Okay so today’s image at Gemini 29° is The First Mockingbird Of Spring. This oracle refers to the ability of talented persons to take collective material and transform it through a genuine, if not biological, need, and with an instinctual love. Yesterday was about being released from the past, emotionally released, while today is about welling up and expressing emotion to the collective. It is ruled by Leo in a twelve-fold sequence. Whereas Cancer is about the flow of emotion, Leo is about honing that power into a passion. The mockingbird copies the sounds of other birds and then strings them all together into something unique. This is, in effect, what all artists do. Especially cabaret artists like ourselves who interpret songs and sew them, as we do, into snappy patter(ns) about metaphysics and the movement of the stars. We perform our show STARRING tomorrow at Joe’s Pub and I’m taking names.


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