Taurus 2° (April 22)

Went to the storage and then to the cottage and dropped a few things off. Wrestled vacuum cleaner out of storage which is great but took forever. Went to meet Len but his partner had fallen, and the paramedics were there. It was pretty shocking. 

A woman born to the premier masculine sign, Aries doesn’t so much embody but employ its cardinal-firesignature. She may appear coolly removed, but she starts little fires everywhere. Like her Aries brother, she draws on warrior archetypes, Athena chief among them, endowed as Aries might be with her divine tact, diplomacy and strategy. Athena was born in full adult form and armor; and the themes of identity, autonomy and a certain defensiveness loom large in Aries’ life. The paradox of being a woman in this most macho sign makes Aries the original feminist from birth, which, along with all new beginnings, is ruled by the sign, which also rules the head as befits the ram. From the jump Aries enters every endeavor, head first; but it’s the sign’s rulership of the face that most concerns her, identity and image. The horn shape of the sign’s symbol also recalls the nose and brow, a nod to Athena’s vast wisdom, her totem being the owl. She is goddess of crafts as well as the helm just as Aries aims to employ all her mad skills in piloting her own ship, to go her own way. Other Aries archetypes include Lilith, the biblical Rachel, Medusa, snake goddesses like Inanna, the Amazons, Arya Stark and Jo March, fierce female figures unafraid to go it alone, particularly when faced with an oppressive patriarchy.

For Aries, a strong identity means independence, which is the desired goal for her in this incarnation. The ironic kicker being that Aries requires a lot of support in order for her to be a soloist pioneer in the world. For this she must especially rely on sisterhood. Aries is an anthropologist at her core, a keen observer of human behavior, something that can manifest in myriad number of ways. She has a steely approach toward the game of life, which she is determined to win, a sore loser when things don’t go to plan. She can be prone to tantrums, which she must work to temper. She must specialize, mastering a specific craft that furthers the social discourse, positioning herself as an agent for change. Mentors play a huge part in her development and, when operating at a high vibrational level, she will ultimately take on that role to others. She is ideally a champion of champions, working her own agenda through the efforts of those she’s groomed in her image. She can be something of an intellectual snob and is hard-pressed to cultivate tolerance for those she doesn’t consider as sharp as she is. This is a special challenge for her as a parent, where she can play obvious favorites, fostering those she deems most fit for successful survival.

For Aries, people have their purposes, and despite power and positivity in this, I prescribe expanding her understanding of those who people her world. She must divine the difference between providing patronage and plain old using others as pawns. In significant others she is drawn to docile characters, those with nary a domineering bone in their body, which can be surprising. There is benefit in her being more aspirational in love relationships instead of pairing with obvious underachievers out of fear being overshadowed or eclipsed. Spiritually she is a natural poster child for self-reliance, typically not one to outsource higher power.

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