Today marks Sabian Sybmol 333, which is a sacred number to me. The image is: Petrified Tree Trunks Lie Broken On Desert Sand. It points to recording of achievements inherent in rich cultures. However we never have the full record. Only fragments remain. We have to fill in the rest by way of rational analysis and our imagination. Still, the notion society, with which we’ve been dealing with these past few days, does achieve some sort of immortality. What is achieved can never be fully erased.

I can’t help think of the Akashic records which record not only all that has ever happened but every desire—apparently it takes quite a clairvoyant to distinguish between these two categories. I’m not sure what else I can say about this image. Bummer. I was in the mood to write something sort of long. Oh I know I’ll tell you a quick story.

So when I was writing Sextrology I woke up pretty much every morning at the same time 3:33. It was a bit maddening. I channeled a great many archetypes during the writing of that book and I found that they were “visiting” me and “leading” me in new metaphysical directions. Anyway this went on for months. I then looked up the significance of the number—the three in triplicate—and it is the number of the Muses, who total nine. Well that made sense. A few years later this “story line” made its way into the film called Adaptation, which, if you haven’t seen that, you must. Then six years later I wanted to start my festival that I produce in Provincetown. I wanted the non-profit company to be called 333 but there already was a company that existed; a “building company” with a phone nobody answered. Anyway I tracked them down and asked for their necessary permission to also call my company 333. They consented. It was quite a task in all. Then the first year of the festival, though I comped a great may people, when I totalled up the twelve shows’ attendance in paid ticket sales, an exact number of 333 people attended. True Story.

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