After being rear-ended by some texting twentysomething on the 18th, and spending the morning in the ER in New Bedford, MA; we rented a car from Hertz; the agent even picked us up at the hospital which was amazing and we thought maybe we should return to Cape Cod and start off the next morning but instead we just kept on toward New York and arrived to say at the home of a dear friend. We had our show on Sunday, which is in benefit (as is all we do) for our Afterglow Festival; then on Monday we taped Catie Lazarus’ podcast Employee of the Month, before heading to see Brett Every’s show at the Amber Zone at Sid Gold’s Request Room where Stella performed a song as did Dane Terry, Nath Ann Carrera and Amber Martin herself. All the while, though, I realize we were moving from a state of shock to post-traumatic stress disorder. The Symbol for the day being A Man Bundled In Fur Leads A Shaggy Deer (okay) points to overcoming the “cold” during a trial of endurance. Honestly, I think Stella and I, who always pride ourselves on our resilience, tried to overcome too quickly. Frankly I don’t even remember performing a show on Sunday. Something’s different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I am the man bundled in fur preparing for a new journey and I’m taking a fuzzy bambi with me to either shear and wear or eat or maybe ride. I’m accutely aware that I’m still being put through something and I can’t just snap out of it. I’m also quite certain that I can’t go back and do things they way I’ve done them. This oracle is ruled by Sagittarius in a twelve-fold sequence, so I’m going to go with concepts of growth, expansion, travel and new philosophies as the takeaway.

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