Playing catch-up: A Man On A Magic Carpet Hovers Over A Large Area of Land is the image at 2° Cancer. We are seeking to expand conciousness by stabiling our point of view. This isn’t magical thinking but rather focusing on one means, not many, via which concsiouness can be raised. We are sticking to a belief system and seeing how high we might fly, insead of entertaining many belief systems. We are thinking higher thoughts. Dane Rudyhar speaks of transending two-dimensionality. I must admit this image isn’t really speaking to me. I recall there already being a magic carpet image. Or else I dreamed that. Focus for me is on repair and recovery from the accident we had last Thursday. I am trying not to let the people with whom I am now forced to deal—insurance agents and such—bother me. But I must say I resent having to spend time and energy into all these logistics. I also don’t understand how it’s possible for the person who caused this accident not to be cited by the police. I suppose lawyers will need to get involved. Trying to rise out of the two demensionality of this situation and transcend on a magic carpet of gratitude for being alive. But still I resent the fact that we have sustained injuries and I’m hoping for some support, not just from the cosmos, but from actual people sitting in cubicles answering my calls.

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