Gemini 2° (May 22)

I must bring this project home today which I definitely will do. Things require a light touch. Chicory salad with candied walnuts, Roquefort and pear for dinner, and a lovely new Gamay.  Onto the work at hand: And we turn back to Pinocchio to help explain that paradox: The Player, who is designed to pretend in the dual sense of that infinitive—making believe as well as laying claim to, as one would, a throne, befitting the eternal prince of the zodiac—is, taken together, aspiring to both an increased sense of authenticity and authority. Pinocchio is of course seeking realness, to use the vernacular, while you might also say he wants to feel alive because he doesn’t quite. In terms of authority, too, the archetype is spot on—not wanting to be anyone’s puppet, he seeks agency. Having a casual relationship with the truth, and a carelessness in regard to other’s feelings could describe a Hemingway as easily as Pinocchio. All Cancer men fabricate to some extent or, at the very least, exaggerate their experience and accomplishments, particularly as they come of age. The sign rules the life span from 21to 28, and for the whole of his life the Crab guy metaphorically projects that time when we are first embarking into the “real world”, leaving the protective confines of home and school environments, seeking to make good first impressions. And, all his live long days, there is forever an element, no matter how slight, of the Cancer man padding his resume, just as that plastered on, if not somewhat plastic, smile of his doesn’t smack of one a candidate might wear at his first string of job interviews. As much as it is designed to mask anxiety, it is likewise set in place to disguise any lack, not only of personal substance, but of a genuine concern for others, that they might otherwise find lurking behind it. It’s only when Pinocchio braves the deep, a metaphor for his own emotional interior, that he finds it in himself to risk his own safety and security and survival to be a hero to others, that he transformed into a real human being; but, as that archetype of the father, not truly a father at all in the real sense, from the Force Majeur film perfectly illustrates, it mightn’t be an automatic function of the Cancer man’s nature to take any proverbial bullets to protect others, but rather something that can be developed increasingly over his lifetime. Indeed, if one is to buy into that notion of incarnating as a particular sign to learn a set of life skills, you might consider this very one to be chief among them. Which leads us to another paradox particular to the sign of Cancer which is in order fully land in life it can take being uprooted.

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