A Cat Arguing With A Mouse is the Capricorn-ruled oracle for the day at 4° Cancer. Rudhyar says “We are still involved in the results of an act which brought about a radical reorientation of one’s life” and nothing could be closer to the truth. The cat and mouse are the opposite polarities in ourselves battling it out. In my case, trying to rationalize what had characterized the prior week, while having dealt with lawyers and doctors and insurance companies and a car dealership where we went to pick up the exact replica of the car that got totaled. We dropped our Hertz rental off at a location nearby, at an airport at the terminal. The next day, upon waking I will call that Hertz location to get a receipt to submit to my insurance company. A woman will answer and I will begin to explain: “We had been in an accident and rented a car from New Bedford and arranged to drop it off, there, at the Cape, which we did last evening at the Cape Air terminal”—I will then be interrupted by her pointedly and alarmingingly repeating in my ear: “We don’t have your car sir…..we don’t have your keys sir…” I will try to assure her I dropped it off and she will insist they don’t have my car. I shall ask if she is the supervisor; she isn’t. I will ask to speak to the supervisor and here her say (to him) this man wants to talk to the supervisor and the phone being thrown onto a desk. The supervisor will get on the phone and start yelling at me that he has customers and then he will hang up on me before I even speak. Then I will call back and he will pick up the phone and slam it back down again several times. I will call the nice young man at Hertz in New Bedford who rented me the ugly white Mazda mini people carrier and he will look up my rental number to confirm, yes, it was recorded you returned the car exactly when you said you did. He’ll have no explanation as to why this agent and her supervisor are so rude but he’ll apologize on their behalf and then give me the name of their area supervisor. I will call another Hertz nearby that will tell me that the evil Hertz branch, being at the Barnstable Municipal Airport is actually under an other supervisor’s jurisdiction, one located at T.F. Greene Airport in Rhode Island. I will call him and he will be appalled and he will offer me rental vouchers that I will refuse, saying that Hertz has lost me as a customer for all time. He will assure me he’ll get to the bottom of it and I believe him. He’ll call me back and say that he had a talking-to with the agent and her supervisor who didn’t even ask me my name or take my rental number but instead insisted they didn’t have the car I dropped off but they did. The weird thing, according to this bigger boss located in Rhode Island is that someone with my exact same name but a Nantucket address also dropped off a car to the same location I did within ten minutes of my doing so. John from Rhode Island had feared this was a mistake and I was charged twice so he checked and saw separate addresses and information for me and my name-alike. That means that if that crunt and her wuckfad supervisor had asked my name they would have realized that not only had I returned the car but two of me did so. Thank you multiverse. Thank you.

This oracle being about rationalization and self-justification cuts many ways. I felt perfectly justified in calling these horror shows’ superiors after being yelled at, shamed, yelled at again and hung up on repeatedly. I doubt very much though that they were able to justify the fact that they treated me so shabbily, insisting they didn’t have my car, when both of me dropped off our cars at precisely the moment I/we said I/we did. Even in the midst of boring, traumatizing aftermath, synchronicity is on my side.

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