Taurus 0° (April 20)

I am getting some identity established and don’t it feel good. I am now that much more established as a business entity which I find fantastic. I will visit the storage and the new cottage which has been cleaned and does look that much better I must say. My goal is to wave as much of a wand over it as I possibly can. I have paint chips to show and I will make a list of things that hopefully will be tackled to make my summer cottage something special. Anyway I am moving things through as best I can do. Despite the plea for anonymity in working where I am, it turns out that it isn’t at all anonymous—I have seen about fifty people I know there so far. They mostly seem surprised to see me which is certainly understandable. Some people have “sorry” expressions on their faces which I find funny. Others act as if there is no glitch, like I’ve worked there the whole time. It’s actually kind of entertaining.

The generally most self-serving and least self-aware, Aries man is Id personified; pure, primal impulse, thus in conflict with both his own, and the cultural, superego. Being himself and “knowing thyself” are opposed in his personality—he is thus challenged to divine a powerline in this polarization. One might say he is “called” to do so; at least wording it that way would greatly appeal to his human condition. In what often strikes others as delusion, Aries man tends to feel that he is on a special mission in life, the gods’ gift to humanity, in one way or other. So speeding his trip along a desired life path, it’s best to present his predicaments to him in this context, to make prescriptions accordingly. As the first sign, Aries rules birth (through age seven) and every kind of new beginnings. Aries man personifies the notion of birthright, his planet Mars ruling the blood and muscle—the Ram man conflates desired aims and goals with their accomplishment being “in his blood;” and, like an eternally new born babe, life is foremost a fight for pure, sole survival, if not a potentially bloody affair. The two colors governed by the sign are white and red, like the two types of blood cells, a dual nod to that pure, good-guy hero who always finishes first, and a tendency to “see red” and ram his singular agenda onto a larger one, the casualties of doing so be damned. Another dichotomy: When you’re a lone ranger in life by nature, it is most challenging to understand when you are alienating others. Some chapter synopsis:

Just as Aries man is spiritually designed for direct connections on that score in the cultivation of upper-case Self, he likewise benefits most from, for lack of a better term, a Zen approach to life. Without going against his nature to attack experience, achieving quests and conquests, making indelible marks, I prescribe cultivating detachment, treading as lightly as he can—in umbrella terms, this characterizes the whole of his life pursuit. In relationships, especially, Aries man is most challenged not to objectify a partner, in any number of ways, perceiving all others as near actual props in Aries’ production and presentation of self, which he often doesn’t realize strikes the rest of us as performative. He thus must learn to operate his own off-switch, to allow himself to discover the sweet spot between a laudable impetus to prove himself and a rash, overbearing inability to employ restraint, for love or money, to avoid riding roughshod over others, too often laying waste to golden opportunities on offer. Aries’ particular path of being requires considering himself to be enough as is, every step of the way. Being less hard on himself translates to treating others, significant ones specifically, in kind….

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