Aries 29° (April 19)

Last night went pretty well except I accidentally took home a piece of technical equipment. I wrote to S. today about book chapters and also client outreach. We shall see. I’m continuing the outreach as best I can, in earnest. I had a ridiculous text from Amy and decided to block her and totally end all forms of communication. Done and dusted. Made a bunch of food to last the next few days and catching up on banking and so forth. I am repeating yesterday’s menu to the letter meanwhile as I hate wasting ingredients in the fridge. I’ve barely eaten these past few days and hoping it will start to show somehow. I still have twenty lbs to go and would be happy to do it very slow now. I had a weird forwarded letter from S. in mailbox asking me to deal with a lawyer thing from two years ago. Why she can’t just cope herself is beyond me, especially as it was addressed to her, but whatever. I have to synopsize chapters and it’s proving really difficult.

Born under the sole cardinal-fire sign, Aries man embodies the “big bang” energy of this sign—initiatory, directive, combustive—ruled by planet Mars, the masculine principle in astrology. Aries man’s default perspective is objective(objectifying), self-motivated, singular and purposeful. The horned Ram symbol, and that of phallic, “spear-toting” Mars, speak to Aries’ pointed, headstrong personality, being on the attack in life. His is an unbridled energy that requires harnessing and circumspection, not his natural strong suit. Aries man embodies the raw warrior who must hone his energy into that of the hero, knight in shining armor. His archetype set includes the biblical Adam, the classic Mars/Ares war god along with the questing Jason, Lancelot, Superman, Iron Man/Tony Stark, all of which provide parables for Aries man’s life path, principles, penchants, peccadillos, perks and pitfalls. It is Aries’ birthright to be a true champion and to synch his self-serving energy with that of the greater good, winning the right to wear his proverbial white hat. His is the purest “hero’s journey” of all the signs, and for him it is an all-or-nothing pursuit. The paradox of his experience is that, for all his natural outward directed energy designed to attack external goals, he must trailblaze introspective inroads toward understanding his impetus and motivations, which, of all the signs, is no easy feat. He has a near pathological inability to take things, on all levels, in every way. 

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