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I will attempt to write only, now, nine Blagues a day for the next three days and I will thus be two weeks or so late in catching up on the last six months. Not bad. And I’m tired of blaming myself for being so-called remiss. I am fat and my bit seems to be off and my joints ache and my blood pressure is high; my hair is too long and I’m tired all the time and I can’t bring myself to shave let alone exercise. This may be evidence that I am depressed; and yet, I am not designed as a depressive. I wonder if my liver is already cooked despite the fact that all my blood work comes back totally normal. Sometimes I feel like the healthiest sould on earth whose real age belies a youthful appearance; other days I’m convinced I’m rotting from the inside. Funny how one can’t tell the most essential thing about himself.

I do think I owe it to myself to create the one-person thing. I mean, it only makes sense in the scheme of things. There is so much to say. And starting with the work on the boat, I think I can string something together; and I have a great soundtrack idea. I must waste no more time on that. I started writing today’s Blague by way of a Francis Bacon dissection of my own mortal fears and, after a brief turn, I find my mind has shifted to a more metaphorical mode for mining. Pin in that. I also need to write a play I’m thinking of two men and ancillary characters on Skype or otherwise video. Now I think this can inform the one-man play, ultimately as well. I need a wee workshop. That’s what Afterglow is all about. The mirroring of the first seven-year cycle of the festival with a family of artists who’ve moved on. We are at a critical year.

Jude Law always seems proud of how widely he can open his mouth.

Many ideas and impressions flowing, flirting with mania, and finding some genius, finally. Two projects. The one-person thing. Get it out, get it down and move it around.

I expect this will be a lean year—Afterglow is not about presenting performance stars as it is having a hand in creating them.

Provincetown is America’s oldest continuous fine-arts colony as well as the birthplace of modern American theater. It is where the Mayflower and pilgrims first actually landed. Provincetown is home to famed Hawthorne School whose painters included Robert Motherwell, Hans Hoffman, TK; and the world class PAAM museuem, a sister entity of New York City’s Guggenheim. It’s modern theatrical group, the Provincetown Players, led by Eugene O’Neill and Susan Glaspell, also had it’s brick and mortar Provincetown Playhouse in Greenwich Village. Provincetown is in many ways an original; yet it is soul-linked to NYC. Starsky + Cox, along with other cultural figures like playwright Tony Kushner, novelist Michael Cunningham, poet Eileen Myles, Rachel Maddow, Ryan Murphy and many notable New York deigners, directors, writers, actors and editors, retailers and have homes here; and still more spends summers, as it is at once the chicest resort hot spot and the most charmingly original fishing village in America.


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