists a day building the site to Two and Getting materials to Jesse Build sponsor website as we go after them. Preservation al Hall, Provincetown Theater Cotiuit Arts Center. Ask Mitch about Sandra. Fenton Barnus. Edsel. Mildred and the Vidas. Gift cards.

 From Lady of the Lake to Lancelot du Lac. Anysaid. Thursday: Growth. Friday: Self Appreciation. Straight White Men. Everyday write a Blague about a place with a photo. Instragram and Tweet from A.F. Write a form ltter to new or college venue.S+ C tweet words about the day. Get on case for new website. What astrology book are we reading?

And that’s the end of that, really. Today is the day I move beyond any sense of catching up in any realm of my existence and feel the wind at my back pushing me forward to do fun and interesting things along the way.

I have the usual artists from whom it’s like pulling teeth to get their information. It’s no longer good enough and I’m going to already research who might be able to replace these horror shows. I’m really sick of my works being undervalued; but it will be my own fault if they continue to be so.

Diane Nelson reached out. She left her job at Warner Bros. a year ago. I didn’t know that. She and her husband Pete and their kids are coming to Truro in a few weeks; so we’ll see them; and also Heather Randall (Tony’s widow) will be coming up because her son is doing some kind of writer’s program, presumably, at the Fine Arts Work Center. A bunch of snobs there I must say.

Provincetown has become super uppity in that regard on the one hand. And yet the cruise shops keep pouring in, dropping thousands of tourists who don’t eat (because they eat for free on the boat) and probably don’t drink much either—they just walk around taking up space. In so many ways it might be time to go to try and carve out a genuine experience somewhere else.

I think we all get attached to what we think we should be doing or to the doing of things we’ve done. And sometimes, even if certain things are going “well” we need to make an abrupt change. I’m feeling that kind of last bow coming on….

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