On the summer Solstice the Sun rises and sets as far north as it will, and then it’s descent begins, the days becoming shorter. Again, remember the person who divined these symbols didn’t know which day she was choosing. So Cancer 1° On A ShipThe Sailers Lower An Old Flag and Raise A New One is pretty astonishing. We have gone as far as we can go in one direction and now we change tack, operating under a new banner. We are at the most Yang point in the year and now we begin a journey toward increased Yin. The individual will, the ship symbolizing ego consciousness, will now sail toward more collective unconscious. This is ruled by Libra in a twelve-fold sequence and Libra is the hingepin of the zodiac, the seventh sign, thus the turning point on the wheel of twelve signs, beginning the second half the journey around the wheel, just as we now turn to begin the second half, roughly, of the calendar year and certain the second half of “the Sun’s journey.”

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