Taurus 1° (April 21)

Stumbling upon this entry nearly a year later, I find no entry whatsoever. I know the feeling of what was going on as I had just taken on a little job to stop the hemorrhaging. I think back on this time and have a pretty good feeling. It will prove untenable in the end of course. That’s really all I will or need to say.

The first and sole male cardinal-fire sign, Aries embodies “big bang” energy—initiatory, combustive—ruled by Mars, for the war god, the masculine principle. Aries energy is directive, objective and objectifying, singular and purposeful. The horned Ram and phallic, “spear-toting” Mars symbols both speak to Aries’ impetuous, urgent, headstrong nature, ever on the attack. This unbridled energy requires harnessing, restraint and introspection—not his strong suits. His raw warrior spirit must be channeled into championing solo causes that also benefit the common good. Designed to quest and conquer, he draws on alpha-male archetypes from Adam and warring Mars/Ares to Jason and Lancelot, Superman to Tony Stark, all of whose stories provide parables for Aries’ life path, principles, penchants, peccadillos, perks and pitfalls. 

Aries man is Id personified; pure, primal impulse, often conflicting with his own, and the larger cultural, Superego. Being himself and “knowing thyself” are opposed in his personality—he is thus challenged to divine a powerline in this polarization. One might say he is “called” to do so; wording that would appeal to his self-perspective. In what may strike others as delusion, Aries tends to consider himself on a mission in life, if not the gods’ gift to humanity. The sign of Aries rules birth (to age seven) and every kind of new beginning. Aries personifies the concept of birthright. Mars rules the blood and muscle, and Ram man conflates desired aims and goals with their being “in his blood” to achieve. As for a newborn babe, life is foremost and forever a fight for survival, if not a bloody affair. The two colors of Aries are white and red, like the two types of blood cells, a dual nod to that hero in the white hat he fancies himself and a propensity to “see red” and ram his singular agenda onto a larger one, any casualties of doing so be damned. Another dichotomy: When you’re a lone ranger in life by nature, it is most challenging to understand when you are alienating others.

Aries man is spiritually designed for direct connections on that score in the cultivation of upper-case Self, and benefits most from a Zen approach to life. Without going against his natural grain to attack life and make indelible marks, I prescribe cultivating detachment, treading as lightly as possible in his life pursuits. In relationships, he is challenged notto objectify a partner. He can suck all the oxygen out of the room and treat others as props in his production of self. He must learn to operate his own off-switch and find the sweet spot between a laudable impetus to prove himself and realize his goals, and an overbearing tendency to ride roughshod, which can lay waste to golden opportunities on offer. Aries’ singular path calls for perceiving himself to be enough, as is, at any given point, tempering an irrepressible need to further prove himself. Being less hard on himself, he will better treat others, significant ones specifically.

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