Last day of Gemini and tomorrow the Solstice when we will apparate at Joe’s Pub for a musical comedic performance about stars and shit. I’m not going to promote it any more. We have done so much press and work on this show and I just read Dane Rudhyar’s description of today’s oracle at 30° Gemini, A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds: “the show is over.” I thought that was funny and apt. I mean our show is tomorrow but really at this point the show is over. There is no more I can do except rehearse, especially since we’ve lost a couple days with this stupid car accident. And even there we’ve done all we can do. We were squeaky wheels with our insurance agents and now we have supervisors personally handling everything and calling us and treating us with kid gloves. Good. Because everything hurts. One thing about getting on stage though: you don’t feel your pain or your cold or your headache or anything that ails you; it waits for you back in the wings. Would that all life were a stage. I’m ready to chew the scenery I’ll tell you that. But let’s get into this Sabian Symbol a bit more.

By just after noon-thirty tomorrow the show of Spring will have come to a close and we’re holding a pageant of sorts to view if not judge the full pageantry of what beauties the season has produced. And we are gathered on a beach where I plan to spend my summer. That is not a sentence of privilege by the way. I know people assume I have some kind of trust fund or something because I spent all my life summering at the sea; but trust me, no trust fund. It’s just that living in the present in a way I enjoy has always been prioritized and not relegated to later. So here I am, savoring the moment. This Blague does much to keep me present in each day as I explore the energy of each passing one through meditation on these symbols. I work with clients by day helping them to self-actualize and I could be on a stage every night raising spirits through our unique form of Entertaining Enlightenment™. So what do I have on parade myself this day at the close of the Spring season. A lot. I might not be ready for the swimsuit challenge by Provincetown standards but I will put on a speedo with pride, showing off my hairy rolls and man boobs without hesitation, just as I’m ready to make a thousand perfect mistakes in tomorrow night’s show. We are ready to parade before you alll our wares—some vocal creations, some cosmic interpretations, some individual chart reads, some metaphysical musings, some personal stories, some voyages into the multiverse and hopefully spoonfeed those attended some wisdom in a spoonful of sugary wit. Justin Vivian Bond used to say “dare to suck” and honeys those are words to live by. Life is indeed a banquet or a parade or a pageant or whatever suggests full expression, so don’t be a sucker. Unfold fully like the fairy flower that you are. And maybe we’ll see you tomorrow night. I’m not putting any links here. You have Google. And our Haute Astrology horoscopes are also posted. See you tomorrow on the Solstice. I have to get a haircut and some Spanx.