It really does boggle the mind sometimes how seamlessly these symbols fall in line with the twelve-fold sequence of the Zodiac. Yesterday we mused upon the Taurus-ruled image of the Garden’s favorite inhabitants, the bunnies, Taurus (fixed-earth) being akin to blissful Edenic existence; and today we turn to an oracle that would be ruled by Gemini, at Cancer 9°, that of A Small, Naked Girl Bends Over A Pond Trying To Catch A Fish the keynote of which is “the first naïve quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life”, the exact aim of Eve and Adam that saw them expelled from said Garden. Gemini’s motto is “I think,” and it is the a curious and provocative sign. The girl in the image is naked because she is still in her Edenic state, on the brink, perhaps of a fall of the personal kind, if not wholesale, from grace. And yet reach out she does to catch the fish which symbolizes the comprehension of life which is a rather slippery affair. The pond represents the pool of said comprehension which is as yet small and contained.

We can ask ourselves what the value is in reaching out in this matter, in our small ways, into the unfathomable. The key here is the mind of the girl which is fresh and unjaded. We must all rid ourselves of preconceived notions to have a pure experience in any form of mind expansion or acquisition of knowledge. What new thing will you allow yourself to learn today with this kind of unfiltered interest? Full understanding might paradoxically require ridding ourselves of past knowledge that leads to expectations. We should be fresh, at all times, to any new opportunity for wisdom or understanding. And I don’t just see knowledge as coming from an external source. I see the pond as a realm of inner knowledge into which we might reach to catch hold of some inner truth. Indeed all that we need to learn from our outside experience might very well be found within us.
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