Nothing would have prepared me for today’s oracle at Cancer 8°: A Group Of Rabbits Dressed In Human Clothes Walk As If On Parade. I love the idea of this, don’t get me wrong. The surreality suits my head today. And of course the interpretation is “the tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth.” I think people with pets will agree that their furry friends do seem at times as if they are striving to emulate their owners. And last evening on PBS there was a show about Crested Black Macaques entitled “The Funkiest Monkeys” thematically hooked on how similar they are to we humans (so people should stop killing and eating, yes eating, them). But where does that leave us. I have ideas.

Let’s pick up where we left off with our hippy lord and savior Jesus Christ. He and others like Buddha and the saints and any enlightened being are human incarnations for us to emulate. But we can find examples closer in reach: People in our own lives who express themselves as naturual exemplars. I for one happen to be married to such a person. But there are others with whom we come in contact, intimately or casually, that embody being further up the metaphorical food chain. We, as seekers, sometimes actively, well, seek out, such individuals—I find this can be problematic and lead to landing an imperfect guru—while, as seeker, I think it best to be actively open to allowing such an individual to manifest in ones life. Ye olde “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” adage. And of course, we might all play the role of enlightened being to anyone else at any time. It comes down to ego, typically. Being too attached to that tiny word with the swelled sense of self-importance is a recipe for finding oneself at the low-end of said metaphoric human food chain.

This symbol, set in the sign of Cancer, would be ruled by Taurus in a twelve-fold sequence. And I think of Taurus as the guardian, warden energy of the Zodiac, particularly in regard to our earthly existence as it is one and the same with the heavenly. Taurus (fixed-earth) is the Garden. It’s Eden. And it is suffused with the energy of innocence and, yes, ignorance as it is tantamount to bliss. (The following sign of Gemini signifies the Fall from this state of being via “consciousness”, characterized as duality—right v. wrong, naked v. clothed, good v. evil, mortal v. immortal—Gemini’s motto is “I think”.) Still ,Taurus’ own polarity is hinged on being blissed out v. oblivious to the reality of suffering. Taurus, with it’s motto “I have”, is about appreciating what positive attributes are in our possession that would make one’s garden grow, Mary. In that garden, we are meant to be fruitful and multiply, remember.

Rabbits are symbols of abundance, comfort, vulnerability, fertility, sentiment, desire and procreation which reads like a laundry list of Taurus attributes as well. No other animal feels the acute effects of Mother Earth’s cycles, especially the advent of Spring (the return of the Earth to its garden state) when these critters are “madder than a March hare” in their exuberance and excitement, which includes the libidinous form. They are surely prolific, perhaps knowing somewhere that, due to their great vulnerability and their peaceful, blissed out natures, they are prey for so many other animals upwards on the actual food chain. Be fruitful and multiply because most of you are going to be picked off. But in this oracle they aren’t poised to run and hide in their warrens, they are on parade which is adorable, yes, but also suggests a certain solidarity in numbers. Now, it was pride weekend in New York and in many places around the globe this weekend, extra fueled by signs of human evolution via the passing of the Marriage Equality Act here in these United States.

There was a time here when, and it still exists in places today, where, walking in a gay pride parade would make one as vulnerable as a bunny in a street lined with wolves and coyotes. And so a parade of bunnies suggest that evolution is embodied not only by the participants in the parade but in the spectators on the sidelines. When the lion sleeps with the lamb. Isn’t that the very emblem of returning to the Garden? I think of Blanche Dubois saying to her sister Stella: “Don’t hang back with the brutes.” Meaning: Evolve, sister! Evolve! So mote it be.

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