Some symbols flood me with thoughts. A Girl Blowing A Bugle, at Pisces 8°, is one of those that do. After the emphasis via yesterday’s symbol on trusting to one’s inner guidance system, letting the external world be a landscape of illusory mist surround the cross we (all) bear. Today we see that inner voice sounding off voicing the inner calling—Taurus rules the voice and this symbol in a would-be twelve-fold sequence. Taurus is the premier feminine sign in the zodiac, ruled by Venus/Aphrodite, originally the great sea goddess, also called Mari, associated with the sign of Pisces, as is the biblical Mary whose della robbia blue gown fringed in white is the sea fringed in foam. It is right that the inner voice is feminized, as the girl symbolizes the more biological and psychic elements in our human experience. We could read it as the anima, the soul, calling out to us to break through the illusory boundaries of our outer world and perspective, to heed the urgent trumpeting of that divinity within us seeking direct connection to the collective spirit of the universe.

At the same time, Pisces, the sign that most expresses paradox, the true reality, in its opposite facing fish, is forever hinged on the notion of the divine and the delusional, messiah or mad-wo/man, savior or siren. There would be some who might think that any association of the female with divinity or spirituality would indeed be a siren’s call drawing us to our spiritual death. But we modern mystics and workaday witches know better. And we understand that this oracle is a call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolution crossroads (Dane Rudyar says “crisis” but I think that’s misleading) approaches. We are trumpeting the fact that with each incubation (womb/tomb of Pisces) we emerge from the primoridial soup that much more evolved than the last generation. That is if you’re not a Republican who visably devolves each time you turn on the television. This call of the feminine can read as a battle cry against an oppressive patriarchy, a call home to source that is feminine in our existence.

The feminine is the psychic element, the intuitive power that exists within all of us. And the female archetypes associated with both the sign of Pisces and that of Taurus bear this out, as they both draw on aspects of the triple goddess—the trident of Pisces was originally that, associated with the lily or fleur de lis or shamrock, of the sea goddess, Amphitrite, Aphrodite of the water world. The Fish is an embrionic symbol and the womb/tomb is that of the great goddess mother who, with each generational turn of the wheel, gives birth to a mutant, a being that has evolved along the mutation (of the previous sign of Aquariaus). We are being called to herald our owen evolution and enlightenment. We are the promise of the new age and She is summoning us to our own rebirth.

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