Gemini 26° (June 16)


In the morning we got our beach sticker. Then we drove to Provincetown where I had to hit hardware store, post office, hotel (where we parked the car), look for some yoga shorts, visit the printer. Got some homemade sea salt from Raina at Baie. Visited Scott Coffy and the Captain’s Daughters. Went to the VSB office. Bought a whole bunch of shorts from Ruthie’s. Saw Tim. Got a case of wine from Perry’s for the Sponsors event. And I can’t think what else before coming home, working a bit, then going to see the rental Nan C. and Brian had down the road. Was cool. Went to Moby Dick’s. Then to Newcombe Hollow—the kids were in rapture.

I was thinking that, if I hit any kind of snag with a venue, I would explain that the reason our series works so well at, say, Oberon is because they really don’t have much bandwidth to put a lot together; while we do, in fact. That we basically take care of the programming and do all the press and so forth. As I’m writing this and glancing at Facebook I see that Mark Cortale, who has been running the Art House, is no longer going to be putting on his acts there. Which means that we too are out of a home? Things do change on a dime like that. Good thing I was already semi-emotionally prepared. I mean wasn’t I just writing yesterday or the day before about radical change coming.

I reached out to say we should put our heads together but got a total thanks-but-no-thanks vibe back, which is really off-putting. Anyway, I’m on my own path and I have my own agenda, speaking of which, I need to get my press in order and start that whole process. I probably won’t have to write a show, but I plan to do it nonetheless. It’s my turn dammit; and honestly if one of these performers bags out on me I’m going to do my show. I might actually do bits of my show, anyway, before the others do. I might ask Drew and MGC, too, if they would mind my putting a little coda on the evening. But then again, even with that, probably not. I’m tired of worry surrounding this operation; but, again, I’m already working in a direction. I needn’t fear something might go pear shaped. I have my own dreams and schemes. In some ways this sort of work is easy, because it’s organizational with taste. It’s curation. Not just of the artists but of all the materials—from writing press releases to fundraising to putting together websites and promotional materials to ticketing to schedule to overseeing all the design. It is a lot. And I’ve loved it. And I might continue to love it or not; we shall see what we shall see.

Right now I’m going to accentuate the positive any which way I can. I need to dial down as I’ve gotten all wriled up again these last few days. I have ten days to get a lot of work and painting and so forth accomplished. I also need to fill the coffers something fierce. The truth is that I’ve been about other people now for a little too long and now wish to spread my wings and yet also do small anonymous things that make me happy, like acting. I will roll out the minutes which are continually in the making over the course of the next several days.

It’s time to be more fearless than I’m being with the consultancy and the writing of books and the publishing of articles, features and in nurturing the event business and otherwise working the magic of the brand. I can already feel the shift in the downstairs workspace and I’m kind of psyched.


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