At 2┬░ Pisces┬áthe Sabian Symbol is: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters which expresses the individual’s need both to ensure his future subsistence and to protect himself from aggressive social elements. This image is ruled by Scorpio in a twelve-fold sequence, the sign that deals with the unseen, hidden and invisible, not to mention being associated with the advent of autumn and the burying of a cache of nuts in the dying time of year, when all is reverted underground the the Scorpio realm ruled by Pluto, god of that underworld. The poort squirrel; it not only has to hide and store food for winter but it must be on the constant alert for the dangers involved in amassing said food supply. We are the squirrels; and we can likewise never feel completely safe among our fellow men. Yesterday, in the Libran ruled first image of Pisces, we were gathered all together in the light of day, enjoying the commerce and intercourse amongst the people in our society; and as Libra passes to Scorpio, we now deal with the covert and subversive and ulterior motives of said individuals, who might be out to get us, for some surely are; not everyone lives up to Libra’s ideals of fairness, and the Scorpio energy sees through, with extra vision, below the Libran surface of consciousness, to the subconsious motivations of others. We hoped to make fair bargains at yesterday’s market; but surely that setting gave rise to greed, competition and other shadow elements of subverted aggression and subterfuge. Scorpio is all about what lies beneath. And the squirrel will focus on its own self-sufficiency and preparedness while being ultra attuned being undone by predators.

Violence is an ever present danger and there are those who will prey on the openness of a society exploiting its vulnerabilities. Unfortunately we live in a world in the throes of this dynamic. Our Libran-ruled liberties will be eroded as a result of subversive plots of terrorism, to protect the people against them. But that only opens a door for the individual to be all the more robbed of their freedoms by those who (might just be protending to) seek to protect them. The squirrel is like a libertarian, self-sufficient and off the grid, and there might be something to be said for that way of living.

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